How fast is Naruto?

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From different techniques and power, Naruto, as a ninja anime, speed is one of their specialties. A lot of people are asking how fast Naruto is or if he is the fastest ninja of all time? 

The animation of the manga made sure that we can still see every action in slow motion- emphasizing every character’s speed. Naruto can move really fast. He can move at light speed. Some say he can move even faster than light.  

How and why? Let’s check out what proves Naruto’s speed!

How fast is Adult Naruto?

For those who have watched the anime like me, we were able to see how Naruto grew from a naughty and lone kid, up to the time he became an adult. There’s no denying that he had displayed strong potential as a kid, even though there were a lot of embarrassing situations he got into.

He had a lot of techniques, even had the nine-tailed fox within him. Naruto had been one of the fastest ninjas ever. He was able to awaken his power and showed us how fast he was in his fight with Madara and how he dodged the Light Fang!

On Boruto, Naruto may have lost Kurama, but it was still proven that even without him, Naruto is still the fastest.

Is Naruto faster than his Father Minato?

Minato and Naruto bump fists

One of the questions that was very hard to answer. Minato, the fourth Hokage and Naruto's very own father, was known to be the fastest shinobe at his time. He risked his life sealing the nine-tailed fox to Naruto's body.

We couldn't agree more that his scenes in the anime were enough to show how strong he was. But is he faster than Naruto?

Minato is known for his speed, but our main character is still faster. How and why?

All the characters in the anime are definitely fast. They are all ninjas anyway, and one of the required skills is to move with speed. Minato, aside from his mortal speed, he also can use teleportation which is an ability that Naruto does not have and making him a bit inferior to the Fourth Hokage.

With the power of Kurama, and Six Path sage mode, Naruto was able to surpass his father speed, even believed to move faster than the light during his epic fights with the Raikage and Madara.

Who is faster, war arc Guy with the 8th gate open, or Naruto?

In the Naruto Shippuden fight with Madara, before Naruto appeared in the fight, it was Guy, who almost defeated Madara. He was able to open the 8th gate and showed that he was someone on par with the villain.

I can say that he was someone as fast as light and almost as strong as Naruto on his Night guy mode, but his technique was not able to last and even almost killed himself on the process.

Naruto on the other hand, can maintain the form even without risking his life. Some say that the scene and animation of Night guy’s fight was just better than how Naruto’s fight was animated. With these, we can tell that Naruto still wins.

Raikage VS. Naruto

In the 12th season of Naruto Shippuden, from episodes 278 to 283, it was shown how the fight between the Raikage, Killer Bee and Naruto happened. They may not be real enemies, but the Jinchuriki (The Raikage, humans who have sealed beast tails) tried to stop his bro, Killer bee, and Naruto from joining the fight.

The Raikage refuses to let B and Naruto through and was willing to kill both just to make sure they will be stopped. But Naruto being Naruto, he refused to give up as he is the only hope left to save his comrades.

As Naruto dodged his fastest punch, Raikage had a flashback of events with his encounter with Naruto's father. He was someone who had experienced the “Yellow Flash's” speed first-hand. And that dodge was enough to prove Naruto's capability. The Raikage then let them pass through to help the Allied Forces.

Check the scene below!

 Is Naruto faster than the speed of light?

In episode 421 of Naruto: Shippuden, Naruto was able to awaken Six Paths Sage mode. Based on Narutopedia (Naruto's very own online dictionary website), this is a divine transformation for those who have an iron faith and guts to never give up.

Naruto was able to obtain the transformation and continued to fight with Madara, who uses a technique of the Sage Art called Storm Release Light Fang.

Madara released a sharp and thin stream of light from his mouth, in an attempt to cut through Naruto. It was powerful enough to cut a Truth-Seeking ball.

The Light Fang was believed to run as fast as light. And is very tough to dodge. But Naruto- of course was able to easily dodge it while in the Six Paths Sage mode. Check out the scene below!

Is Naruto faster than Sasuke?

Naruto vs Sasuke

Who’ll expect the final fight on Shippuden would be between these two?

Since childhood, Naruto always lost battles against Sasuke. When it comes to speed and agility, it seems like Sasuke had the upper hand.

Sasuke is faster. Not because of his foot speed, but he also has a similar ability with Minato. He has this technique called Amenotijkara, on which he can make portals through dimensions with the help of his Rinnegan.

But if we compare it with physical strength, Naruto will take the lead as he has been granted the Sage mode which increases agility, speed and strength. There is no way Sasuke will win with raw strength.

Is Naruto slower in Boruto?

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This had been a topic that most fans had since the start of Boruto. For those who don’t know, this is another series that focuses now on Naruto and Hinata’s son.

The Naruto we got to see on his son’s series was someone who was always busy and cannot even have the leisure of spending much time with his family. Aside from that, his movements seem slower.

In my opinion, this series is not all about him. They need to show and introduce the new protagonist of the story. And too much Naruto exposure can ruin that. Additionally, the ninja world on Boruto’s is in an era of peace. Thus, making it look like people are weaker.

The Naruto series may be over now, but we will never forget the greatest Hokage of all time. . I can still remember the time that I was excited to watch television as a child, waiting for the series to air. This anime has played a huge part in terms of anime popularity. And played a huge part in our hearts as well. Let us not forget how Naruto made our childhood one of the best. Let’s go Naruto run!