How is Trevor from Kitchen Nightmares?

How is Trevor from Kitchen Nightmares?

Trevor, the former Mangia Mangia executive chef, seems to have stayed on the straight and narrow after he was fired in this Kitchen Nightmares episode.

It is certainly not a rare occurrence for chefs and owners to air their differences on Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant-rescue series, Kitchen Nightmares.

But there have only been a rare few moments over the course of the entire show so far that these disagreements escalated to the point of someone being laid off.

But unfortunately for Mangia Mangia’s former executive chef, Trevor Peterson, he ended up having his drug addiction exposed and being fired on national television all in the same Kitchen Nightmares season seven episode.

Trevor’s recovery after Kitchen Nightmares

There is no doubt that this Kitchen Nightmares episode was likely a low point in Trevor’s life.

Fortunately, it seems like this young chef actually ended up taking Ramsay’s parting advise to “go home and get [himself] treatment” after leaving Mangia Mangia.

Trevor’s father actually took to Facebook to provide an update on how his son was doing after the episode aired.

According to this comment, Trevor moved out of Woodland Park shortly after this episode was filmed and entered a rehab program, where he completed a six-month intensive program and eventually entered “maintenance mode”.

Furthermore, it seems like all of this did not end up deterring Trevor from pursuing a career in the culinary arts, as his father confirmed that he was looking into different culinary school options at the time.

Trevor later posted an update himself. The young chef responded to a video on the Kitchen Nightmares Facebook page (which had called him a “Violent chef” in 2019), and stated “I'm 28 now. With 5 and half years clean! Slayin it!”

So it seems like Trevor really had a Kitchen Nightmares turnaround of his own.

What happened at Mangia Mangia after its Kitchen Nightmares makeover

Unfortunately, Mangia Mangia’s Kitchen Nightmares intervention was not quite as successful as Trevor’s.

This Woodland Park-based Italian restaurant ended up closing just a few months after Ramsay’s visit, as it had reportedly reverted back to its old ways, and its old menu.

All in All, Mangia Mangia’s Kitchen Nightmares timeline is as follows:

Date Event
August 2013 Ramsay and his Kitchen Nightmares crew arrive to start filming
April 25, 2014 The “Mangia Mangia, Part 1” episode premieres
April 25, 2014 The “Mangia Mangia, Part 2” episode premieres
November 2014 Mangia Mangia closes its doors permanently

What happened to Julie after Mangia Mangia closed down

When Ramsay first arrived at Mangia Mangia, it was pretty evident that the restaurant needed to change more than its executive chef if its owner, Julie, had any hope of turning the business around.

And while Julie did not end up saving her business with the Kitchen Nightmares intervention all those years ago, she seems to be doing fine now.

According to this LinkedIn profile, Julie has now left the cutthroat restaurant business behind, and has made the leap into the real-estate business.

And while there has not been much of an update about what is happening in Julie’s personal life, her professional life seems to be right on track at the Your Neighborhood Realty company.

What happened to Janelle after Mangia Mangia closed down

Janelle has seemingly also moved on in the almost-decade since Mangia Mangia closed down.

And according to her personal Facebook page, she has followed in her mother’s footsteps and taken to pursuing other endeavors outside of work in the hospitality industry for now.

This includes using her Master's Degree of Arts (MA) in English Literature & Language, which she obtained by completing her studies at the University of Colorado Denver by acting as a Contributing Writer at Party Guru Productions.

This was after bouncing around various restaurants after Mangia Mangia’s closure.

What Trevor is up to now

While it would be completely understandable if Trevor had stayed off social media (like so many former Kitchen Nightmares cast members do) after being humiliated in this episode, he actually maintains a fairly active social media presence currently, and he seems to have moved on from the experience.

Trevor’s Facebook page reveals that he now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There is also a Trevor Peterson LinkedIn profile, which suggests that he has now even found a job working as a sous chef in a new restaurant.

If this profile does belong to the same Trevor, it seems as though he is working his way up in the culinary world once again, and he can currently be found working as the Sous Chef at Sundance Steakhouse & Saloon, which currently has 3 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor.