PARTY DOWN! How to Road Trip for Under $100

Road Trip Under $100

As the end of summer nears, I'm yearning for one last little trip to visit friends or family or maybe even go camping with friends and family.  (And I was seriously inspired by Anna's sweet babymoon adventures).  Here's an imaginary road trip I would love….

The best road trips are un-rushed, and full of pit stops in amazing spots.  This cute camera to capture scenic views is only $30!  I like to work a cool pair of sunnies into everything, but these are a definite must while on the road for long hours.  Keep it breezy by wearing super-soft shorts with a comfy waistband.  Grab some peanut butter sandwiches or trail mix-y snacks from home to avoid the gross, overpriced gas station food.  And have your playlists ready!  I've been loving Amy Moore's recent picks (Summer/Tropic) lately.  The rest of your money will actually get you somewhere!

(P.S.  Don't have a place to stay at the other end of your journey?  Check out Couchsurfing.)


How do you guys save money on the road or just whenever you're traveling? We'd love to hear your tips!


Lauren Johnson is a filmmaker/producer living in West Hollywood who enjoys a great foreign thriller, leisure beers, and non-primary colors.  Lauren also writes the blog LOCONCEPTS.

P.S. I LOVE Airbnb because it lets me feel like a local while also helping me save money on food costs (since I can use the kitchen!) CLICK HERE to get $55 for you to use on your 1st trip!