How to Easily Save Money on Kids’ Activities

Keeping kids busy can add up quick! Here are easy ways to save BIG with the kiddos!

How to Easily Save Money on Kids' Activities

It's not always easy to keep your kids involved in an activity. The financial strain might cause you to draw back from potentially enriching situations. It's important for kids to be involved and stimulated. Youth activities play an important role in physical, cognitive, and social development. So, when it comes to giving the best to your kid, the cost of participation in activities and events is a hurdle worth taking on. Luckily, kids' activities are one area where it is fairly easy to save money and still participate.

Here are a few of the simplest examples of how you can save money on kids' activities:

  1. Scour the local news for free events
  2. Find family-focused incentives
  3. Get season or annual passes or memberships
  4. Group rates
  5. Apply for scholarships
  6. DIY crafts

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Scour Local News for Free Events

Junk mail is a good place to start when looking for some free or inexpensive activities for your kids. Local periodicals like college course catalogs and community center news will have information on what is available in your area. Much of it is low or no cost to you. Also, you should sign up for local newsletters. Join local Facebook groups and read the message boards for any info you can find on what sort of activities are free in your area. Libraries, community centers, and churches are often a reliable source for free kids' activities.

Find Family-Focused Incentives

Kids’ activities are often incentivized. You can leverage your shopping budget by finding opportunities that support free or discounted activities for kids. Look for promotions that include coupons for kids' activities. Some products or services include free kids' activities as a feature. For a very basic example: kids' food products usually have activities, or suggested free activities on the packaging, or the website. Businesses also promote free kids activities on certain days of the week to bring you into their stores.

Season and Annual Passes or Memberships

If you enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, consider a pass or a membership. You can save money on multiple experiences. Whether it's participating in classes or frequent visits to the children's museum, you can reduce the amount you spend on kids' activities, by increasing the frequency of activities. Some websites offer discounted rates on local activities, from Groupon to kid-specific sites like Pearachute. You can also join a non-profit organization or a group that actively fundraises in turn for a lower membership fee.

Group Rates

Another type of promotion that can easily save you money on kids' activities is a group rate. Instead of buying several experiences at once in the form of a single pass or membership, buy a portion of activity at a discounted rate by going as a group. Many places you can take your kids to offer some sort of group rate. You can organize your own group, or have your kids join one that already exists by using community message boards and social media groups.

Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarships, grants, and free trials are all great ways to get your kids involved in an activity without having to fork out a bundle. Free trials let you experience service for about a month without needing to pay, but you can also apply for government grants for private activities and classes. Scholarships are also available in the case of certain eligible activities. is a website that provides help for those in need of financial assistance for kids' activities.

DIY Crafts

The most reliable way to save money on kids' activities is to DIY some crafts and games. has an excellent list of inexpensive DIY craft ideas you can try right now. You can inexpensively create activities and crafts for your kids, starting with free printables and games. Craft and art stores may be expensive, but they will often provide substantial coupons or a rewards program to help offset the cost.

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