How Much Does a YouTuber Make with 100k Subscribers?

A YouTuber with 100,000 subscribers can on average make between $500- $1,000 a week and $2,000- $4,000 a month. There are many ways to earn on YouTube.  You can earn via ads, referrals and many more.

It is the dream of almost every YouTuber to see their YouTube account grow in the number of subscribers.

You could have heard a similar call like ‘Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and tap on the notifications button for more amazing content’ when you watched a YouTube video.

The YouTuber would love you to become one of their subscribers so that their account can grow. It is possible to have as many followers on YouTube as possible.

It depends on the efforts you put into your craft and how helpful, funny, educative or captivating your content is. T-series, the most subscribed channel on YouTube has 228 million subscribers as at 29th October, 2022. The number of subscribers keeps on increasing.

Any YouTube creator would love to see their number of subscribers rise to thousands or even millions.

Not only does this open up opportunities for making money but also can be a good measure of success because having more numbers signifies that your account is helping a lot of people around the world. YouTube pays accounts with high numbers of subscribers.

Additionally, as the traffic to your account increases, you can earn money through other ways in addition to the direct payment from YouTube.

We have also compiled a list of earnings per 1000 views on YouTube to help you get an idea of how much you can earn.

YouTube Income Per 1000 Views CPM Country-Wise

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Top 10 Countries With Highest CPM – Cost Per 1000 Views On YouTube

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When Can You Start Earning from YouTube?

You can make money on YouTube with almost any number of subscribers.

YouTube is a platform that opens you up to many opportunities. You can advertise your products directly through your video and can reach literally anyone in the world.

How about earning directly from YouTube?

The threshold numbers for subscribers and watch hours required to start earning directly from YouTube are 1,000 and 4,000 respectively. As a YouTube creator, you get paid as long as you have hit this milestone.

It is possible to have as many subscribers as millions of people on YouTube.

You actually have to make sure you follow a few guidelines or undertakings that can promote your account to stardom.

Every successful endeavour requires strategy. Below are some ideas on how you can increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.


How to Grow Your YouTube Channel.

a) The cross-app strategy.

If you have a social media presence on other apps like TikTok, you can post your content from these apps on YouTube in a format more suitable to YouTube.

For example, you could post a short video on Facebook and prompt your Facebook followers to go watch the full video on your YouTube channel.

This trick is used by many people and is an instrumental method not only in helping you gain followers across social media platforms but also helping you get content for the different apps by tailoring your theme to fit the different audiences.

You are the sane person, with the same content, but suited to different audiences on different social media platforms.


b) Have a niche

If you are to ever succeed on YouTube, you must fill a niche. A niche, in YouTube terms is a specific field that your channel deals in.


It is the theme of your content. It is the need that is fulfilled by your channel. Which search does your YouTube channel respond to?


Why do you need to have a niche on YouTube?

Having a niche serves an array of purposes. According to research, channels that are grounded in a niche are far more successful than those that jump onto any kind of content at any particular time.

a) A sense of direction.

Firstly, it gives you a sense of direction in the way you produce your content. Without a proper map, you end up nowhere since you have no particular interest.

You will realise that YouTube content actually flows in a chain format. One video leads to another. One video raises questions which your viewers note down in the comments.

You can then reply to these questions in the subsequent videos. If you are grounded in a niche, you can hardly fail to get content.

That means your channel will be active and you won't go months without posting something fresh for your audience.

This keeps your subscribers engaged and by sharing videos they find helpful, you get more subscribers and views, both of which grow your account and help you reach targets for earning more from YouTube.


b) The easiest way to get subscribers.

“How can I get more subscribers?” is a common question among YouTubers. You do not need to wait for luck to take its turn and help you grow your account.

You should also beware of scammy apps and websites that promise you free YouTube subscribers at a cost. Most of these ‘subscribers’ are phantom accounts or bots which can actually be detected by YouTube.

You do not have to risk your account. Everything is gained with the right strategy.

Quick short cuts will only make your channel lose credibility. The harder way could be more realistic.

By filling a particular niche, you get subscribers. The purpose of a YouTube channel is to broadcast content of interest to a particular group of people.

If you post content, say on law, you will most likely attract lawyers and law students, who will become a part of your channel by subscribing and re-visiting the channel often.

Filling a niche on YouTube helps you attract people interested in that particular theme to your channel.

This is because you are answering questions that they have and as an expert in your field, your channel is such a great resource to them.

Therefore subscribing to your channel is an obvious thing to do because they have to keep up with your updates.


c) Discovery by the YouTube algorithm.

Additionally, being grounded in a specific niche enables your channel to be discovered and therefore recommended to viewers of that particular field by the YouTube algorithm.

The YouTube algorithm categorises your channel based on both the information you provided in setting it up and also the type of content you provide.

This gives you more audience in a way that you do not have to spend a single coin in promoting your channel.


d) Expertise

It is a great thing to post YouTube videos related to your field of excellence. Not only will this give you a competitive advantage among similar channels but it will also save you time in creating the videos and it will ensure that your information is accurate and credible.

As an expert in your field, your channel can open up opportunities for you because people who need your help will be able to find you and contact you.

YouTube is a great advertising tool in the twenty first century. Your YouTube presence represents your physical brand online.


The Basics

In addition to these strategies are the basics that make your YouTube video worth the view. Presentation is everything.

The overall impression your video gives off will either captivate or repel a viewer.

It is not uncommon for a well-filmed video with mediocre content to attract millions of views while that with the best content but poor filming gains only a few hundreds of views.

Make sure that you capture it in a good and clean place with good lighting, a good camera, good and professional content and use the right keywords in your video title so that it can be easily discovered on YouTube. Be as organised as possible.

Avoid empty talk that will make viewers to lose interest in your video. Be clear and precise. Keywords are important in that they are the way through which your video, and ultimately your channel, is discovered on YouTube.


What Happens When You Reach 100k Subscribers on YouTube?

YouTube recognises all milestones but notably two. The 100k Subscribers and that of one million.

When you reach 100k Subscribers on YouTube, YouTube emails you within 3 weeks of attaining this milestone. The company first verifies on its own that you achieved this number of subscribers legitimately.

That indeed you did not use a certain software or app to get phantom subscribers. After this verification, YouTube places a checkmark on the name of your channel.

This mark represents the fact that yours is now a verified channel.

YouTube then emails you so that you provide information on how your YouTube plaque can be shipped to you.

A YouTube plaque or Creator Award is an ornamental tablet that is awarded by YouTube to a YouTube channel that has legitimately reached certain milestones in terms of number of subscribers.

YouTube gives you a Silver Creator Award when you reach 100,000 subscribers and a Gold Creator Award when you reach one million subscribers.

In addition to the plaque, in the gift box from YouTube is enclosed a signed letter from YouTube congratulating you upon reaching this milestone.