How Much Is A PS2 Worth In 2023?

Whether you find an old PlayStation 2 (PS2) in your garage that you want to sell or want to purchase a used model online, it’s important to know how much a PS2 actually goes for.

So, how much is a PS2 worth today? According to months of eBay sales data, PlayStation 2 (PS2) consoles sell for $80 on average without their original packaging (also referred to as “loose”), but used complete-in-box systems sell for $162. On average, the redesigned, slimmer PS2 Slim console sells for $90, with complete-in-box units going for $107.

Model Loose
(average price sold)
(average price sold)
(starting price)
PS2 (original)
PlayStation 2 transparent background
$80 $162 $95+
PS2 Slim
PS2 Slim transparent background
$90 $107 $95+
Used PS2 Price Chart

Because new, in-the-box PS2s are so rare, there really isn’t a “going rate” for sealed consoles. That said, you can safely expect to find a brand new Slimline PS2 or a brand new original PS2 going for hundreds of dollars, at least – assuming you can still find one.

(Please note: Prices and information below are accurate as of May 18, 2023. This article has been and will continue to be updated to reflect current rates, but prices can fluctuate. The information provided is also based on the models released in the United States. Models released in other regions may differ from the prices shown below.)

What is an original (fat) PS2 worth?

PlayStation 2
Image Credit: Sony.

Pricing Overview:

  • Console Only: $68-$130
  • Complete-In-Box: $120-$175
  • Refurbished: $192
  • New: ~$500+

As consoles are often bundled with games, it is helpful to know what they are selling for too. For more information on the price of PS2 games, please check out our continuously updated article: How Much Are PS2 Games Worth?

The eBay prices above are calculated using the retailer’s data of units sold within three months previous to when this article was last updated (May 18, 2023).

What is a PS2 Slim worth?

PlayStation 2 Slim
Image Credit: Sony.

Pricing Overview:

  • Console Only: $49-$130
  • Complete-In-Box: $107
  • Refurbished: $190
  • New: ~$450+

The eBay prices above are calculated using the retailer’s data of units sold within three months previous to when this article was last updated (May 18, 2023).

What is the difference between the original (fat) PS2 and the PS2 Slim?

PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Slim
Image Credit: Sony.

In addition to being, well, slimmer, the redesigned Slimline PlayStation 2 (commonly referred to as the “PS2 Slim”) is generally more sought after by gamers because of its sleeker design and improved reliability.

The disc drive on the original PS2 is notorious for malfunctioning, and “Disc Read” errors are also quite common with the older model.

With fewer moving parts on the Slim – thanks to the top-loading disc tray – these units generally have fewer issues. Additionally, the PS2 Slim is also much quieter than the original while booting up and reading discs, and it tends to overheat less.

Some gamers have a nostalgic soft spot for the original PlayStation 2 (often called the “PS2 fat”). The original unit also has HDD support, which enhances dozens of titles and is even required to play Final Fantasy XI.

Other than that, however, the two consoles are very similar, reflected in their pricing.

(To see a full breakdown of all the differences between the two models, please refer to our complete guide: PS2 Vs PS2 Slim: What Are The Differences?)

What about color variants and special editions?

PlayStation 2 Slim Silver
Image Credit: Sony.

The prices listed above assume you have (or are looking for) a standard matte black console. However, Sony released the PS2 Slim (and the original PS2 in more limited quantities in the United States) in a few different colors – matte black, ceramic white, and silver, most notably.

Some special editions – such as the rare Astral Blue and Sakura Purple PS2s – can cost hundreds of dollars depending on their condition.

The Slim's silver color variant is slightly rarer than the standard matte black PS2. Still, they’re not too hard to track down at retailers like eBay or Amazon and generally sell for roughly the same prices as their matte black counterpart.

However, the ceramic white unit is a bit harder to come by, so you can expect to see it sell for a little more than the standard units.

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Does GameStop buy PS2 consoles?

According to GameStop's website, the retailer isn't currently offering store credit or cash for a PS2 console.

Does GameStop carry PS2 consoles in-store?

No, unfortunately, GameStop no longer carries PS2 consoles in-store.

Where else can I buy and sell PS2 consoles and games?

Mom-and-pop used game stores are harder to come by than major retailers like GameStop, but they are usually a great place to purchase and sell retro consoles and games. Local flea markets and pawnshops can also be great resources. Also, garage sales can be an excellent spot to score a deal if you want to buy.