How Tall Are The Ninja Turtles?

The teenage mutant teenage turtles are humanoid turtles that include a set of brothers trained in ninjutsu (a martial art strategy of military tactics allegedly practiced by a ninja) to fight evil in New York city that they reside in.

Their wise and mature sensei and adoptive father is a rat, formerly human, named Hamato Yoshi who goes popularly by his nickname Splinter.

 The mutation takes place when the baby turtles are exposed to radioactive sludge that converts them to humanoids, when Yoshi was spying on the Kraang.

The kraang are the antagonists and supervillains of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characterized by their alien forms and origin from another dimension sent to take over earth and run away from their most feared enemy, Triceraton.

The radioactive sludge was supposed to mutate humans to another form that would ease their taking over of planet Earth but did not work the same way they expected because the physical laws on earth were not the same as from their dimension.

It is that same day and time that Yoshi is also transformed to a rat since he comes in contact with one while trying to run away from the Kraang that had spotted him eavesdropping.

The turtles become humanoid since they had been in contact with a human, Yoshi.

Usually turtles are small and let alone the fact that Splinter was carrying them on him. The transformation however made them gain intelligence as well as grow in size.

We also see them interacting with humans like April and seem to be around the same height, sometimes bigger as they tend to grow in each ninja turtles series that has come out in the past years.

Well, how tall are the ninja turtles after the transformation?

Let’s find out, shall we?


How Tall Are The Ninja Turtles?

a) Leonardo

Height: 5 foot 5 inches tall

Signature Weapons: Katana swords (a Japanese sword that has a single edged blade that is slightly curved, and a long handle to give space to both hands)

Leonardo, just like the other three mutant ninja turtles, is named after a famous artist. He is named after Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

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Alongside Raphael, Leonardo also known as Leo, is the main protagonist and wears a blue bandana. His appearance is notable because of the scar that runs from the right side of his forehead, down to his right cheek.

He is the oldest of the 4 turtles considered to be the big brother as he is the most mature, responsible and eats, breathes and lives ninjutsu  making him Splinter's favorite.

He is very cautious, rarely jokes and extremely serious which makes him always irritated and annoyed by the other brothers especially Michelangelo since he is the most mischievous.

At first, he would find himself in arguments with Michelangelo and Raphael over the fact that they never get to be part of the world.

Leonardo, just like their father, would remind them that the world would never accept them the way they were and had to be fully trained to defend themselves and others.

His sensibility, hard work and responsibility earned him the leader position that Raphael does not think it okay.

In most of teenage mutant ninja turtle films, Leonardo is the oldest of the 4 ninja turtles and the most dependable therefore feeling like he cannot be weak at any point or fail as a leader.


b) Raphael

Height: 6 feet tall

Signature weapons: two sais (a traditional Okinawan stabbing weapon that has a sharp metal prong that has two short side prongs projecting from the handle as the main prong)

Raphael is named after the famous Italian artist, Raphael, Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino.


He is one of he main protagonist alongside Leonardo and a co-protagonist in the 2016 film.

He wears a red bandana that is the only bandana to resemble a durag.

He is the biggest physically and is the “fight first, ask questions later” kind owing it to his aggressive nature.

He portrays a fearless attitude and always the first to throw the first punch which makes him impulsive, reckless in behavior, quite a rebel and strong minded.

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He was the first to question the fact that they had to be hidden and thought they deserved recognition by the world due to the work they did of saving their city, New York.

Despite being cranky all the time, questioning Leonardo’s leadership, despising to be ordered around and having a very short temper, he loves his brothers so much that he undertook a dangerous one man mission to save his kidnapped brothers.


c) Donatello

Height: 5 foot 3 inches tall

Signature tool: Bo staff (Okinawan martial arts staff weapon made with unfinished flexible wood although it can be tampered with to have metallic sides or have a thicker central)

Popularly known as Donnie or Don, Donatello was named after the Italian artist Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi and is the brains of the ninja turtles group.

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He is the smartest one when it comes to technical stuff and literally anything like providing really good weapons that are specific to a mission, vehicles, finding a location of an item in question, a person, a building and is able to hack in any system.

Donatello wears a purple bandana, and on him, carries a Bo staff at all times and uses his high tech weapons which come as a big asset to his brothers.

He is the prefect definition of brawn and brains all in one person.

Most of the times, Donatello will be found speaking in technical language as he is always figuring things out of which, he always does.

He invents high tech equipment, fixes both technical and mechanical things since he is also an engineer. He is the scientist in their lab and technology or questions about anything technical, do not fail him.

His IQ is at a genius level, has OCD, is easily anxious and does not socialize much since he is lacking in social skills.

What he enjoys doing the most, when he is not training or out saving the world with his brothers, is memorizing computer code.

He wears turtle shell glasses and a retainer.


d) Michelangelo

Height: 4 foot 7 inches tall

Signature weapons: nun chunks (a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon connected to other on the one end for each, by a metal chain or a rope that allows movement)

Michelangelo, commonly known as Mikey, is usually the youngest of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. He is named after the Italian painter, sculptor, architect and poet, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.

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He wears a bandana that is orange in color and for the rest of the films, it is quite evident that orange is his favorite color.

Mikey is youngest in the ninja turtles group as is the smallest in size and height.

Although in the nickelodeon version, he seems pudgier, probably from all the pizza eating and too much laying around.

He is also the most free-spirited ninja turtle who is always cracking jokes and fooling around. This makes him very social but from these social interactions, he depicts a low level of maturity.

In the films, his obsession with pizza is portrayed a lot. Apart from loving pizza so much, he also loves reading comics and skating where we see him carrying around a rocket skateboard everywhere pulling really crazy stunts with it and is really good at it.

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He is the only turtle ninja who is left handed since we get to see all the other ninja turtles being right handed, the only turtle who does not curse and the only who prefers too much fun over training even though he is shown and said to have so much potential.

It is important to note that the mutant ninja turtles' sizes have changed over the years since there have been different adaptations.

They keep growing in size each time a new adaptation is made. They might eventually end up looking ginormous like in the latest film The Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

The heights used in this film solely, are 6 foot 2 inches tall for Leonardo,  6 foot 5 inches for Raphael, 6 foot 1 inch for Michelangelo, and 6 foot 8 inches for Donatello.

In this adaptation, Donatello, the brainy one, is also the bigger one but Michelangelo remains the smallest.

In the same adaptation, their origin story is a little bit different where the ninja turtles had been lab experiments for years in the scientific research laboratory of Eric Saks who regularly injected them with mutagen hence the mutation.

The mutagen was the cause of their unnatural strength and intelligence. April O'neil, wanted by the kraang in all adaptations for her unusual powers, is the one who saved the ninja turtles and Splinter from the laboratory and they started growing physically and mentally really fast, imitating a man's functioning and intelligence.

The most popular incarnation that has been watched has the heights mentioned earlier where Raphael is the tallest at 6 feet.