How did Black Adam become Black Adam?

How is Black Adam related to Shazam?

Black Adam’s history, as it pertains to how he became Black Adam, has changed throughout the years since the character was first introduced in 1945.

Warner Bros. has finally confirmed the official release date for its blockbuster movie, Black Adam, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the lead role of the upcoming film.

Black Adam is a villain/anti-hero whose origin story changed throughout the years since he was first introduced in 1945.

Seemingly, the film is set to slightly modify this origin story as what propels him to receive his powers is believed to be his son rather than his nephew, Aman.

But for the most part, Black Adam is understood as either Teth-Adam or his descendent, Theo Adam.

Black Adam’s origins

Black Adam was initially introduced as a once-off villainous character during what was touted as the “Golden Age of comics” in 1945.

He was the antagonist in the Marvel Family no.1, and the characters were purchased from Fawcett Comics by what was then called National Publications before it was renamed to DC Comics.

While the character made cameos during the 70s and 80s, it was only in the 90s that Black Adam got a full revamp when writer and artist, Jerry Ordway, revamped him as an arch-enemy to SHAZAM!, who at the time was still referred to as Captain Marvel.

How did Black Adam become Black Adam?

It is important to understand that there are two individuals who are associated with Black Adam, in the comics of The Power of Shazam! there is Teth-Adam, who is understood as his original form, and there is Theo Adam, Teth-Adam’s descendant.

Teth-Adam is understood to have become Mighty-Adam before he became Black Adam. This is as Teth-Adam was the son of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses ll, who happened to impress the Wizard Shazam who was looking for someone to take over his role as the protector of Egypt.

Therefore, Shazam was granted superhuman abilities, which he drew upon by uttering the name “Shazam”. But Mighty Adam was corrupted by Shazam’s daughter, Blaze, who went rogue.

After learning that Mighty Adam turned evil, Shazam decided to strip him of his powers, which resulted in his rapid ageing and him turning into a dry corpse that was entombed with a scarab where his powers were kept.

Fast-forward 5 000 years, according to the movie’s teaser. Theo Adam, Teth-Adam’s descendant, who had accompanied the Batson’s family on the expedition as an aide, kills the Batson and claims the powers for himself after discovering the tomb and the scarab.

Currently, it is unknown which of the Black Adams the movie will focus on. However, the fact that the movie is looking to set Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the helm of the DC Extended Universe, suggests that the focus will be on Teth-Adam, as the superhero is more of an anti-hero with a tumultuous history than Theo Adam is, who was a full on villain as Black Adam.

How did Black Adam become Black Adam in 52?

In the 52, Black Adam’s origin story is slightly different from the story in The Power of Shazam!

This is as Theo Adam does not show how Black Adam becomes Black Adam. Instead, Adam was originally a Kahndaqian slave who escaped captivity with his nephew, who was granted Shazam’s powers.

Looking to exact revenge on his former slave masters, when his nephew called upon Shazam, Adam killed his nephew and took the powers for himself.

Later, he went on a crusade of exacting his revenge, only to be stopped when the magical council learned about his killing spree.

How did Black Adam become Black Adam in the DC Universe?

The DC Universe, which continues to straddle Black Adam as villain/anti-hero character, used the same origin story as the story in The Power of Shazam! But it went further, as it subsequently separated Teth-Adam and Theo Adam.

This is as Teth-Adam returned and wanted to join the Justice Society of America by explaining that he had suffered the effects of a brain tumour that was brought on by his human form, Theo.

However, the tumour was removed by Johnny Sorrow, who had initially enlisted him to join his Injustice Society. But Black Adam changed his mind upon discovering Sorrow’s plans.

What powers does Black Adam have?

Black Adam derives his powers from six Egyptian gods, which are invoked by calling on Shazam. His powers are magic-based and bear similarities to those of arch-nemesis Billy Batson as Shazam.

His powers and the Egyptian gods that they are derived from include:

Source of Black Adam’s powers
Egyptian god Ability
Shu Stamina and invulnerability
Heru Super speed
Amon Physical strength
Zehuti Wisdom and knowledge
Aton Lightning powers
Menthu Courage