How Does Discord Make Money – Why Discord Does Not Display Ads

How does Discord make money?

It's one of the questions so many Discord users asked after downloading Discord app

Anyway, if you don't know, Discord is one of the most popular online text and voice platforms on the internet

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how does discord make money?
how does discord make money?

Currently reaching 300 millions users and reliable servers spread around 6.7 million servers for large chat groups

Discord excels in large public servers and gaming voice chats compared to WhatsApp that serves small chat groups

In this post, I will cover Discord in details and how does Discord make money?

What is Discord?

Discord is a mobile app available on iPhone and Android

Also, it can be used on Mac, Xbox, PlayStation and Laptops running Windows 7 and up

It is a VOIP app which means you can do voice call and video calls

You can also send instant messaging like text messages

Plus media files like photos and videos

With Discord you can join communities whether they are public or private

Discord started in May 13th, 2015 as a videogame community

It available now in 28 languages

Discord makes money as a game store too

In fact it was created for the purpose of allowing gamers to communicate

Who is the owner of Discord?

Discord is owned by Jason Citron (CEO) and Stan Vishnevskiy (CTO)

Jason is the founder of OpenFeint

Which is known as social gaming platform for mobile games

While Stan is the founder of Guildwork another social gaming platform

Both started their company for gamers on a chat service with focus on user friendliness with almost no impact to performance

So, the company started as a gaming community with headquarter in San Francisco

Then he broke out of the gaming roots when COVID-19 pandemic started

In March 2020, Discord changed its slogan from being Chat for Gamers to Chat for Communities and friends

And In April 2020, Discord changed its Twitter username from @discordapp to @discord

After June 2020, it started a new propaganda called your place to talk

How much does it cost to run Discord?

Discord is completely 100% free to use for all the things you can do as paid member

All you need is to sign up with an email address

How does Discord make money?

Discord has a paid plan called Discord Nitro subscription

It costs $9.99 a month or $99 a year saving you 21% if you pay annually

Discord Nitro enables user to experience the enhanced experience of sharing a high definition videos of 1080p and 60 FPS (Frame Per Second)

While Discord free version operates on 720p and 30 FPS

Beside the HD videos, Discord makes money selling the following features in Nitro

  • Collect and make your own Emojis
  • You can use an animated avatar in your personal profile
  • Get a 2 server boosts and 30% off extra boosts
  • Profile badge shows how long you've supported Discord
  • You can upload high quality of up to 100 MB

Also Discord makes money from fees they collect from selling games on its server

Why Discord does not display Ads?

I know you may be thinking how does Discord make money without displaying Ads

Simply, they make good money with the Nitro subscription and they want their 300 million users to enjoy the app experience without any Ads

The company is not that hungry to make money out of anything

Is Discord Nitro Worth It?

If you are using it to stay in touch with your employees for video calls

Also if you want to engage yourself in gaming communities where you want to share gaming experience in HD videos

Discord Nitro is a good fit if you own a server and you want to add extra capability to improve it by using the 2 server boosts feature

And that's how Discord makes money

Does Microsoft own Discord?

Microsoft was negotiating to acquire Discord

They offered at least $10 billion

I don't think the offer will be accepted as Discord makes money and is performing well and prefers to stay independent

Is Microsoft partnered with discord?

Yes, Microsoft had to partner with Discord as top popular game chat and community service to connect Xbox and PC players 

This will enable users on Discord to see what you are currently playing on Microsoft Xbox

They can also decide if they can join your gaming session

Is Discord safe from hackers?

Discord application itself is completely safe from hackers

But sometimes, hackers sneakily send suspicious links to users on community groups that look like normal links

They send misspelled links to deceive users inside community

What are the dangers of Discord on children?

Everybody loves playing games on different consoles including kids and teens

Unfortunately because Discord makes money selling Nitro subscription

Which is good for those sharing video games with high definition

These communities are vulnerable to be exposed to pornography

Also, some predators can penetrate kids communities pretending to be kids and chatting with kids then move the chat to a private messages

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