How much does it cost to charter a superyacht like Below Deck?

How much does it cost to charter a superyacht like Below Deck?

It can cost up to $348,500 per week just to charter a superyacht like the ones featured on Below Deck, minus any additional costs.

Below Deck has become one of the most popular reality television programs, because of the amount of drama that it showcases.

However, the incredible superyachts where this drama takes place are much more than a backdrop.

Chartering a superyacht, like the ones featured on Below Deck can range from $151,000 to $348,500 outside of all the added costs that you will also have to cover.

The Below Deck Drama

Few things are more entertaining than watching rich people live their rich lives. This is why Below Deck has managed to become Bravo’s top-rated show, despite the network being home to other drama-filled reality shows franchises like The Real Housewives and Project Runway.

Much of the drama on the show is tied to the copious amounts of alcohol served on the lavish yacht parties and the close living quarters of the staff.

Over the years, these circumstances have led to spontaneous hook-ups, illegal substances hidden around the boat and even random fights between the guests and crew members. Captain Lee Rosbach even kicked a guest off his boat for defying his orders.

How much does it cost to charter a superyacht like Below Deck?

Below Deck certainly offers more than enough drama to keep fans entertained, but the incredible superyachts that double as both the setting for these lavish parties and the crew’s living quarters, still manage to steal the show.

In fact, even though the superyachts on the show are real, working yachts, they are often given pseudonyms on the show as if they were celebrities.

Fortunately, over the years, the real names of the incredible superyachts, as well as their real-life charter prices have been revealed.

Anyone that has watched Below Deck will know that the guests who charter the yachts on the show have larger-than-life budgets, and unsurprisingly if you want to charter superyachts like the ones on Below Deck, you will need a large budget too, as there are many different factors that can affect the total price of the charter.

The charter rates for the actual superyachts featured on the show are as follows:

Below Deck season Superyacht pseudonym Superyacht real name Charter rate
1 Honor Barents From €155,000 per week (approximately $166,000 per week)
2 Ohana Rhino (Star Diamond) From $160,000 per week
3 Eros Stay Salty Not currently available for private charter
4, 5 and 7 Valor BG From €140,000 per week (approximately $151,000 per week)
6, 8 and 9 My Seanna Starship From $275,000 per week
10 St. David St. David From €325,000 per week (approximately $348,500 per week)

How much are these superyachts worth?

Chartering a superyacht for you and your guests for a week is a luxury, especially when you consider all of the other added costs, but buying one is a whole different story.

These kinds of superyachts rarely go on sale, but when they do, they can cost north of $15 million.

In fact, one of the yachts that were featured on the spin-off Below Deck Mediterranean, called Sirocco was listed for €21.5 million (about $23 million) back in 2013.

How much do people on Below Deck pay to charter these superyachts?

Guests who charter these superyachts when the crew is actually filming the show actually end up getting a great deal, because the show’s creator and producer Mark Cronin previously confirmed that they get to charter these yachts for half of the price.

This discount is supposed to make up for the fact that guests will have to deal with having cameras and crew on the yacht while they are there, and will only be able to book a three days/ two night or four days/ three nights stay, as opposed to an entire week.

What additional costs are there if you want to charter a superyacht?

Even though most of the superyachts that are featured on Below Deck have all the amenities and special features that you could ever need or dream of, including lavish master bedrooms, Jacuzzis, gyms, jet-ski’s, paddleboards and more – just chartering the yacht is not enough.

The main additional cost that guests can expect is the price of the fuel. Besides that, guests are also responsible for tipping the crew after their stay. This usually amounts to between 15 and 20 percent of the charter cost of the yacht.

Factors like the type of boat you plan to charter, the time of the year you want to charter and where you decide to travel, will also affect the final cost of your trip.