How Rideshare Drivers Can Earn Better Tips

One of the most promising side-gigs for many people is driving for a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft. People like working as rideshare drivers because they can choose their hours, make solid wages, and earn tips. If you’re looking for ideas on boosting your income, explore our guide on how rideshare drivers can earn better tips.

Craft an Inviting Atmosphere

It’s crucial that when your riders get into your vehicle, they feel they’re entering a comfortable and inviting space. If you want your riders to feel relaxed, you’ll need to ensure that your car is clean and odor-free every time.

Make sure that the riders have enough room in the backseat and that the temperature in the car is suitable. If you’re playing music, ask them if they have any preferences. All these little things add up to an enjoyable ride experience for the rider so that they’re more likely to reward you with a generous tip.

Offer Free Perks

We’ve probably all been in an Uber or Lyft that offered free snacks, water, or other perks. They’re popular because they work! Riders who walk away with something free are much more likely to reward the driver with a bonus tip, even if the perk was something that cost the drivers next to nothing.

If you’ve got an extra phone charger at home, put it to use as a guest charger for riders. It can be a lifesaver for many riders, and they’ll be grateful when it comes time to rate and review their ride experience.

Use Your Knowledge and Experience

As a rideshare driver, you know the city you work in better than practically anyone, so put that knowledge to use for the rider. If you think you know a faster route to their destination, let the rider know and ask them if it’s okay to adjust. Riders will always appreciate getting there early!

Many riders ask their drivers for recommendations, so keep some places in mind that you think they’ll enjoy, from restaurants to hotels or just things to do in the city. Knowing where the nearest public bathroom is can be crucial for some riders!

Be Respectful

There’s nothing wrong with talking with your riders, and many will enjoy the conversation, as it makes the ride go faster. But one of the most common complaints from Uber riders is their driver being too talkative or inappropriate.

Respect their privacy if your rider is listening to headphones or seems distracted. Not everyone wants to talk, and when you speak with them, be sure to be professional and courteous.

Those are just a few of the ways rideshare drivers can earn better tips. Which strategies will you adopt, or what advice would you offer to other drivers? Let us know!