How Much to Tip Pizza Delivery

Are you wondering how much to tip pizza delivery?

A great trick in working out how much to tip a pizza delivery driver is to consider tipping them the amount you would spend in going to the pizza hut to pick the pizza by yourself and returning back to your place.

By standard, always tip a pizza delivery at least $3 if the order is smaller and $5 or more if the order is larger.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Thomas P. Farley (Mr. Manners) advised that if the tip is not included your overall pay, tip the delivery driver between 10 to 20 percent of the cost of the delivery. Tip the driver 10% for a not-so-good service, 15% for standard service and 20% for excellent service.


Should You Always tip? Is it Even Necessary?

Let's dive into the basic question; Should I always tip the pizza delivery driver? The answer is yes. There is a number of reasons in support of giving a tip to the pizza delivery man.

Firstly, a number of these delivery men do not get paid a considerate minimum wage.

The pay they get from the company is extremely low, in a sense that it is not sufficient to cover the operational expenses incurred by the driver.

Pizza companies do not pay for gas and never contribute on car maintenance. The driver actually has to foot the bills of vehicle maintenance and all related costs.

Thus, we can agree that indeed a pizza delivery deserves to be tipped, owing to the fact that most of them survive largely on the cumulus of tips they receive from customers.

However, this consideration can only be made on grounds that the pizza delivery driver has offered a remarkable service, at least to your minimum satisfaction.

Literally, a tip is an appreciation “note” (or notes). It largely depends on your contentment with the service. Therefore, a rude pizza delivery man shouldn't expect a tip.

Because, why would you tip him? For getting on your nerves? Definitely not!


Any Rules to Follow When Tipping?

There's actually no standard rule of thumb about tipping or scale to use in calculating the amount of money to give out in tips.

Aside from the general amount suggest above, to give as tip for a pizza delivery, the amount you give should largely depend on your contentment and generosity.


What's the Highest You Should Give as a Tip to a Pizza Delivery Driver?

Feel free to tip your delivery driver as much as your heart feels, as long as it's generous and considerate. Definitely the delivery driver would be more than glad to receive a generous tip from you. That largely depends on you and probably your financial standing at that time.

There's a number of scenarios where delivery drivers have received as much as $1000 and even more in tips from clients. There's actually no upper limit to the amount you can give, after all giving largely comes from the heart.


What a Tip is Not.

It actually happens that some people consider small talk, a crisp high-five, or a big “thank you” grin to be forms of tipping.

Hilarious! Please note that these are not tips. At least not for most delivery drivers. The best tip is a considerate and/or generous monetary token of appreciation that the driver will use to cover the expenses incurred in delivering you your favourite pizza and possibly by accumulating money from tips earn a living since the pay from most pizza outlet companies is insufficient.

A point to note here is the fact that it is important for pizza companies to adequately pay the delivery drivers so as not to shift the monetary compensation burden to the customer.

A tip is not a responsibility on the side of the client, to the end that not tipping is considered a huge offense. It is not transferred responsibility.

There's no legal understanding in the interaction between the company and the client highlighting that, and neither should it be implied.


The Ambiguity of Mood

Is mood a factor to consider when tipping? Well, mood is something tricky. What if on a terrible day is when you decide to have some pizza?

The pizza man then is at risk of not receiving anything. Kidding. But what if it's a beautiful day? Mood is something ambiguous.

And owing to the difficulties most delivery drivers go through, the struggle to make ends meet amidst insufficient pay from most companies, the operational costs and other irregularities, it is crucial that a delivery driver be tipped, and adequately.


When to Consider Giving a larger Tip.

There are particular aspects, in addition to when you make a bulky order, when you should consider giving a larger tip. These are:

  • If you live relatively far from the pizza hut: Most pizza delivery men receive a fixed pay per hour from the company for a set minimum number of deliveries. Therefore, time is such a scarce resource for them. If delivering your order takes many minutes, there's a reduction in the number of other orders a delivery drivers can take up in the hour. That's why most pizza delivery drivers take up orders and make delivers for people closest to them. You could consider compensating him for the opportunity cost of making a delivery that takes a long time.


  • If you order late at night. Night deliveries are typically not as easy as those made during day for reasons such as the driver's safety and sometimes difficulty for the driver to locate the home in the dark. During the late hours night, the driver is at risk of meeting thugs along the way, or facing any other uncertainty.


  • If the delivery location is hard to reach, or if you give unclear directions and you also realise that the difficulty the delivery driver faced in locating you was a deficiency on your part, tip them more to compensate for the gas, time and energy wasted.


  • If the delivery driver spends a long time waiting for you outside under unfriendly weather. A tip in this case is an embodiment of being considerate and compensates for the agony of waiting in the rain, for example.


  • In times of a pandemic or epidemic, it is crucial to tip pizza delivery drivers more since delivery entails risking their health and could sometimes be a legal risk, depending on the prevailing legislation in the country.


What if You Don't Tip the Delivery Driver?

The frustration of not being tipped or receiving an insufficient tip can be intense, on the side of a delivery driver. For instance, videos of frustrated delivery drivers have circulated all over social media over the past ten years.

In one, a Domino's driver punches on a stack of Domino's pizza boxes in a store as he wails “Five minutes out there in the rain, and no tip! No tip?” In another, a delivery lady takes back the order after receiving ‘just' $8 as tip. These and more scenarios could appear as extreme entitlement on the side of the delivery personnel.

A supportive argument would be that considering the challenges they encounter in the delivery process, not tipping them adequately is such immense harm to them.


The Parameters of Tipping

Contrastingly, the fact is and should be noted that a tip is not an entitlement to the delivery driver. Tipping is not a mandatory requirement on the client's side.

A delivery driver is not supposed to take back the order on grounds that you have not tipped them or tipped adequately. Fundamentally, a tip is a token of appreciation and/or considerate compensation given by a satisfied customer to the service provider, in this context, a pizza delivery personnel.

These are the parameters of tipping. The whole question of tipping is rooted strongly in values of integrity, humanity, appreciation and consideration.


The ‘Delivery Fee' Perplexity

A common misconception is that delivery fee is a tip. Delivery fee is not a tip. Money charged for delivery goes to the company in the department of delivery service to cover costs like maintenance of an ordering and delivery app, or anything else as the company sees fit.

Actually, a study exploring the correlation between tips and delivery fees revealed that on 70 percent of orders with a tagged delivery fee, the driver did not receive a tip.

A delivery fee is just another way of earning revenue for most pizza companies.

Many pizza companies are incorporating third party delivery services in their operations with some doing it on a selfish basis, to reduce on the number of in-store orders while shifting the work to third party delivery drivers, who are therein severely exploited.

This  enables the company to offset the costs of serving customers from the pizza outlet itself.

Domino's Pizza in many cases explicitly puts stickers on pizza reading “The Delivery Charge is not a tip paid to your driver, Please tip your driver for their awesome service.’