How Do Logos Help Promote a Product?

Wondering how logos help promote a product?

Under normal circumstances, a logo is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of products on market.

While operating businesses, the logos are ‘what shines' in the various company operations and will appear on your business cards, products, offer letters, receipts,  websites and even on the big bill board advertisements.

A logo is more of a ‘voice' to your company and products than you would ever imagine and in fact a good logo is a cake topping to your business and will definitely boost your business' sales and growth in one way or another.

Let’s go in depth of why logos are important in promotion.

1. Says Alot

With or without words, a logo will help a customer paint a clear picture of what to expect from a given product.

Take an instance of the grand Coca-Cola, YouTube, Nike, and Gucci. A glance of the logo will make you feel like you are carrying class or rather quality home!

Before you even try reading what the product really is, the logo will have already drawn your maximal attention.

On the other hand, poorly designed logos can negatively affect your business as unattractive/ unappealing logos can be a total turn off for potential customers.


2. Logos make your products unique.

There is always plenty of competition in market and everyone tries to come up with something a little better than the already existing ones but in so doing; quality will still always vary.

No matter how small your logo may appear, its style and uniqueness will always make your products stand out regardless of where they are supplied.

The logos are more of product identity cards and they make your products and services standout hence noticed by many.

In addition, the logos affirm true ownership of the products thus will also communicate to the audience the ‘real' owners/ producers of the products and also reinforces the brand's values and core principles which are known as the symbolic benefits of the business.


3.  Logos are simplified Business Cards

Logos are strong communication or rather advertising channels in business. There is a saying that goes; “actions speak louder than words”.

Logos are real action. Just a glance of a logo and one will be able to know whether to expect quality or substandard material.


4. Logos attract customers

If perfectly designed with outstanding colors, fonts and images, your logo is most likely to attract new consumers and as time goes on, consumers will acknowledge your brand's core values and stick to it.

5. Logos draw lines between your business and its competitors.

Further embarking on the uniqueness the logo gives your products and services, logos help consumers to distinguish and easily identify your product on market.

You will never mistake Pepsi for Coca-Cola. Never!!


6. Logos are easily memorable

With too many similar products on market today, a buyer may fail to remember the name of product but just identify it using the logo!

A distinctive logo makes your brand easily memorable since human brains easily identify images and use them to derive meaning and in this case they will be able to identify the particular product.


7. Customers expect a logo.

Let's get real, a logo is more of a signature. Who could ever want to receive unsigned mystery letters? Logos help buyers get to know the exact owner of the business plus the type of commodity on sale and in so doing they end up buying or rejecting the product.

No matter how small your business maybe, you need a logo in order for it to standout and continue attracting more consumers since it is actually the first thing that one looks at every time they receive newsletters.

In this century where brands ring bells in fashion, and technology; your business must have a logo!!


8. Logos build customer trust

One of the challenges you face when starting up a business or introducing a new product on market is to get trust from customers and vendors.

Logos work magic in promotion not only through attracting customers, but also making them bond to the product.

An outdated mediocre logo is not what you want for your audience if you are really into thriving.

Most of us have at some point gone shopping and bought a new product too not because it was in plan but because the logo was so irresistible!

You should therefore aim at owning an incredible logo so that you pull more customers to your venture and strengthen trust! A good logo is one of the signs of a good and stable business.

9. Logos make the business founders feel legit and entitled to what they own even in hardships of winning customer trust.

10. Logos are a clear communication to the customer that the brand that made the product is contented with what they made.


Qualities Of A Good Logo

A marketable logo must always reflect these 5 qualities;

1. Be simple.

The main aim of having a simple logo is to enable you customers and potential customers easily remember it.


2. Concise.

Your logo must be relevant, it must be a communication vessel and in so doing explain alot about your business even in its simplicity.


3. Memorable.

You definitely want your customers to always remember your brand, don't you? Make it unique and simple then watch the magic workout on its own.


4. Timeless.

No one wants to keep on redesigning logos. Neither do your customers want continuous changes. A good logo should last for as many years as possible without need for changes.


5. Versatile.

A good logo must be able to fit all activity, that is;- it must be ably used in every aspect of business advertisement be it on bill boards, business cards, social media platforms official documentations without any alterations.



What to keep in mind while designing a logo

  • The maximum number of colors you may use on you logo should be 3 and don't use special effects it's not a rainbow for goodness sake!!
  • Keep it brief and easily understandable in other words;- precise and concise.
  • The logo must be unique in shape, layout and design, you definitely want it to standout.
  • Ignore what your relatives think about the design, it obvious they will say it is great even if it weren't. Just confirm that it looks appealing even to strangers.
  • Do not copy other logos to come up with yours. That ain't original!
  • Make sure that your logo remains looking good and recognizable when resized, reshaped, mirrored or even put in black and white.
  • Avoid depending on current logo trends when coming up with yours. These trends fade, you do not want to keep on changing logos every other year.
  • Limit on the font styles you use, possibly stick to one.
  • Never use ClipArt to design your logo.
  • Keep the design simple so that your logo remains easily describable and identifiable


Conclusion: How Do Logos Help Promote a Product

For starters in the business venture, owning logos may feel like meaningless and a complete waste of time.

Logos however carry both value and meaning and I assure you with time, it will grow stronger and much more impactful as you win over customers' trust.