How to access HBO content through Amazon Prime

How to access HBO content through Amazon Prime

You can still add the newly-renamed Max streaming service to your Prime Video Channels if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Prime memberships include many additional perks related to shipping, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Gaming and more.

Amazon Prime members can even add their Max (formerly HBO Max) subscriptions to their Amazon Prime account, through the Prime Video Channels.

The Amazon Prime membership perks

Amazon Prime first launched in 2005, and even though different kinds of internet memberships and subscriptions were still fairly new inventions back then, the service has continued to grow over the years.

Currently, the total number of Amazon Prime members across the globe now exceeds 200 million.

Amazon Prime’s main draw, much like all of the other memberships on the internet, are the added benefits and perks which members can take advantage of.

This includes things like express shipping, exclusive early access to Amazon sales, access to free movies and television shows through Amazon prime Video, access to various Amazon Prime Gaming perks, like special loot and free games, and much, much more.

How to access HBO content through Amazon Prime

Arguably one of the biggest perks that come with an Amazon Prime membership is the free access to the Amazon Prime Video platform.

Here, members get access to a select number of “Included” titles from the Amazon Prime Video library, completely for free, and this on top of all the other paid titles which are available on the platform.

But the perks do not end there. Amazon Prime members, who are subscribed to a number of different streaming services, can easily add these subscriptions to their monthly Amazon Prime Bills with Prime Video Channels.

This allows you to access, watch and manage all of your premium subscriptions, or as Amazon calls them, “Channels”, all in one place, via the Amazon Prime platform.

One of the Prime Video Channels, which has always been a fan-favorite, is the HBO Max channel.

Fortunately, though there was a brief period in 2020 where Amazon and HBO’s former owners AT&T just could not agree on a deal to keep the streaming service on the Amazon Prime perks list, the newly-renamed “Max” is still available on the platform currently.

In fact, if you have been interested in adding Max to your Prime Video Channels list, now may be just the right time to try it, as Amazon is offering prospective subscribers a seven-day free trial.

Once this free trial expires, your monthly cost for the Max channel will be $15.99, the same as Max’s second-tier, Ad-Free plan.

The complicated history between Amazon and HBO Max

Amazon and the HBO Max streaming service have had a somewhat complicated history.

When WarnerMedia first launched HBO Max as a standalone streaming service in 2020, the HBO channels were promptly removed from both Prime Video Channels and Apple TV.

This resulted in a confusing period during which Amazon Prime members could still access the HBO Now service and later even the HBO Max app, but could not pay for their subscriptions through Amazon.

Eventually, everything was restored back to normal in 2022.

How to add the Max channel to your Prime Video Channels

Prime Video Channels is meant to make your streaming experience as convenient as possible and adding the Max channel only involves the following few steps:

  • Step 1: Log into your Prime Video account via the website
  • Step 2: Select the “Channels” tab in the navigation bar at the top of the screen
  • Step 3: Select Max from the list of available channels
  • Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your subscription and to add Max to your Amazon Prime account

When you have completed these steps, you will be able to access the Max content straight from the Amazon Prime app, without the need for any additional apps or steps.

What is included in the Max Prime Video Channel?

The old HBO Max service has now officially been renamed to “Max” in the midst of the complicated Warner Bros. Discovery merger.

Fortunately, the new Max streaming service, and its hours’ and hours’ worth of television shows and movies are still available on the Prime Video Channels even after this big change.

This upgraded Max streaming service houses all the old HBO Max content that longtime subscribers will recognize and a few new additions, which were formerly exclusively on Discovery+.

Some of the most notable titles which can be found on Max include The Last of Us, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, 90 Day Fiancé, House of the Dragon, The Notebook, Parasite, Avatar: The Way of Water and many, many more.