How Can You Set Up a Business like Cocomelon on YouTube?

Are you looking to start a business like Cocomelon on YouTube?

Well here is everything you need to know.


Can you set up a business like Cocomelon on YouTube?

The answer to the above question is an absolute yes! This article gives you a guide on how to set up your business around this model, and extra information that you need to secure your success.

As we make Cocomelon our case study, you shall gain insight on how you can set your YouTube channel for success.

This includes how to choose the right niche and thus the right audience and additionally how to suit your content to your audience.


What is Cocomelon?

First of all, you may be wondering, what is this channel that has become so popular with both kids and adults and amassed hundreds of millions of subscribers in a time as short as a decade and a few years since establishment.

Cocomelon on YouTube is a channel that makes content specifically for kids. If you are an adult who loves animated cartoon stories and songs, Cocomelon is a channel that plays to these tastes.


When was Cocomelon created?

Created on 2nd September, 2006, Cocomelon has garnered visual attention over the past 16 years and has amassed millions of subscriptions up to over 146 million subscribers as in November 2022.

The number of subscribers is still increasing. The channel reaches billions in watch hours and is one of the top YouTube channels.

It is a high-paying business, of its own earning annually as much and even more than some of the top business corporations in America.

That is why if your channel skyrockets in subscriber numbers, you can make it a full-time job, giving you time to concentrate on growing your channel more so that you can increase your earnings.


How Much Money Does Cocomelon Make?

Cocomelon makes on average 7 dollars per 1000 views. The measure of the amount of money a channel makes per 1000 views on its YouTube video is called cost per mile. Cocomelon makes over 200 million U.S Dollars annually.


What Type of Videos are shown on Cocomelon?

These videos are in form of cartoon animations of stories and nursery school rhymes, both their originals and redo's and remakes.

Cocomelon is an attention-grabbing channel. You may find yourself watching all their videos in one sitting.

When you visit their channel, you land on hundreds of videos of pre-school rhymes, kids' cartoons and other content specially for kids.


Is Cocomelon Good for Kids?

When using the main YouTube app, it is important for the child's parent or caretaker to watch the videos with the child both for guidance, entertainment and to help the child navigate through.

The animated stories on Cocomelon can be a good headstart in parenting and a resource for reference as you teach your child various concepts appropriate for their young age.

Much as the content on Cocomelon is targeted for a younger children's audience, adults enjoy it too and are obviously free to watch as much as they like.

Over the past 5 years, reports from parents have been not so positive about the impact of Cocomelon on kids.

Cocomelon videos are set in a world of their own that is far different from the normal. Most children that watch Cocomelon are subconsciously misdirected by the type and structure of the content into thinking about a fantasy world different from the normal.

Children that watch Cocomelon also display signs of withdrawal and addiction.

Some children even throw tantrums when denied to watch Cocomelon.

Therefore, it is important for a parent to regulate the exposure of the child to Cocomelon since young children need a normal environment to develop through their growth stages.


The Aim of Cocomelon Videos.

If you are aiming to set up a business on YouTube in the category of Cocomelon, it is a great idea to browse through their videos, not to copy them, but to have a feel of the kind of content appropriate for young children.

The good thing about Cocomelon is that when an adult subscribes to or visit this channel, they can enjoy the opportunity to enjoy videos together with their children which enhances learning.

These videos are made for entertainment and learning purposes.


What Are the Requirements for Setting Up a Business like Cocomelon on YouTube?

a) Background Experience With Kids' Content.

If you have some teaching background or kid's entertainment, the kids' videos arena can be a good field for you to create your videos.

The Cocomelon cartoon stories are centred on certain individual themes like sharing, and other things which help a child in early childhood development.


b) Good Moral Standards.

Setting up a business like Cocomelon on YouTube will require that you firstly have good moral standards and secondly that you can easily pass good moral values to children through videos in a way that they will understand and that will not offend or harm them in any way.

The content should neither be offensive nor harmful to kids' growth and development.


c) Artistic Knowledge

The bright colours in videos on Cocomelon are very appealing to kids. They are captivating and add aesthetic beauty to the scenes.

