How Kylo Ren Tricked Snoke in The Last Jedi

Let us tell you about how Snoke, the Supreme Commander, was tricked and beaten by Darth Vader's grandson in The Last Jedi.
The Snoke throne room scene with Kylo Ren and Rey is arguably the best thing about The Last Jedi, it's just fantastic. It starts with a parallel to Return of the Jedi – Rey is there, having surrendered herself to Kylo Ren so that she can turn him to the light side of the Force (or so she believes). Ren has let her come to him so he may in turn please Shrike (or so it seems).
Snoke does some posturing with the Force and throws Rey around, then does the same thing Palpatine does in Return of the Jedi by showing her that her friends are dying out the window in space, and then he calls on Kylo to kill her. And this is when things got interesting and a twist on Return of the Jedi occurs.
While he is urging Kylo to kill Rey, Snoke misreads the intention of Kylo's mind. Due to his arrogance and hubris, he misread the enemy that Kylo was thinking of. Kylo wanted to kill Snoke and take the First Order for himself. He was not intending to kill Rey as Snoke presumed. Perhaps Snoke should not have insulted Kylo in front of his would-be lover, eh?
So, Kylo slowly turned his saber and also Rey's at the same time. Rey's of course was conveniently at Snoke's side. And then, with the trap set, Kylo committed fully to his plan and ignited Rey's saber through Snoke's body and severed him in half. Kylo had wholly and totally tricked Snoke. You could call it a severance package.
It was an incredible moment – it was so unexpected, as one could reasonably have expected Snoke to survive until the third movie of the trilogy as he was the “big bad guy.” However, in a ballsy move, scriptwriter and director Rian Johnson killed him off early. Bravo.
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Image Courtesy of Lucasfilm
This led directly to one of the great Star Wars moments – Rey and Kylo teaming up to defeat Snoke's former Praetorian Guards. It's edge-of-your-seat stuff and finally, Kylo had met an adversary worthy of him and it was a team-up! Rey and Kylo even swapped sabers at one point and the results were incredible.
But back to Snoke. Some might ask how could Snoke have been duped so easily? Think back to this moment in the throne room scene in Return of the Jedi and the repartee Luke and the Emperor shared where Luke challenged Darth Sidious by saying “your overconfidence is your weakness.”
What happens? The Emperor totally misjudged what was actually happening in that room and died for his troubles. The exact same thing happened to Snoke.
As he pontificated how awesome he was that he had actually connected the minds of Rey and Kylo together, Kylo had his own “Darth Vader Turns Against His Master” moment and slaughtered him. Kylo was seething with hate as a result of Snoke's bravado and took the chance to bite the hand that fed him…
It's movie magic by director Rian Johnson that will become the stuff of Star Wars lore – and people will talk about it for a long time as they quietly forget the many, many things wrong with the movie.
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