How to Drastically Improve Your Life with Minimalism

How to Drastically Improve Your Life with Minimalism

Steve Jobs didn’t have an impressive sense of fashion, did he? We kept seeing him in the same type of clothes, day after day. Maybe he chose minimalism because he wanted his company’s products to be the focus of attention. Maybe he did it for the same reason why many other successful people choose to stick to simplicity: decision fatigue.

Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Guy Kawasaki… all these people have more money than we could count. Still, they stick to minimalism in various aspects of their lives. People who have financial issues, on the other hand, seem to be attracted to consumerism.

If I have a budget of $50 for shopping, I’ll want to get that high-quality bag I’ve been eying. But I won’t. I’ll get cheap jeans, a few T-shirts, two summer dresses, bikinis, and a rubbish bag that never will see the light of day. All this stuff will last no more than a season, and I’ll keep dreaming about that bag I never bought.

Why does that happen? Yes, I realized it was wrong, but I kept doing it for longer than I can remember.

When I decided to make a change, I decided to follow the example of successful people. Minimalism is the right place to start. When I got used to getting only the things I need, many things changed.

I’ll tell you how minimalism made my life better in 15 days.

Thanks to Minimalism, I’m the Master of My Time

I learned this lesson from the very first day. Minimalism is not only about the things we buy. It’s a manner of living, which translates to everything I do.

I started thinking: how much time do I spend on shopping? I look for items online, then I go into stores to try on different styles and sizes. I waste time thinking about the items I’m going to buy. When I buy tons of things for my home, I spend more time cleaning them.

The minimalist lifestyle reclaims your time. Instead of going through a jam-packed wardrobe to pick out my daily outfit and the bag that goes with it, I’ll wear simple clothes every day. I’ll still look good, since I can afford to spend more money on higher quality when I buy less!

I’m making one less decision in the morning. The minimalistic wardrobe gives me 10 more minutes of sleep, so thank you very much!

I Decluttered

The first step toward a minimalist lifestyle is decluttering. How many lipsticks and perfumes did I have? How many CDs I never listened to? Pens, nail polishes, shoes, clothes, decorations… you get the picture. My work desk was cluttered with paper, notebooks and office materials.

The idea of having too much stuff has gotten under my skin. If you calculate how much money I’ve spent on all of it, you’ll get an amount that will blow your mind. I’d rather not do that.

During the second day after I made the decision, I started the long, boring process of decluttering. I threw away the stuff and I wasn’t even sorry about the money I had spent on it. It was time to make this drastic decision, so I could carry on with a clean slate.

I noticed that as I decluttered my surroundings, my mind became clearer, too. I researched a bit and found that other people felt the same way. Minimalism can make you feel calmer.

It’s Easy to Pair Outfits

How much time do you think Mark Zuckerberg spends trying to figure out what to wear? My guess is no time. He saves his energy and time for more important things. He probably wears whatever he sees first in the closet.

That’s the beauty of a minimalistic lifestyle. I pick random items and they go perfectly well together. I picked them with simplicity in mind, so all colors and designs are complementary.

I Feel Liberated

You think you possess the things you buy. You’re wrong. When you have too many of them, they possess you. When you start buying less stuff, you’ll feel free. This was one of the greatest lessons I learned since I made the decision.

I suggest you do a simple mental exercise today. After you declutter your space, sit in the middle of the room with your back straight and your eyes closed. Breathe! Calm yourself down. Imagine how simpler your life will be when you possess less stuff. Say this to yourself: “I don’t need many things. From now on, I’ll be getting only the things I need.” Repeat this exercise every single day.

It took only a few days of this practicing this exercise and I noticed I no longer was looking at clothes and other items to buy online. It’s like you’re sending that message to your subconscious levels, and that’s where the desire comes from.

I Became Mindful

Mindfulness. We hear and see that word everywhere. It’s not because it’s the latest Instagram trend. It’s because it’s important. When you aim for minimalism, you pay attention to all decisions you make. Impulsive purchases? They are a thing of the past.

Minimalism made me aware and mindful of my own thoughts. Fifteen days is more than enough for noticing that difference.

I Discovered My Weaknesses

Minimalism means being focused on the most basic needs. I started eating simple food, wearing simple clothes and making simple decisions. It wasn’t that easy. My mind played nasty tricks on me.

Why don’t I buy just one more paper online? I’ll start working on my own essays next time.

This dress is so cute. It’s on discount. I’ll never get this price when I need it. 

When I started convincing myself to get something I didn’t absolutely need, I was discovering my weaknesses. Why am I so attached to these things I want to buy? Are they really making my life better? If the answer is no, then I don’t buy them!

I Became Conscious about the Way I Spend Money

Budgeting is not a fun thing to do. Still, it’s something we absolutely need to be doing when trying to save money and live a minimalist life. When I’m focused on spending less, I know where my money is going.

Here’s my advice to you: Try keeping track of your necessary expenses. Make priorities. Pay the bills first. Then, get the food you need for the week. Keep things minimal! Don’t get food you’re going to throw away.

You’ll realize you’re saving a lot of money right after you start practicing this method. You’ll keep track of all your expenses, so you’ll know when some of them are not necessary.

I Live More!

Minimalism really made my life better. My thoughts are no longer dominated by buying decisions. Well, almost. I’m not perfect, you know. However, I’m proud I made my home, office space, fridge and wardrobe infinitely simpler. I’m saving not just money, but time as well.

Since it leads to fewer distractions, minimalism makes me more focused on the things I’m doing. I’m working and studying more effectively, so I get more time for enjoying life and all the beauty simplicity brings.

Why 15 days? As with any other habit, this one also takes time to develop. You won’t start thinking like a pure minimalist from day one. However, you’ll be trying! You’ll make one correct decision after another, and you’ll track the results over 15 days. By the end of this time, you’ll see a big difference in the way you think and act.

Have you adopted a minimalist lifestyle, or are you thinking to do so?

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