How Much Do Bloggers Make Per Month

It is really a controversial topic
How much do bloggers make?
Well It all depends on 3 factors
Traffic, Knowledge and persistence

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Persistence is the borderline between
Those who make living from their blogs and
The majority who don’t make any money or make few cents per day

how much do bloggers make

Percentage of bloggers making money online

According to Problogger survey
Bloggers shared their income for one month
Around 49% made around 100$ or less
Around 23% made around 1000$
That’s around 3 quarter of all bloggers
Around 26% made around 2500$
Again this can be good if you are blogging as a hobby
Around 9% made around 15,000$

blog earnings from

Credit for this survey image goes back to ProBlogger

Those who are the persistent bloggers
Who managed to continue doing the same steps
For a year or more without getting any income

It is so easy to advise bloggers to stay persistent
In fact, it is very tough to write a blog post daily or every other day
And keep doing that for 6 months
You see cents are coming in
Then you keep working without getting frustrated
Yes add more 6 months to a year

Remember It is adding time and hard effort
The more you get a break or vacation from your blog
The hard it will get to change your mindset that one day your blog will ever generate income for you

But why is that?
Because our mind is wired to associate time with gain or benefit

Students who study in medicine universities
They know they will spend around 10 years of hard study
Then they will make a very lucrative income

There is no definition of hard work and duration in blogging
Plus there are a lot of hype around the blogging industry
That’s why all bloggers don’t believe
How hard is it to generate income from their blogs till they try blogging

How blogs generate online income for you?

A blog is a platform that can be monetized in multiple ways or methods
Any way of monetizing your blog depends upon
The traffic and knowledge mentioned above

I will keep the traffic steady for now and
I would say, the least knowledge it requires the least income it will generate

The more you add knowledge the more income you will generate

I will start with the least knowledge

• Advertisement as known as Ads Network

You can sign up to Google Adsense
You will definitely get approved immediately
Google Adsense is an Ad Network
It will insert Ads inside your contents
In between the lines as text or image ad
You can place Ads in header, sidebars and footer

If any visitor clicks on any Ads
Google will pay you between 0.20 to 2$ or 3$
It all depends on the niche you are in

Google Adsense does not require a minimum monthly traffic volume
Some Ad Networks like Mediavine requires 25,000 visitors per month
While Adthrive requies 100,000 visitors per month

• Display Ads by others for money

You can advertise that you accept Ads on your blog
Where you negotiate the price and charge a monthly flat rate

• Affiliate marketing income

Affiliate marketing requires extra knowledge than Ads Network
Remember as I said earlier
More knowledge then more income you can generate
Affiliate marketing is earning a commission
If visitors click on your affiliate links within your website and
Then they buy the products or services

Sky is the limit for the affiliate Commission
It can range from few dollars to hundreds of dollars

You have first to sign up as an affiliate for the product or service you want to promote
This can be directly on the vendor site or through an affiliate network

Below are best affiliate networks you can apply to

Skim Links

Before signing up to any affiliate program You have to first learn how to evaluate any affiliate program

how much do bloggers make per month

• Courses income

I mean here eCourses
Everybody wants to save time by shortcutting steps they need to learn
Instead of spending time to figure out
How to build your blog in WordPress
You can get a video course to show you
How to do that

Almost all niches have courses teaching you how to do things

There are so many platforms that can make your life easy by hosting your courses there
Something like Thinkific or Teachable
These require a monthly fee but there are free platform charging per flat commissions like JVZOO

• Services income

Although there are bloggers that charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for services
Something like SEO or professional writings
This type of income can limit your ability
If you are working by yourself as you trade your time for money

• Consulting income

Similar to the above but the work done can involve
Less time and effort but not necessarily less money

• Sponsored content income

People will reach out to you to put their content in your blog

You have to be very careful as Google does not like it
You can be blacklisted by Google

• eBook income

You can sell your own eBooks in your niche
You sell your experience here
Some people buy these books after knowing
How great you manifested yourself in your niche

How bloggers make money online?
I believe in blogging industry
We have 2 types of bloggers

Few bloggers who are really talented
I would like to relate it to the term knowledgeable which I used earlier
While the rest are just using the traffic game

If you are of the second type
Your persistence will really help you
You have to keep your traffic steady and increasing but not decreasing

Those bloggers use their traffic to experiment what brings the highest income
Then they adapt and improve it

For example, displaying Ad network can compete with your affiliate marketing income

Also Ads can take your visitors away before they sign up to your newsletter

Always keep trying and see what works best for you

How to guarantee blogging success?
You have to remember that gaining knowledge will take time
While building traffic to your blog requires persistence

When you first start your new blog
You are completely unknown to everyone especially Google

You have to stick to a long term plan and put 50 lines under long term plan

First start using a keyword search tool to find low competitive keywords

If you don’t want to spend much money in the beginning
Then Moz or Ahref will not be suitable for you

I recommend you use Keysearch
I personally use it and I fell in love with it

If you sign up using this link below
You will get 30% discount on your monthly payment as long as you remain a member

==> Link to Keysearch 30% off discounted price <==

Keysearch comes with Starter and Pro plans
They are based on the number of credits you get daily

I personally use the Starter plan and you will be surprised
If I tell you that I pay around 11$ monthly
I get 200 credits, that’s more than enough for me
It is not accumulative and It gets reset daily

How does Keysearch help you get traffic to your blog?

