How Much Is 6 Figures in Money? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Ever wonder exactly what is meant by the phrase ‘six figures,' when it comes to money? Well, look no further, we are here to break that (and more) down for you right here!

How Much Is 6 Figures in Money?

Earning 6 figures in money means making between $100,000 and $999,999 annually. Individuals who earn less than that, but have an income of at least $10,000, have a five-figure salary.

To put that into context, the average annual real wage in the U.S. is around $59, 428, according to Forbes. That breaks down to about $28.34 per hour. That means most Americans earn less than six figures.

So what percentage of the US population actually makes six figures annually?

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Well, to get a good idea of that, we need to narrow our focus to only full-time working individuals, since children, retired people, and students or those who are not currently employed would not be included. Once that is accounted for, it appears that approximately 9% of American earners achieve an annual income exceeding $100,000.

The most important part is not how much you make but how much you keep. For example, plenty of people make millions of dollars a year and still find themselves living paycheck to paycheck.

Now, let's what a 6-figure salary really means, how to achieve it, and more about higher-figure incomes.

But, before getting any further, we must truly understand the term ‘figure.'

What Is Meant by a Figure?

In the world of finance, figures are the secret sauce behind quantifying income. A figure can be any single digit from zero to nine. That's right, every number is made up of these mysterious figures.

Take, for instance, the number 12,534 – it's a five-figure masterpiece: 1, 2, 5, 3, and 4.

But let's simplify things. The number 25? It's just two figures: 2 and 5. (And, oh, by the way, we're not talking cents here.)

Figures are like shortcuts for numbers, sparing us from writing down endless digits when discussing salaries or negotiations. But what's a figure, really, in the context of money?

Figures in money are like the magic beans that reveal the value of something, be it your net worth or your yearly earnings.

Here's a fun twist – the words ‘figure' and ‘digit' are like best buddies used interchangeably to mean a single number in a larger digit. The only difference? It's all about the situation.

So, when someone asks, “How many figures are in ‘x' money?” you'll need to count those digits and uncover the monetary mystery.

What Does Six Figures Mean?

The best definition of six figures is anyone earning between $100,000 and $999,999 annually. So making an income between $100,000 and $999,999 means you are in the six-figure range. 

This is because there are six digits in the numbers above.  Therefore, six figures are made up of six digits.

If your yearly income falls between $100,000 and $999,999, you make 6 figures.

  • Low 6 Figures: $100,000 – $399,999
  • Mid 6 Figures: $400,000 – $699,999
  • High 6 Figures: $700 – $999,999

An income of six figures is a common goal for many people in their careers.

Is 6 Figures a Lot of Money?

A six-figure income might seem like a decent amount of money to some, but to others that may not be the case. Your perspective depends on factors like taxes, cost of living, location, and family size.

Getting a six-figure salary doesn't happen overnight, but it's a goal that's within reach for most people willing to put in the effort.

Once you get there, it might feel like a lot of money, but you can become accustomed to a higher income over time, and it might not feel like a lot anymore. Perhaps you've heard the saying “More money, more problems?”

Achieving a six-figure income can be incredibly rewarding, provided you've mastered the fine art of living within your means and crafting a smart budget. It's like being the conductor of your financial symphony. However, if you can't find that sweet spot and keep your expenses in check, it won't matter how many zeroes are on your paycheck; the sense of not having enough will persist.

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Let's clarify something here – a six-figure salary doesn't automatically catapult you into the realm of the super-rich. Instead, it gives you the power to live comfortably, even indulgently. You might savor meals at swanky restaurants or update your wardrobe with guilt-free shopping sprees.

Yet, don't be too quick to revel in your newfound wealth. This level of income often brings with it a set of responsibilities, from tackling student loan debts to securing your financial future through diligent retirement savings.

Interestingly, it's worth noting that many six-figure earners in the United States experience financial constraints, highlighting the significance of prudent financial management.

To truly relish the freedom and independence that financial stability offers, you must manage your finances with the finesse of a seasoned professional. It's not just about the numbers; it's about the art of financial balance and mastery.

How Much Is Six Figures per Day?

To determine the daily earnings required to achieve a six-figure income, a straightforward calculation involves dividing your annual income by 365 days. This computation reveals a minimum daily income target of $273.97.

However, it's essential to recognize that daily earnings aren't a continuous stream for most individuals. A more precise approach involves dividing your annual income by the number of working days within a year.

Typically, individuals work around 250 days annually, leading to a daily income goal of $400 to reach the coveted six-figure mark.

