Houseki no Kuni Season 2: Sequel Renewed?

CG anime may not work for everyone, but Land of the Lustrous could be an exception. In terms of the visual, the CG in this series is gorgeous. Added with a compelling story, no wonder many fans want Houseki no Kuni Season 2.

Yes, Houseki no Kuni is the Japanese title for this series. The anime adaptation came from the manga of the same name, written by Haruko Ichikawa. The serialization began in Monthly Afternoon on October 25, 2012. Since then, Haruko published a total of eleven volumes.

Orange (Beastars), the studio responsible for making the CG animation, exceeded many expectations. The first episode premiered on October 7 and concluded on December 23, 2017, listed with 12 episodes.

It is a beautiful anime that encapsulates fans worldwide; it may be one of the best CG anime and the turning point for the art style. But is it enough to bring Houseki no Kuni Season 2? Here is everything we know about the series.

Will there be Houseki no Kuni Season 2?

Houseki no Kuni Season 2

The possibility for the second season is not entirely zero. However, there is good and bad news for you.

First, let's get into the bad news. The source material has been on hiatus since December 2020. But don't worry about the lack of content for Houseki no Kuni Season 2.

The manga has over 85 chapters to this date. However, from what we know, studio Orange only covered around 31 chapters for the first season. So, even though it is on hiatus, there is still plenty of material for the second season.

More good news coming for you. The sales of the first season were pretty decent, with an average of six thousand units per blu-ray. That number is solid for anime adaptation. It also succeeded to boost the sales of manga. So, Houseki no Kuni Season 2 can be profitable enough for both studio Orange and the author.

Though, it's been four years since the last episode aired. It could be a good or bad sign, depending on what you believe. But let's keep hope alive for now.

Houseki no Kuni Season 2 Release Date

As you expected, there is no official announcement about the release date of Houseki no Kuni Season 2. However, there is no update on whether it is cancelled or not. So, we can take a breath for now.

There are so many reasons why a manga or light novel gets an anime adaptation. It could be a popularity reason or to boost the sales of the source material. If Houseki no Kuni's reason is the latter, then it is already succeeded. Because of that, studio Orange might not have more reason to make the sequel unless they have a change of heart.

Four years gap may also concern many of you. We understand the feeling because a sequel usually comes not so long from the first season. There are some unique cases, though, so Houseki no Kuni Season 2 is not impossible.

Let's wait until 2023. If there is no update beyond that year, then you probably need to lower your expectation for the sequel to happen.

Plot of Houseki no Kuni

The story sets in the future where an organism called Gems inhabit the world. Each Gem has a role assigned to them. They have one mission, though, which is to fight Lunarians, who will attack the Gems so they can gather the shattered bodies for decoration.

Phosphophyllite is one of the Gems, but they are young and fragile. Yet, even with their weaknesses, Phos still dream of helping their friends fight Lunarians. Phos then meets Cinnabar, a Gem whose body can create corrosive poison. Found their similarity as rejected Gems, Phos begins their search for a role that fits both of them.