How Many Players Does Palworld Multiplayer Support?

Palworld Multiplayer

They say everything is better with friends, and that's the plain truth for many video games. Sometimes, you want to play single-player, away from the frantic chaos of a large-scale multiplayer server, and hey, Palworld supports both. After launch, you can enjoy offline single-player and Palworld multiplayer sessions, with both cooperative and server-based gameplay available to all.

How Many Coop Players Does Palworld Support?

Regarding the cooperative game mode in Palworld, you and three friends can join a single world without needing a server to adventure across the land, building factories and collecting Pals. Of course, you don't need three friends. If you and your partner wish to play Palworld after a long day, the game easily supports as little as one or two players per coop session.

How Big Are Multiplayer Servers in Palworld?

Alternatively, if you're the type to prefer extensive multiplayer sessions, then you'll be happy to know that Palworld supports up to 32 players per hosted server. However, it's unclear whether you can host the server for free via your computer or whether players will need to pay for hosting via a third party. Expect slots to be quite expensive upon release if it's the latter. That's always the case with multiplayer hits. If the studio allows us to host servers on our hardware, expect some lag while the net code is improved throughout Early Access. 

Either way, the multiplayer aspect of Palworld promises a chaotic good time!

That said, if you don't feel like playing multiplayer, the game does allow you to play offline in single-player mode. If you're the host of a multiplayer server, you can switch between single-player and multiplayer at any given point, and your progress will be saved. However, only your progress is saved. Anyone else on the server will lose their progress.

Palworld hits Steam Early Access, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Game Pass on January 19th, 2024.


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