Keysearch can list all the keywords with their competitions
When you are first starting your traffic journey
Always target keywords with competitions less than 40
Once you find these keywords store them in a folder called My List

keysearch showing keyword competition by numbers

You now have a bank of keywords to write blog posts about
Don't stuff your keywords everyone
Just list it in the title, at the beginning of first paragraph
In the middle and at the end of your blog post
The middle one depends on your blog post word counts
Anything over or around 1000 is OK to have your keyword in the middle

Keysearch Explorer menu the hidden treasure

I started using Keysearch and I found I ran out of keywords
Then I realized that it has a hidden treasure
There is something called Explorer menu
Just click on that and type websites for competitors
It will list all keywords they are using

using keysearch Exporer tool to spy on competitors keywords

I found more than 30 hidden keywords in one website
These keywords are not listed in the regular search for keywords
Take all keywords you want to investigate and go back to Keyword Research menu
Select the keyword Research and beside the search button
Select Import keyword List,, you will be able to paste the copied keywords
You will find good low competitive and high search volume keywords
Go and save them to My List

Keysearch and the secret of ranking

When you start writing articles about these keywords along with practicing link building by doing link exchange with bloggers and guest posting on other high DA blogs
Google will start ranking you at the beginning in the top 100 positions
Yes it is funny to be in position 90 or whatever

I know there is a very slim chance that people click page 2 on Google
But being persistent to target low competitive keywords as known as low hanging fruits and doing link building and guest posting together
You will start getting to page one for some of these keywords

Your task is to monitor your domain authority (DA),
Page authority (PA) and domain score (DS)
When you are starting your blog, all values above will be zero
Domain authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz
it indicates how well any website will rank on search engines

That's why you can type a keyword in the search
You get the first top 3 or 5 searches with your keyword not listed
In title, listed in different order, with words in between or in plural form
This is because these websites have high domain authority and
It happened that they have pages targeting something similar to
What you tried to search for

By being smart and staying away from trouble
This is my expression for targeting low competitive keywords with some search volume
Slowly you will get an upgrade to a higher domain authority
Also you will start to get some increase in Page authority for some of your pages
Finally consider writing contents around low competitive keywords as number one focus for traffic on your blog

Second source of traffic is Pinterest

If you don’t know Pinterest
It is a hybrid of social media and search engine mixed together
Pinterest uses images as known as pins to promote web pages
It does not work the same for all niches
You have to give it a try

Step 1 starts with creating a Pinterest profile

By adding a nice logo or picture of yourself
Add description of what you do or
What you are interested in
then list your blog URL

Step 2 is to focus on creating attractive pins

But what makes your Pinterest pins attractive?
Make sure your font is readable especially on mobile phones
Make sure the font colour contrast the background picture

Sometimes I put a rectangular or square shape over my background picture
I turn the opacity of this shape to 50%, I do that so I don’t completely block the portion of picture behind it
I want it to be semi transparent to show the picture in the background
Then I can write inside my shape with clear font colour
I test different font colours and use my best judgment

Step 3 is to always try to look for what people search for on Pinterest

Pinterest as a simple search engine
When you type something on Pinterest search box
You get a list of suggestions, it is called IntelliSense
Use these suggestions in your Pinterest title and description
Remember Pinterest will not be able to search for your text inside your pins
Pinterest can only search for text in titles and descriptions associated with any pins
Also use Pinterest hashtags 3 or 4 hashtags are enough

Step 4 is to invest in powerful and attractive headlines

These headlines that your readers see
They decide to either click or skip and scroll for other pins
Don’t deceive readers by promising something not in your blog post
You will lose them for the long term
Pinterest users knows the owner of any pin as Pinterest displays user’s profile below each of pin

Step 5 to implement is to look for Group boards

All Pinterest users can create personal boards to pin the pins you like on them
There are boards which you can share to other followers so they can pin also to them
These boards are now not personal and so they are called Group board

Try to join so many group boards
Keep it a continuous task
These group boards are number one factor for brining traffic to your blog

Last step is to automate the process

You cannot dedicate an hour or two each day just for manual pinning
You will definitely lose time for other tasks
Remember again, number one priority is writing
Contents around your low competitive keywords

I found a solution to automate my Pinterest work
I use a well known tool called Tailwind
To automate submitting my pins to group boards

Always use Tailwind reports to see which group boards bring traffic to your blog
Get rid of those that don’t drive traffic or very little traffic

Bonus thing to try

Use Tailwind to find the best pin or pins
That performed well to users engagements
Use Pinterest advertisement to drive traffic to this pin
Don’t promote products but use the best
Performing pin to drive traffic to your email list
Don’t use this method if you pin is performing well but
The page behind it does not keep users long enough on Google Analytics

Third source of traffic

It is to invest your time in writing your eBooks
I know what you are thinking now

Creating your own product like courses, membership site or even eBooks
Not only it will increase your profit
But also it will increase your traffic

How? Because when creating a product
Think about being partner with other bloggers
They can promote your product through affiliate link
Offer them a lucrative commission up to 60% if it requires so

These bloggers will link to your sales page
This will increase your Page Authority (PA) as you get many domains
With different Domain Authority (DA) linking back to you

Also if you manage to create promotional materials like images
Your sellers can link to your images from their websites

You don’t have to worry about how can you handle the affiliate process
There are so many affiliate network sites
That can take care of the affiliate process between you and your sellers

Best example if you want to pay a fixed flat fee of 15$ then use SendOwl but

If you don’t want to pay monthly fees
You can share a 15% commission on each sale by using JVZOO

Fourth source of traffic

It is by looking for other bloggers
Who are starting up or already making money from their blogs
You need to be motivated and motivate others

There are so many things you can do it together
You can do commenting on each other blogs
They can promote your products
Also they can link to you

Actually cross linking to each other
Meaning you link to my blog and I link to yours
Even if it is not considered a true link from search engine perspective
But it is really very beneficial
Visitors will come to you through different links and so increasing your traffic

Finally I hope I helped you to realize how much do bloggers make and your potential success that awaits you,
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