How Michael got his memory back in Jane the Virgin

Jenna Ortega in Jane the Virgin

Michael did finally get his memory back on Jane the Virgin, after falling ceiling dust triggered a memory of a kiss he and Jane shared.

Jane’s accidental and unexpected pregnancy in Jane the Virgin truly wreaked havoc in all of her relationships.

This includes her on-again off-again relationship with Michael, which got even more complicated when his memory suddenly returned in the final season.

About Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a unique comedy-drama which uses satirical telenovela tropes to tell the story of Jane Villanueva.

Jane is a young, naïve women, who is accidentally artificially inseminated with her boss, Rafael Solano’s baby, during an otherwise routine checkup.

Jane’s unexpected and unprecedented situation not only turns her own life upside down, but also the lives of the friends and family who surround her and Rafael, who she eventually develops romantic feelings for.

How Michael got his memory back in Jane the Virgin

When Jane the Virgin first started airing back in 2014, the series’s leading lady, Jane, quickly found herself having to choose between her loving boyfriend, Michael Cordero, and her unexpected new love-interest, Rafael Solano.

Their complicated love-triangle continued all the way into the show’s third season.

Even though, at this point, it seemed like Jane had finally decided to choose Michael over Rafael, and the two of them even got married, a Jane the Virgin happily-ever-after could never be that simple.

Even after their nuptials, Michael’s story and his relationship with Jane became all the more complicated when he was mistakenly presumed dead at the end of season three, before turning up with amnesia and a new name in season four.

Jane and Michael’s new persona, Jason, spent most of the fifth season of the show trying to get his lost memories back, but with the end of the series fast approaching, it seemed like Jane would no longer have to choose between Rafael and Michael, as her old boyfriend (and his memories) were gone for good.

Fortunately though, all of this changed just before time ran out for the show in the third episode of season five.

In this episode, which is titled “Chapter 84” ‘Jason’ attempts to build a new connection with Jane by asking her out on a date, which she agrees to on the condition that he will sign their divorce papers.

Their date does not go as planned, and when ‘Jason’ decides to bid Jane farewell later in the episode, the show’s magical “snow” motif returns.

A bit of ceiling dust falls on ‘Jason’s’ head when Jane’s fishing rod scratches the ceiling. This triggers a buried memory of when the ceiling fell on Michael’s head after a kiss that they shared on her 21st birthday.

This, in turn causes many of Michael’s memories to flood back, once again leaving Jane with a difficult decision to make.

The show’s creators always planned for Michael’s memories to return

Even though most longtime Jane the Virgin fans were thrilled to see Michael return to the series before its cancellation, there is no denying that his amnesia-filled ‘Jason’ persona was not exactly what anyone had in mind.

However, Jennie Snyder Urman, Jane the Virgin’s showrunner, confirmed just after this episode aired that the creators of the show knew exactly what they were doing.

She said “We knew that his memories were going to come back and that that was going to change everything once again”.

Do Jane and Michael end up together in Jane the Virgin?

With Michael’s memories restored, Jane was ultimately left facing the same decision that she struggled with in the first season of the show: should she choose Michael or Rafael?

But, at the end of the day (fair spoiler alert for the information to follow) Jane realizes after kissing Michael on a trip to Montana, that the one she really loves is Rafael.

Will Jane the Virgin ever come back for a sixth season?

Unlike most other cancelled television shows, Jane the Virgin’s ending was planned out way ahead of time.

Urman had already made the creative decision to conclude Jane the Virgin’s story within five seasons, way before the network had even uttered any ideas about cancelling the show.

According to Urman, the show’s writers had already started planning how they would wrap up all of the series’s storylines by the time that they started filming the third season in 2016.

And although this did mean that Jane the Virgin had a fairly satisfying ending (depending on whether you were rooting for Jane to end up with Michael or Rafael, of course), it also means that there really is no reason to ever reboot the show.