How Much Do Construction Workers Make?

Are you wondering how much construction workers make?

Well here is everything you need to know.


Who is a Construction Worker?

A construction worker is a person who does work on the building site that includes setting up scaffolding, clearing the site for construction by removing unwanted material, carrying building materials to the site, unloading trucks and any other supportive role.

Construction workers are however, not limited to just supportive work. Under the right certification and experience, a construction worker can engage in the actual construction process.


Does Construction Work Pay Well?

Yes, construction work is a well-paying career. The construction industry is a field that pays above average. It is a well-paying field.

Top-earning construction workers earn on average 50,500 dollars and more annually. The lowest-earning construction workers earn on average 31,000 dollars annually.

However, these figures change from state to state and from country to country. Generally, trained construction workers that went through accredited institutions and with a higher experience earn more highly.

The construction field is increasing in sophistication and demand which is increasing prospects of earning for construction workers and other professionals involved in the construction business.


Misconceptions Regarding Construction Work.

It is important to beware of buying into the wrong concepts that have spread over years regarding certain kinds of work.

Not only do these wrong mind-sets inhibit the progress of society but they also stand in the way of people moving in the direction in career paths that are most suited for them, where they could make a good fortune.

There are misconceptions that have lurked for ages regarding physical work; that work that involves a lot of physical activity does not pay well, involves exploitation, is not fancy and will either make one's life deteriorate gradually or be lost in one large swoop for example when a building collapses on construction workers.

A fact that stands is that every work involves some form of risk. The less risky work is one in which the right preventive and life-protective strategies have been put into place for the safety of the workers.

In some countries, physical work like construction is regarded as a blue-collar job or work for the less educated.

This is partly due to the education system that mostly trains people in a direction that requires working in an office setting.

Far from these misleading myths, physical work and construction in particular is firstly legitimate and in addition well-paying.

It is a legal career that will help you make money in a legal way that additionally adds value to society.

Due to the modern development that has been characterised by the increase in quantity and sophistication of constructed building, over the past 50 years, there has been a rise in the number of institutions like universities across the world training construction workers.

The most highly-developed cities in the world have the best buildings constructed with the latest construction technology and aesthetic beauty.

Construction is a career that requires prior certification from a recognised institute of higher learning.

Different states and countries have different certifications as prerequisites for one to gain employment as a construction worker.

Construction work requires prior training. This is mainly because of the requirement of safeguarding safety of lives.

It is important that you hire well trained and certified construction workers to avoid the unwelcome event of a badly-constructed building collapsing on people.

Additionally, knowledge acquired in construction school helps construction workers to know how to fulfil their work well and know how to avoid any risks related to their work at a building site.


Why You Should Take Up Construction Work.

If you have a passion for this career, you should take it up. This work is very suitable for people who love being hands-on and physical activeness.

Construction work is a fulfilling career that can lead one to success in life and it is an opportunity for one to leave a legacy in the world.

Every building you participate in building is a mark you create on the face of the earth. Construction is a lucrative career field to occupy because you can capitalise on the opportunity that it currently does not have a lot of people in it.

Many people still consider it as ‘dirty work' and yet it is very important work. Everyone is free to hold their own opinion. However, research shows that construction work is one of the most fulfilling jobs that one can do.


The Current Demand For Construction Workers.

Due to the aforementioned misconceptions, the competition in construction work is less stiff compared to other fields like business.

Additionally, construction requires specific certifications that are not that easy to attain.

In some countries, after your first construction work degree or diploma, you are required to work as an appreciate under a certified engineer for a specified period of time before you can be accredited as a certified construction worker.

If you have the prerequisites, you can be sure that the demand is high and demand, in economics terms, is synonymous to cash inflow. There is no limit to the amount of money a construction worker can earn as long as they can do the work. Construction is an industry whose demand is everywhere.

Day in day out, new structural establishments are being created and buildings are being refurbished.

Companies are even recruiting construction workers both physically and online to their teams.


The Career Prospects of Construction Work.

It is possible to rise to the top of the hierarchy of your career as a construction worker. Trust and experience are key to success in this sector.

If you create an impressive portfolio, be sure that clients will come running to you and recommend you to other clients.

The shortage for experienced professionals is leaving the entry wide-open for new entrants in the industry with the right qualifications.

As a construction worker, there is limitless potential for you to rise to the top of your career and as you gain more experience, you can establish a construction company of its own.

Construction projects rank high on the list of most profitable projects. A construction project can even go for as long as a decade and that means a sustained, sure and handsome sum of money for the construction worker.

Every career path involves starting from the bottom and climbing your way up in most cases. Construction work is a springboard that one can start from to enter into the more managerial fields in the construction industry.


Why is Construction Work likely to be a Top-Earning Career in the Future?

It is speculated that in the years to come, there will be dire demand for construction workers and it will become one of the top-paying jobs in the engineering sector especially for professional construction workers.

The current education system in many countries in the world is steering people away from the trades into more office-related careers.

Most top universities in the world only teach professions in the clear-cut conventional fields like business, agriculture, medicine, leaving out the trades in their curricula.

The United States of America, and many other countries are likely to face deficiency in construction workers in the years to come.

Actually, this is already happening. According to a report by U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, there is half a million jobs ready to be filled in construction today.

A construction work graduate who is proficient at their job is less likely to be a job-seeker for long. The field is deficient in labour, in addition to not being saturated.


Can a Woman do Construction Work?

Yes, a woman can do construction work. Construction work is for any certified individual who has the energy, passion and knowledge to do it.

Some of the jobs in the past were exclusive to a certain gender. These included construction, plumbing, engineering, carpentry and many more.

As society gets more and more civilised, people are being empowered and encouraged to take up career paths in line with their passions and abilities.

Almost every job can be taken up by someone of either gender. Yes, a woman can also be a construction worker and do it thoroughly well. There are even all-girls construction teams.


Careers in the Construction Industry.

The construction industry deals with erection of structures and buildings. There is a wide array of careers from which one can choose in this sector.

a) Civil engineering

Civil engineering is a broad field that involves planning, designing and maintenance of buildings and structure in the built environment.

These structures include dams, roads, railways and many others. A civil engineer also oversees construction processes to ensure that they are done as required according to the plan.


b) Quantity surveying

A Quantity Surveyor performs the roles of estimating the amount of money needed for a certain construction project by calculating the financial requirements for purchasing the building materials, ensures that the building process is carried out in line with the budget and also offers consultancy services to clients who are intending to build.


c) Site management

A construction manager oversees the construction process. They ensure that everything is done in the rightful way.

There are many other careers in the construction industry many of which are high-paying jobs.