How Much To Spend On Food Per Month And Budget For Food

Wondering how much to spend on food per month?

Well, It all depends if you are single or not

This will dictate how much to budget for food on average as single or in a family

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I am not talking about the total but I am referring to the average per person

If you are married or living with common law or if you have kids definitely your average per person will increase

You will buy things you won't even think to buy it if you're single

how much to spend on food per month
How Much To Spend On Food Per Month And Budget For Food 2

For example, I buy pan cakes, waffles, maple syrup and ice cream just for my kids

Anyway I will discuss below how much to budget for food according to your household members

How much should I budget for food for myself?

If you are single then I expect around 10 to 15% of your income

I expect to spend in the range of $150 to $300 based on your age

Living by yourself gives you full control on your grocery spending

You cannot do that if you have kids

Again if you are not in relationship then cooking is not essential

You eat to survive and stay healthy

What about budgeting food for couples

Living with a partner encourages you to cook and look for new recipes

Eating is like part of the day where you enjoy it as a session

Also expect to visit restaurants every now and then

It is a core of building strong relationship

Where every place you dine together build magnificent memories

You can save money by preparing romantic dinners at home

But this requires some preparations and also buying wine or alcohol

Although food budgeting as a couple can cost you an extra $100

But it is lot of fun where you can sit together once a week to plan your meals

If you are not using shopping list app as a single then it is a must as a couple

I recommend AnyList mobile app you can plan for your grocery

I personally use this app with my wife and I integrate it with Amazon Alexa

When I prepare my shopping list with my wife, I call Alexa to add it to my list

Budgeting food for your family

Average budget of food per person for a family having kids is the highest

That's why I focused in previous posts on how to save money on groceries

Also how much to spend on food per month depends on your kids' ages

Toddlers and youngsters eat less in general and less protein in particular

Although they tend to force you into buying a lot of junk food

I hope you manage to control this habit

But in the end they won't add extra charges on your grocery budget

Real issue occurs with teenagers where they eat more protein

That's why I made a post on the cheapest food to buy at grocery stores

How can any family budget food and save money?

I wrote many posts before regarding how to cut cost of living for families

Top ideas are to eat left over dinner in lunch at work and to buy generic brands

Also plan for shopping list for all grocery items when they are on sale

There are so many mobile apps like Flipp or reebee that can show you all grocery items on sale for all supermarket stores near you

You can use coupons and cash back apps like Rakuten, Mr Rebates and MyPoints

And do you best to cut alcohol and soft drinks

Again you can join wholesale club membership like Costco to buy portions for your family that can save you money

Reduce your dinning out to special occasions only

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