Therefore, to create a business like Cocomelon on YouTube, you will require artistic knowledge on how to create video animation scenes that appeal to children through the use of colours, sounds, motions and words.


d) Child-appropriate Content

These first Cocomelon videos were uploaded on YouTube and because of their child-appropriate appeal and joyous mood, the videos gained more and more views until Cocomelon became one of the most-viewed children's YouTube channel in America and world over.

It is important to make certain that the content in your videos is appropriate to your audience.

If it is a children's channel, nudity and any content that is not suitable for children must be avoided at all costs because it will negatively affect their growth and development.


Why is Cocomelon So Popular?

Cocomelon is first of all popular because of its content and secondly because of the brand it has created over the years.

Cocomelon’s videos are highly viewed, with videos having millions of views in just a few months or years from posting.

Cocomelon has grown a loyal audience of both kids and adults. The added advantage that a well-made video gives is that it attracts more views, not particularly from the target usual audience, but from other people like those interested in knowing the latest trends and records that have been broken.

Part of the success of Cocomelon is attributed to this added advantage. ‘Success begets success’ is a well-known adage, and it applies here, too.

The initial stages are always the hardest, but as the subscribers increase in numbers, the channel grows exponentially.


Can a children's videos channel be successful on YouTube?

The answer is absolutely yes. Much as the main YouTube app is for adults, the app has numerous YouTube channels meant for kids.

Their content is suitable for and made for kids. You can establish your kids' channel, too, and as long as the content is good, it will attract views from adults, too.

Much to everyone's surprise, some of the kids' channels like Cocomelon rank highly in number of subscribers.

Currently, Pinkfong's Baby Shark Dance, children’s song, is the video with the highest number of views on YouTube, surpassing all music videos, movies and all other kinds of videos on YouTube.

Baby Shark Dance video was uploaded on YouTube on 17th June, 2016.

The video broke the 10 Billion views record on YouTube on 13th January, 2022. The video as in November, 2022, has 11 Billion views.

It is really surprising that a kid's song can become the most viewed video on an app basically made for and whose channels are operated by adults.

This is good proof that YouTube content is not limited to a single field.

You can post any kind of content as long as it is morally acceptable, and, with a few strategies ensuring that you produce the best content, you can be assured of seeing growth in the number of subscribers on your channel and that of video views.


How Did Cocomelon Come About?

Cocomelon was borne out of a hobby and desire to offer academic help to where Mr. Jeon and his wife pooled their knowledge of animation and kids' books illustration respectively to create videos for their sons at home.

Cocomelon is a top content creator of YouTube. It is one of the channels with the highest number of subscribers and billions of views.

Cocomelon is a top-earner. The children videos niche is one of the top-earning niches on YouTube.

An important content creation business strategy to consider through this is passion. You should love what you do or do what you love.

It is financially suicidal to enter into a venture which you have no passion for. YouTube is not a platform where one is guaranteed that their videos will receive tremendous attention.

Therefore, passion is key both as fuel to keep moving and as a motivation for production of quality.

Rest assured, it won't do a lot of financial good for you to enter the kids' content niche when you are not a good fan of kids.

Why? Because of that impulsive feeling to create kids content with monstrous figures from the abyss.

Well, that was a joke, but the main reason is that you will not be able to identify with the mind-set and moods of kids, and this will inevitably be betrayed through the resultant video content.


Which Company Owns Cocomelon?

Cocomelon is maintained by Treasure Studio, an American company. The company owning the YouTube show, Cocomelon, is Moonbug Company, which purchased it from its original founders for an undisclosed amount of money.

Cocomelon does not end just on YouTube. Cocomelon has a website, Facebook page, Instagram account and Tiktok account.

From the foundational YouTube nursery rhymes, Cocomelon has grown to increase its earning power by various ways like selling merchandise on their website.


A YouTube channel as an money-making opportunity.

YouTube has a high money-generating potential in the 21st century. Many people are actually employed on YouTube.

