How Much Do Garbage Men Make?

You might be wondering, how much money does the physical job of collecting garbage in cities from homes and other places yield to the people doing it. Is it sustainable employment?

This article answers this and many other questions around it.

An entry-level garbage man makes on average 29,800 dollars per year and an experienced one makes up to 58,000 dollars annually.

Garbage companies are one of the most lucrative businesses because there is always incessant need of cleanliness and getting rid of garbage in communities.

The amount of money a garbage man makes varies also with the state he is working in. Therefore, if you wish to take on the career, you will need to do some research on the actual payment figures for the different states so that you can choose the best one that you can work in. In some states, garbage men are really paid handsomely and it's a lucrative business.

Garbage collection can be either a main job or a side hustle depending on what you want and the schedule of the company you want to work with.

If the company's schedule is not so tight, you can do the job alongside something else. Some students have been able to make some money while in school by doing garbage collection as a part-time job, like on weekends.

Garbage collection is one of the most important kinds of work in community. It cannot be dispensed with. Every home or community needs a healthy environment.

Garbage is any kind of unwanted material that is meant to be disposed off. Garbage can be in all forms from old clothes, paper, chemicals, organic waste and literally everything.

The accumulation of garbage in a home is detrimental to the lives of inhabitants. The few dollars paid to a garbage collection company can save millions that could be spent to treat ailments resulting from accumulation and poor handling of garbage.

Garbage contains a diverse array of materials and substances that affect human health.

It is thus important that it is not disposed off near the home because it can even cause a putrid smell that will make everyone around uncomfortable.  Garbage collection is a service that is very important.

However, working with wastes can be really hard and requires special prior training or on-job training.

The waste management process involves an intricate number of processes that is aimed at ensuring that wastes are gotten rid of in a way and form that will not affect health.

Wastes are in most times treated to a form that is either harmless or less harmful to the environment.


Ways of Handling Wastes

Owing to the critical effect wastes can have on life and the environment in general, waste handling is very important.

Different states have different policies on handling wastes. It is important to study and know the policies pertaining to waste management in your country and/or city so that you are not caught off-guard.

In Alabama, for example, subsequent convictions of littering offense attract a penalty of 1,000 dollars and up to 100 hours of community service.

In some states, the fine can go for as high as 2,500 dollars and in some cases involve incarceration for some months or even years. If you are an immigrant in a foreign country, the waste management policy in the new area is one of the first things you should acquaint yourself with.

a) Landfill

Garbage men dispose off the garbage to special dumping grounds. This is for certain types of wastes.

Landfill is done by dumping wastes in pits as a way of reclaiming land in areas where pits had been dug. This happens for example in areas that had formerly been mines.

As a way to restore the original scenery, the pits are first filled with waste material. Bio-degradable or organic waste can decompose naturally in the environment and contribute to formation of soil.


b) Recycling

Sometimes, the constituents of the garbage are sorted into different categories so that they can be recycled.

Recycling is the conversion of a waste material back into its raw material form thus reducing on the amount of wastes, while putting them to better use.

Through recycling, either the same or different type of product can be made. Recycling is one of the best ways of handling wastes.

Recycling makes sure that material is not wasted but recycled for use. Recycling is nonetheless an energy consuming process that in most cases involves industrial processes of conversation.

Germany is the best country in the world regarding recycling.

In cities, bins of different colours are placed in strategic locations so that the different waste types are put in their respective categories.

This makes recycling much easier. The pfand principle is also applied in Germany on bottled drinks.

When you return a bottle to the right designated place, you get back a certain percentage of the money you had initially paid for the drink.


c) Reuse

Not all wastes are no longer important. Some waste materials can be used again which reduces on the accumulation of wastes in the environment.

Reusing certain reusable materials is also an economical way of managing a home since it removes the need for buying things again. Reusing is different from recycling in a way that reusing wastes does not involve industrial chemical or physical modification of the item.

The item is instead put to use again for the same or another purpose.


d) Incineration

Wastes that are combustible can be incinerated to release energy that can be harnessed for example for heating buildings and in some cases as a substitute for fossil fuels in plants in industries.

Incineration is not so recommendable as a waste management procedure because it leads to emission of greenhouse gases that both cause infections like respiratory ailments and contribute to global warming.

The gases from incineration accumulate in the atmosphere and can take many years to break down or they could react into more dangerous forms.


Is Being a Garbage Man Hard Work?

The word ‘hard' is subjective here. What is hard to one person is simple to another. Definitely, one man's meat is another man's poison.

However much garbage collection may not be a favourite job for some people, there are many garbage men who love their job and do not long for any other.

Any job that is of contribution to society or sustains the welfare of the community is worth being celebrated and the service providers must be celebrated.

However, for ‘hardness' in relation to physical activity, being a garbage man is hard work, in a sense that it requires a lot of physical activity and definitely the passion for service.

This, for example, includes carrying heavy cans sometimes in unfavourable conditions like the heat of day.

The job is mostly physical therefore it is most suitable for people with enough physical energy for carrying things around.

Many times, the garbage real stinks and sometimes contains materials that are hazardous to health or can cause cuts.

Therefore it is crucial that garbage men take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from any health hazard that can result from association with garbage.

In some places, some people do not take responsibility to sort out their trash into more manageable and safer units but give it as a batch to garbage men.

This poses a health threat to them. It is better that the garbage constituents are specified and any potential hazardous material highlighted before handing it over to the garbage men.

In fact, in countries like South Korea, the government set up a monetary reward of 1,000 dollars in 1995 for someone who reports any offender who fails to sort out their trash before disposing it off.

The famous phrase ‘Be your brother's keeper' is upheld as regards waste management and sorting in South Korea.

A trash lady (the term used to refer to a lady who calls out anyone for not sorting out their trash in South Korea) make sure that trash is well sorted before disposing it off.

The other challenge that garbage men find in their work is the low prestige attached to it by most communities.

It is wrongly viewed as a job for people who have failed to make it any other way in life. This negative attitude from society can be de-motivating sometimes.

However, it should be noted that garbage collection is a legitimate job. Families are fed from it and there are some successful garbage men.

Garbage companies and men are indispensable in any community that priorities the health of its natives.


How Much Should You tip a Garbage Man?

As long as you are in a financial position to tip, tipping is a great thing to do especially in countries where it is customary like in the United States.

A garbage man who has done a good job can be tipped. A 5 dollar tip is good enough. Though, you can tip more than this, with any amount you wish.

Tipping may not be necessary in certain countries. Hence you should do it depending on the norms of the region you are in.