How Much Should I Spend On Food a Month And Budget Your Groceries

Question I always ask myself how much should I spend on food a month

I was clueless until I started building my family budget and track spending

I am able now to track my monthly food budget easily and efficiently

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Keep in mind food budget for one person is less than multiple persons living together in the same household

How is that? simply how much to spend on groceries depends on age and gender

how much should I spend on food a month

Women tend to do more cooking if living alone compared to men

At the same time, teenagers eat more protein compared to toddlers

Anyway I discuss below how much to spend on food per month according to your social status

How much to spend on food a month if single?

Actually being single is the best way to control your food budget and control your grocery spending

You should expect to spend between 10% to 15% of your income

In terms of dollar amounts expect from $150 to $300 based on your age

This food budget surges when having toddlers

You buy things you never thought about like maple syrup, pan cakes, waffles and weird types of cereal

Monthly food budget for college students

While studying I wasn't paying attention on how much should I spend on food a month?

Average grocery spending is around $400 because I spent most of my days outside at college

I had to eat many fast foods I was very short in time to cook and take food with me at college

If you are not living in dorm then you have to buy your groceries

It consists of expensive cook from frozen packs, chips and junk food

I don't blame you as I was in the same situation

How much to spend on food as a couple?

As couple you enjoy dinning out as this builds your memories together

You remember these days as you won't be able to enjoy it when having kids

Average food budget is quiet higher than single person and it is mostly expenses coming from dinning out

Average food budget for family of 4

Typically for a family of 4 an average food budget is in the range of $450 to $700

This amount reflect the average in US and Canada where US is cheaper than Canada

The $450 lower range is feasible if you are vegetarian as meat, poultry and fish add up to your grocery bill

Anyway when you learn how to build a budget you will be able to monitor your grocery spending

Until you do that try to eat left over from dinners in lunches

Plan your shopping list before you go to the grocery store

Mobile apps like Flipp or reebee save you money by displaying any grocery item and its price across all supermarkets

And where to find the grocery stores that discount it

Also use coupons and cash back apps like Rakuten, Mr Rebates and MyPoints for extra savings

Try to reduce alcohol and soft drinks and join wholesale club membership to save money when buying grocery items in bulk

Finally do your best to reduce your dinning out

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