Leave alone the official YouTube employees, but the content creators, who operate their own YouTube channels.

Content creation can be both a job and a side-hustle depending on how the person doing it has chosen to do it.

Most content creators do it in their free time, creating and sharing videos like highlights into their lives, tutorials, advice, and much more, and earning money passively through their videos posted on platforms like YouTube and Tiktok.

Others actually do it as a full-time job, relying on the revenue earned from these apps as their sole source of living.

However, it is worth noting that, before you make content creation your sole job you should make sure that your videos will most assuredly reach the required count of views and that your channel has or will reach the threshold number of subscribers, both of them being considerations made by YouTube while choosing to assign payment to content creators.

The main source of revenue for content creators on YouTube is advertising.

The video ads at the beginning in the middle or at the end of a video are paid for by their owners. This fee, paid to YouTube is shared with the content creators in whose videos these adverts are embedded.

Additional sources of revenue are paid promotions, product endorsements, merchandise sales, customer contacts, YouTube premium subscription revenue, and many others.

These are not the only ways to earn from YouTube. With creativity, strategy and expansion of the usefulness of the channel, a content creator can make as much money as are the number of people using YouTube.

YouTube is a diverse platform used by many people. Therefore, the much-needed market for content is readily available and eager to receive amazing content.


Merchandise; more earnings for Cocomelon.

These merchandise sold by Cocomelon includes, for example, Cocomelon Toddler Slip-on Sneakers, Cocomelon Pink Plush Slippers, Cocomelon DVD 1 and 2 Combo Pack and many other products made for kids.

You can shop their products online on the official website of Cocomelon. It is not uncommon for a YouTube channel to have its merchandise featured on YouTube, too, especially when the channel has more than 100k subscribers.


Streaming platforms with Cocomelon videos.

Cocomelon videos are not only on YouTube. You can access them on various streaming services like Netflix, hulu, prime video, and other video platforms like Future Today, Showmax, Noga, MBC, Spacetoons and KT TV.

From the original Cocomelon YouTube channel, the show has spread out to other platforms, giving the company a wider audience and making it convenient for their audience to access their content.


What are Cocomelon videos about?

Cocomelon videos are mostly about characters like JJ and his siblings that who do fun things and adventures which pre-school kids and nursery kids can relate to, learn from and enjoy.

To operate a business like Cocomelon on YouTube, you need to creatively come up with your own characters whom your audience can identify with.

However, it should be noted that originality is a prerequisite. Not only could copying content from another channel make your work to look ridiculous but it could also make it ignored by viewers.

And, what is worse than being ignored by viewers on YouTube when you are planning to make content creation your business.

Originality will set you apart and spark enthusiasm in your interested viewers and subscribers that will result into more views and thus more money.

No popular channel rose to stardom through copying. It is okay to occupy the same content niche on YouTube and pick a leaf from similar channels in the more general things like organisation and video length. But, copying content is such a downfall.

Through the attention-grabbing 3D animations and songs on Cocomelon, a child can learn early childhood concepts like letters, colouring, numbers, counting and more.

To set up a business like Cocomelon on YouTube, you must have knowledge on animation and children's illustrations. This will make your work easy.

The alternative is hiring an illustrator or animator to make the animations. Cocomelon videos involve cartoon characters are used as vessels for the themes in the stories, for example Yoyo, TomTom, Bingle, Miss Appleberry, Cece and others.

Additionally, you should know how to develop characters suitable for children's content. There are different types of cartoon and not all of them are suitable for kids.

You wouldn't want to develop figures that will scare kids out of their seats.


How to succeed on YouTube.

A fact is that YouTube requires quality, persistence, patience and strategy. There are already millions of children's content channels on YouTube.

It is therefore important to ensure that your content can capture your audience's attention and stand out amidst the stiff competition.

By necessity, long-term planning is key. The channel may not garner enough attention in the beginning.

However, if the content is good, the channel is bound to make it to the top. Sometimes this may take as long as a decade or more. That is why starting as early as you get the idea is important.