How Pit Bulls and Parolees’ Kanani is doing after his accident

How Pit Bulls and Parolees’ Kanani is doing after his accident

Kanani Chock has now fully recovered from his serious motorcycle accident, which was featured in Pit Bulls and Parolees, and has returned to his regular life.

If you are a longtime Pit Bulls and Parolees fan, chances are – you are just as invested in the lives of Tia Torres (the driving force behind the Villalobos Rescue Center) and her family, as you are in the lives of the parolees and the dogs which they work so tirelessly to rescue, train and re-home.

And now that the show has officially been cancelled, you may still be wondering about how Kanani Chock, Tia’s adopted son, is doing after his near-fatal motorcycle accident.

This accident, and Kanani’s subsequent stint in the critical-care section of the hospital was shown only briefly in the fourth episode of the sixteenth season.

But it has remained a traumatizing even in the show’s history which has lived on in the minds of Pit Bulls and Parolees fans and his family all these years later.

Kanani’s recovery

Fortunately, the rumors about Kanani dying in the hospital which have been floating around the internet for the past couple of years, are simply not true. And while it was certainly touch and go for a while, Kanani seemingly made a full recovery.

It has now been almost three years since this horrific accident happened, and Kanani has not only returned to his normal life as if nothing ever happened, but he also still loves riding around on his motorcycles, ATVs and sports cars.

And while Kanani has not gotten his own series or podcast on Tia’s Rabid Reality platform just yet, there is still a chance that we may get some sort of stunt-based dog trick show or a different type of adrenaline junkie-type show from Kanani and his twin brother, Keli’i Chock, in the future, as this platform expands and grows.

Kanani in a nutshell

Although Kanani has not been featured on Pit Bulls and Parolees as prominently as some of the other family members who have been on the show since the beginning, he has been cemented as a series fan-favorite, nonetheless.

Kanani has made an appearance in over 40 episodes throughout the course of the show.

Kanani’s run on Pit Bulls and Parolees can be outlined as follows:

Date Event
2009 Pit Bulls and Parolees first premieres on Animal Planet
2011 Kanani officially joins the Pit Bulls and Parolees cast alongside his twin brother, Keli’i Chock
2020 Kanani has his accident and is forced to take a step back from the show
2022 Tia announces that Pit Bulls and Parolees has officially been canceled

An update on Kanani’s personal life

Longtime Pit Bulls and Parolees fans may know that Kanani has been married to his wife, Mariah Chock (who the family also lovingly refers to as ‘M2’) for just over five years.

But what you may not know is that this sweet couple welcomed their second child into the world just months after Kanani’s near-fatal accident.

And Kanani and his entire family seem to share Tia’s passion for animal welfare, as both M2 and Kanani still list the Villalobos Rescue Center as their current place of employment on their social media pages. But, of course, Kanani is still pursuing his passion for stunt racing in his free time.

Kanani has a knack for evading near-death situations

Should it be considered good luck or bad luck when you survive multiple life-threatening incidents? Either way, Kanani seems to have the knack for avoiding death down to an art.

Not only did this young daredevil emerge from his serious 2020 motorcycle accident relatively unscathed, but he also survived a fire which broke out in his home a few years prior.

And from the few photos that Kanani posted on his Instagram page in March 2021, he seems to have had yet another close call (this time with a tree) on his motorcycle, and turned out just fine in the end.

It seems like Kanani has now upgraded to even faster transport

Although Kanani is seemingly still working on his off-road motorcycle skills after, he has not let his accidents slow him down at all. In fact, he has now graduated to an even faster form of transport, and is working on getting his pilot certification.

According to Kanani’s Instagram post from April 22, 2023, he only has about 39 more sessions to go until he is free to take to the open skies.

Fortunately for Kanani, there are no trees floating around in the sky, and one just cannot help but dream about what Villalobos Rescue Center may be able to accomplish if they could  jet around the entire country.