From Gloom to Bloom: How to Perk Up Your Mood on Tough Days

Mental health is as important as physical health. Although the conversation surrounding mental health is more accepted today, some individuals still consider the idea taboo. Redditors explained what they did to make themselves feel better during rough mental health periods. 

1. Get Outside

Sunshine and sunlight can increase your mood and boost your energy. Sometimes you don't have the energy to do anything but go outside, but taking yourself out now and again can reintroduce you to nature, and giving you some fresh air helps your brain. 

2. Stop Shaming Yourself 

Everyone faces rough periods in their lives. It is a part of the human condition. It is important to remember that you are not alone and you are not a bad person for feeling this way. You should not feel guilty for experiencing lows. 

3. Exercise

Exercising is a great mood booster. When you're experiencing arduous periods in your life, exercising can provide you with a much-needed break from reality. You can give yourself an hour or so a day to relax and unwind. Maybe it will help you clear your mind and see things clearer.

4. Motorcycle

Some people on Reddit claimed they bought a motorcycle and learning to ride it served as a form of mindfulness and meditation. 

5. Get a Cat

With their cuddly yet sassy attitudes, cats can help you handle your emotions. Taking care of an animal provides you with something you have to do. Setting out food and water and caring for the pet makes it much more difficult to ignore than when you take care of yourself. I think this is an excellent method. Of course, any animal applies.

6. Cut Out Social Media 

Social media is toxic. With our compare-and-contrast culture, social media is not an excellent outlet to peruse when dealing with any issue. Also, social media highlights the good times in one's life; it is curated to only focus on the best events happening in someone's life, never the bad. Taking a break (or cessation) from social media is beneficial at any point. 

7. Weekend Retreat

Treat yourself! Book a reservation at that spay you've been eyeing, take a weekend seminar about mindfulness, or do anything where you can set your regular daily activities aside and focus only on your mental health and happiness. 

8. Make the Bed Every Day

When you give yourself a task, it becomes a habit. One user shared that making their bed every day gave them something to do that didn't require much effort, but once they finished making the bed every day, they felt better and ready to start their day. 

9. See a Therapist

Mental health professionals provide guidance and assistance to those dealing with difficult times and anyone who wants to talk. Of course, seeking professional help is not always available to everyone, but there are some hotlines and resources to contact if you cannot seek service. 

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can text 741741 or call NAMI at 800-950-6264.

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