How Poe Dameron’s “I Know” Changed Rey’s Character Forever in The Last Jedi

In Empire Strike's Back, Leia told Han she loved him and he replied, “I know”.

That line has become the stuff of legend, especially so when Leia got to say the quote back to Han in Return of the Jedi.

The Last Jedi script writer and director saw fit to re-use Harrison Ford's immortal line in a new context, being when Rey first meets Poe Dameron.

Recall the plot events of The Force Awakens.

Rey never actually meets Poe Dameron face to face.

In a quick turn around at the end of the movie, she flies off with Chewbacca and R2 to find Luke and bring him back to sort out that ‘Snoke taking over the world' business. Finn and Poe get to continue their bromance but that's it.

So, in the last spoken scene of The Last Jedi, Poe and Rey finally meet after what has been a long week or three for each other.

Rey (and Chewie flying the Falcon) has just rescued Poe and the remaining Resistance Rebels from the cave on Crait and they are now safely on the Millennium Falcon. Did you know the First Order really hate that ship?

Here's the conversation:

Poe: Hi, I'm Poe.
Rey: I'm Rey.
Poe: I know.

I have to admit, on first viewing of TLJ, I did not pick up on the call back to the classic Han Solo line he said to Leia before he was frozen in carbonite. Before Han Solo said it to Ben in The Rise of Skywalker, this was the fourth time it was said in a Star Wars film.

It's a nice moment, but what does it really mean?

Prior to this conversation, the events of the movie have settled that anybody can become a legend.

Luke saw his fate or destiny and accepted it and became one.

Rey on the other  hand is bluntly told by Kylo Ren that her parents were drunks who sold her and she indeed admitted that her parents were ‘nobody'.

So who is Rey then?

When Poe acknowledges that he already knows who she is, he is saying she is not nobody, she is Rey.

He knows her.

Rey will never be a nobody.

She is somebody.

She is legend.

She is Rey.

The Rise of Sywalker turns this moment on its head somewhat. We now know that Rey is The Chosen One, she was the one who finally killed Palpatine, ending the Sith line once and for all.

We also of course know, her heritage is that she is Palpatine's grandaughter.

Rey is thus not no body, she is by genetic lineage, the granddaughter of Palpatine but with a twist.

She has rejected that linage and taken on the mantle of the Skywalker family.

She is somebody.

She is inspiration and legend.

She is Rey Skywalker.


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