How Many Times Does Leia Kiss Luke and Han in Star Wars?

There's a famous kiss in The Empire Strikes Back between Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker where Leia tries to make Han Solo jealous. Luke seems to love it, but the revelation that Leia is Luke's sister in Return of the Jedi makes that kiss seem rather gross. Fortunately, future kisses between Leia and Han somewhat wiped the kiss with Luke from our memories. But hey, since we are thinking about the issue, let's count the kisses Leia had with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo…

A New Hope

There are three kisses for Luke in A New Hope – one for luck when they cross over the ravine trench by rope, one when Luke returns from having successfully blown up the Death Star, and another for luck before he leaves to attack the Death Star.

for luck kiss gif
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There are no kisses for Han Solo in A New Hope.

The Empire Strikes Back

han solo kisses princess leia
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Bear in mind the conversation Luke and Han have after they escape from the Death Star in A New Hope – Luke sways Han away from thinking that Han could ever have a relationship with her as he appears to like her himself.

There are two kisses for Luke in The Empire Strikes Back. Han and Leia are squabbling in Luke's recovery room and, to make a point, she gives Luke a quite passionate kiss – it's one that makes Luke feel pretty happy with himself and one that makes Han jealous.

luke and leia kiss star wars empire strikes
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Once Luke is safely on the Falcon after he has just fought Darth Vader, Leia gives him a sweet kiss of affection as he lies in the sick bay.

Han and Leia do kiss passionately for the first time on board the Falcon after they escape the attack on Hoth base. Han also gets two more kisses from Leia, the famous one being just as he tells her “I know.”

i know kiss empire
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Return of the Jedi

return of the jedi kiss
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Han gets a kiss when Leia frees him from the carbonite block at Jabba's Palace and two more when they reunite at the Ewok village. He gets another two when Leia lets him know she's Luke's brother.

That means Leia kisses Han five times in Return of the Jedi.

The Force Awakens

Han and Leia do not kiss but they embrace lovingly when they are reunited. There's no interaction at all between Luke and Leia.

The Last Jedi

“Fakeout” Luke finally speaks with his sister after many years of self-imposed exile. They have a touching conversation at the end and Luke gives Leia a brief kiss on her forehead.

So the final tally is Princess Leia gives her brother Luke Skywalker five kisses and Han Solo got eight.

Watch the kissing here:

But if the question is how many times Han Solo is kissed in Star Wars, you also have to include the one that Qi'ra gave him in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which makes it nine.

Let's not also forget the famous poster for The Empire Strikes Back which was modeled on Gone With the Wind

gone with the wind poster comparison to empire strikes back
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And if we are counting how many times Ben Solo kissed Rey, it was one…

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