How Much is Beskar Worth?

Beskar is one of the toughest, most valuable legendary metals in the ‘Galaxy Far Far Away.' It's rare, found only in a few locations. It's never stated just how much Beskar really is worth, but basing it on its properties, it could be worth more than gold.

Gold is a soft but heavy metal. Not ideal for armors, weapons, or chain mail.

Gold is rare, but not tough, more known for making fantastic jewelry.

How Much is Beskar Worth?
How Much is Beskar Worth? 5

Meanwhile, Rhodium – the most valuable precious metal on Earth – has more practical uses. That would make it more valuable than gold.

You can't directly compare Rhodium and Beskar because they don't do the same things. One is used for armors, while the other is used mainly as a catalyst for chemical reactions.

However, we can look at how valuable the thing they provide is. And Beskar blows the competition out of the water.

Rhodium is highly-reflective and corrosion-resistant. Beskar is all that, but does it one better – it is nearly indestructible. It can withstand and deflect blaster shots and even repel lightsaber strikes. 

Imagine that in the real world. Beskar would probably open so many doors of opportunities. It's safe to say that it is probably worth more than Earth's most valuable precious metal.

Why is Beskar Valuable?

Beskar is found only on Mandalorian worlds. Hence, the metal is extremely rare. As with almost anything, the rarer the thing, is the higher its value.

But Beskar has more than just scarce. Beskar is notable for its tolerance to extreme forms of damage. As we've mentioned, blaster shots and lightsabers barely make a scratch on it, and it is able to repel even the Darksaber.

Beskar is so tough that the best way to counter Beskar armor is by either using a weapon that vaporizes its wearer. Or a weapon fashioned from Beskar – like the spear Din Djarin picked up in The Mandalorian, season 2.

Beskar is also sacred to the Mandalorian people.

It's hard to imagine an equivalent substance in our galaxy – rare, tough and sacred.

What's the price of Beskar per gram? Not a clue. 

Again, there's no confirmed value of Beskar per gram. But we can speculate.

A gram of Rhodium is worth $617.29. Since Beskar is fundamentally more valuable, its worth per gram could not be equal to or lower than that. It's probably more. Let's say it's $900 a gram. That seems reasonable. 

How Much is Beskar Worth?
How Much is Beskar Worth? 6

How Much Beskar is There?

Yes, Beskar is rare. It can only be mined on Mandalore and its moon Concordia. But it appears there's no shortage of it despite how hard it is to find. So, there must be loads of Beskar in these places. Maybe it's like Kryptonite – the whole planet is Beskar – or at least everything below the surface.

Beskar is heavy. It's hard to imagine it would be a good material for armors, if the weight makes it more difficult for warriors to move.

But because carbon is added to Beskar in the foundry to make a molecular cage, it is lighter than contemporary metals. If you don't add carbon to it, Beskar would be significantly heavier.

Can Beskar Be Destroyed?

Beskar is extremely strong and durable. Thus, it is used to make armors, weapons, and even starships.

Beskar is thought to be nearly indestructible. As mentioned earlier, Beslar armor can withstand blaster shots, Jedis' lightsabers and even the Darksaber.

But Beskar is not completely indestructible. Because you can damage it by using weapons made of Beskar, Din Djarin's clan, the Children of the Watch consider making weapons out of Beskar taboo.

Is the Mandalorian's Helmet Beskar?

Yes, the Mandalorian's helmet is made out of Beskar. The armor is called beskar'gam, meaning iron skin or iron carapace. Its helmet features a t-shaped visor that conceals the user's face.

You can see that on the helmet Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian uses. And Mandalorians are also known to wear Beskar armor. 

How Much is Beskar Worth?
How Much is Beskar Worth? 7

Is Beskar the Strongest Metal in Star Wars?

Believe it or not, no, Beskar is just one of the stronger metals. The strongest metal in the Star Wars universe is Phrik – the metal used in the hilt of Darth Sidious' lightsaber known to be nearly indestructible.

Unlike Beskar, Phrik also does not need carbon to be lightweight. It is already naturally light. That makes Phrik the superior metal.

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