How To Catch Up On Bills When You Are Behind and Never Miss Any Bill

Let me show you here how to catch up on bills even if you are behind

Are you behind on bills? I know it is an unpleasant feeling

I confess to you I missed paying my credit cards on time before

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This happened once or maybe twice

It is very intimidating especially I had enough money to pay it

How to get caught up on bills and not hurt my credit score again

I realized I was missing a bill tracking sheet

Also I made a promise to review my bills and setup twice a month a paying session

I plan to always pay all my bills if I have enough money to cover them

Sometimes if you have a bill to pay with due date to come later

Mark it on the bill tracking sheet and pay it after you get paid

how to catch up on bills
paying bills on time.

Anyway, below I will share with you my experience on how to catch up on bills

1) Create a budget if not having one

In order to know how to catch up on bills

You should learn how to create a budget in the first place

Why is that?

Because creating a family budget allocate some money to all bills on your budget

So step one you realize how much you pay for all your bills

2) Make a list of all your bills

If you really want to know how to catch up on bills

Let me tell you the following

There is nothing better than listing them on a sheet of paper

Also marking them on your monthly calendar

That's why I came with these control your bills and bills on calendar PDF

how to catch up on bills by using the control your bills PDF file
pdf file to help you catch up on your bills
tracking your bills on your monthly calendar
tracking your bills on your monthly calendar

I have the above two PDF files under the Ultimate Budget Binder

Visit my ultimate budget binder product page

Also I have many free PDF files for you to download on my products page

3) Prioritize your bills

Once you list all of your bills, you can do so many sortings like

You can sort them according to flexible and non flexible bills

Flexible bills are those bills you can pay late without incurring high interest rate or late fees

Example of flexible bills are a debt to a relative or friend where you can state the fact of delaying your payment

Other example are cable subscription or IPTV and GYM membership where you can pay it later and get back the service

4) Negotiate your bills

It would be hard to cancel some bills like the internet but you can negotiate it

In US, try using AskTrim, BillSmart, BillCutterz, BillFixers and Bill Shark

While in Canada, you can use Bill Busters

These companies will negotiate the bills for you and bring a better deal

5) Build an emergency fund

One of the top things on how to catch up on bills and not hinder paying your bills on time is to build an emergency fund

You don't want to face a sudden emergency and use all your money to cover your emergency

Then you figure out you are not able to pay your bills

6) Increase your income

Another solution to avoid missing your bills is to increase your income but how?

Well I discussed in many posts how to increase your income

You can read how to make an extra 1000 a month from home doing easy side hustles

And how to make 500 dollars fast cash free today within a week

Also how to make 300 dollars fast online or offline

7) Cut your expenses

There are 3 types of cutting expenses

First type is to cut completely or partially on discretionary items like your morning coffee

I found myself buying a cup of coffee from Starbucks on a daily basis

So I decided to keep it for once or twice a week

Second type is to cut unnecessary expenses

Actually most of them are useless bills like magazine subscription

Or home phone where you can replace it with VOIP – voice over IP phone

Third type is to lower some expenses you cannot cut completely like gas or grocery

For this type, I recommend to read how to save money on groceries with 38 smart ideas

And cheapest foods to buy at grocery store – best food to buy on a budget

8) Pay off your debt

It feels great when you finish paying off all your debt

Having debt to pay like credit cards and student loans, this would compete with your bills that are due

That's why you have to act smart to pay off your debt without impacting your unpaid bills

I have this post to read about how to pay off debt fast using these 26 simple hacks

It is highly recommended to use the snowball method

Which dictates paying the minimum for all debts and add more to the first small debt

Once you finish your first debt, use its amount plus the minimum you used to pay for the second debt

Doing that will encourage you to continue tackling your debt like the snowball effect

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