Contrary to the common belief that achieving a six-figure income is an unattainable aspiration, it is a realistic financial milestone worth pursuing.

Pursuing a six-figure income may seem daunting, but breaking it down into smaller, daily objectives, can make this goal more approachable.

How Much Is Six Figures a Month?

If you make 6 figures, you make between $8,334 and $83,333 a month. You can calculate this by dividing your annual income by 12.

How Much Is Six Figures an Hour?

Here are quick breakdowns to give you a good idea of how much a six-figure salary is per hour. These estimates are based on a 40-hour workweek, 50 weeks a year.

  • $100,000 Yearly = $50 Per Hour
  • $400,000 Yearly = $200 Per Hour
  • $700,000 Yearly = $350 Per Hour
  • $999,999 Yearly = $499 Per Hour

How Do You Earn Six Figures?

Earning six figures requires a good amount of planning, dedication, and work. 

Careers in engineering, management, tech, airline pilots, and anesthesiologists are among the top jobs offering six-figure salaries. These types of professions typically require at least a bachelor's degree, and more often than not, continuing education past that. 

However, there are plenty of ways to make six figures annually if a more traditional path is not your cup of tea.

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Six-Figure Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree

College can be expensive and time-consuming, and thousands of college graduates must settle for jobs that pay less than six figures. Fortunately, a college degree is not required to bring in $100k or more.

Let's look at jobs that can bring in a six-figure salary without a degree.

Real Estate Broker

Forget the traditional path – you don't need a college degree to become a real estate broker. The adventure begins with an opportunity to work alongside an experienced broker, typically by getting your license as a real estate agent first. Later, as you soak in the industry secrets, the dream of opening your very own office can become a reality.

The journey to obtaining your real estate license typically spans nine months to two years depending on the state you wish to practice in. In most states, you must hold a real estate license for a certain amount of time (typically anywhere from 1-2 years) to meet the requirements to become a licensed broker. You will also need to pass an exam to begin practicing.

So, what's the scoop on income? Entry-level brokers across the United States have been pocketing an annual starting income of $60,678. But, here's where it gets interesting: within a mere year or two, that number can skyrocket, crossing the illustrious six-figure threshold.

But wait, there's more! The champions of the real estate game, the high earners, are reporting annual incomes of 200,000 or more. It's a realm where the sky is the limit, and your success story is waiting to be written.

Web Developer

Web Developer
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Website developers are in high demand as companies expand their online presence. Web developers can quickly earn six figures per year, depending on location and experience.

The best thing about becoming a web developer is that you can complete your certifications in as little as three months.

Web developers in the US make on average $90,869, meaning a good amount of people in this field are just about at that $100,000. However, with more experience and years on the job, an annual income of up to $150,000 is relatively common.

Bloggers and Youtubers

Bloggers can also earn six figures without the need for a college degree. This depends on the niche you are in and your monetization strategy.

Some bloggers earn over $10,000 monthly in affiliate or ad income alone.

Like blogging, a dream job for the younger generation is to become a YouTube influencer. Hundreds of thousands make a substantial living of six figures or more by creating engaging content. Some YouTubers even bring in up to seven figures annually from their channel alone!

Podcast Host

podcast host
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Podcasts are catching on like wildfire thanks to the rise of smartphones and social media platforms. Earning $100,000 plus from a podcast can take a lot of time and effort, however, it's possible.

In fact, according to Edison Research Infinite Dial 2021 report, there are over 116 million podcast listeners in America alone, and that number keeps growing every day!

How Much Is 7 Figures per Year?

If someone who makes six figures earns between $100,000 and $999,999 per year, a seven-figure income is between $1,000,000 and $9,999,999.  So if you make $1 million a year, you would make seven figures!

Now, this level of income is not typical. Only 0.35% of Americans make 7 figures a year.

Therefore, it's less likely you will hear someone say they make seven figures, and more often than not, people who say they make seven figures will be entrepreneurs.

Some jobs that people are known to earn seven (or more) figures annually are:

  • Business owners
  • CEOs or C-level executives
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Investment bankers
  • Celebrities (actors, musicians)
  • Film and music producers

The Bottom Line

Regarding professional pursuits, a select few careers offer an enticing path to an annual six-figure salary.

While achieving a six-figure income provides financial comfort, the true secret lies in budgeting. Embracing a frugal lifestyle sets the stage for managing wealth wisely, ensuring that living on six figures or more becomes effortless.

Lastly, it's essential to remember that money isn't the sole measure of wealth. Discovering the different facets of prosperity can guide you towards a more fulfilling and contented life.

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