How to Find Someone’s Instagram

Are you wondering how to find someone’s Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most used social media platform and has been for a long time now, driving traffic to itself from all kinds of people and all ages.

Almost every person is logged in on Instagram for both entertainment and business such as influencing business.

If you want to reconnect with a lost childhood friend, verify someone's identity, find information about someone or keep up with some personality, Instagram is the best place to start with.

It has over 2 billion people that are active on it and over 500 million who are active on the daily.

With these statistics, it is quite difficult to find someone on Instagram with no information. With a little bit of information or data on that person however, it can be easy to find them on Instagram.

First off, not everyone uses their actual name on Instagram and second, even when they do, there are thousands of other people with the same name.

The trickiest part of it is the fake accounts created by other people to impersonate that specific someone you are looking for.

Sometimes that someone might have created a bunch of accounts on Instagram too and you have a problem knowing which one is the real one or the active one.

If you have the right tools and tricks however, it becomes really easy to find someone on Instagram in a matter of seconds.

There are more ways than one of finding the right person on Instagram without too much hustle. In other methods especially with minimal information, you will have to hustle a bit to get results.


How to Find Someone's Instagram

1. Search by Typing Their Username

Searching for someone by keying in their Instagram username is by far the easiest, fastest and most popular method of finding someone's Instagram.

It is also the most obvious but not the most effective if you are not conversant with their Instagram username.

If you are however aware of their username, there is a search bar feature on Instagram that looks like a magnifying glass.

Once you click it, you have another slot to fill that is filtered by:

  • Top – a filter for a search results that are ranked by popularity or engagement on Instagram.
  • Accounts – the filter will give you results accounts or people with the specific username filled in the search box.
  • Tags – searches for a post by using the hashtags provided or under the post.
  • Places – this search filter will provide accounts only close to your location.

Once you have typed in the username on the search box, similar usernames will appear even before you finish typing and if the search list is long, just scroll down as you try to identify the account of interest.

If the account of interest is public, you will have access to their photos and a little bit of information but if it is private, you will have to request them for a follow to access their information.

How fast you access their information after the follow request, depends on how fast they accept your request.

You can also check out this awesome guide on how to delete instagram sub accounts.


2. Search by Typing their Real Name

This one may be difficult on the basis that there are like a thousand other similar names. The method mentioned above involves only usernames where people use nicknames or some other names that are not their real names, unique to others.

That aspect of it filters out at least a few possibilities while using a real name has its flaw of commonness.

It goes without saying though, that it is a method you have try first. If I was trying to reconnect with someone I haven’t connected with in a really long time, I would use this method first, given that I know both names.



So if you are taking this route, you have to type in at least two of their names, the first name and the last name or the first name and the surname.

It is basically the same process of typing in the name on the search box and looking for person of interest out of the results that pop up.

If you confirm the names that pop up and yet fail at this one, you can always move on to the next method.


3. Search by Phone Number

Search by phone number is yet another way of finding someone's Instagram which is also effective when you are not conversant with the person's username and cannot find their account using their real name.

This method is also limited in that the person must have set up their Instagram account by the use of a phone number and not like the usual, an email.

You also need to at least be conversant with their phone number, else it is not going to work.

Therefore, before you proceed, make sure you have added the contact in question to your contact list. With your Instagram account open, go to your profile page.

At the top right, are three horizontal lines where you are supposed to click to open a list of options. In that list, look for the option, discover people.

 The Instagram handles that appear on the suggested for you, is a list of accounts that are from your contacts.

Before this happens, you may be prompted with an instruction to let Instagram sync with your contacts if you never did that when signing in on Instagram the first time.

Instagram will only bring up accounts that are available that are linked to your contacts so if one does not pop up, then maybe the contact does not have an Instagram account or it was created using an email which makes search by using a username more dependable than this method.

It also does not bring up all of them all at once. The more you use Instagram, the more it suggests new accounts linked to your contact list, those who have mutual friends on Instagram with you, those new to Instagram (it will be indicated), or are friends with you on Facebook (which is the next technique in line).


4. Search by the Syncing of Facebook Friends

If by any means at all, you are friends on Facebook, then this is the perfect way to find someone's account on Instagram without them knowing.

Most of the times, they will have the username on both platforms (Instagram and Facebook) or almost similar especially if both accounts are linked.

If you have tried the same Facebook username on Instagram and it has failed, follow keenly the following steps since the Facebook account is linked to Instagram account following the merging of the two companies.

This is best for those who are new on Instagram and are trying to find their Facebook friends on Instagram to befriend or follow them.

On the same right corner of your profile page, clicking it will bring about a drop up box menu that has discover people. Click on the discover and on the top page, you will see connect to Facebook.

Once you tap the option, you will be logged in your Facebook account.

The connection is created so you go back to your Instagram page and follow the same instructions.

Once you click discover people, the accounts that appear are your friends from Facebook.

Look through the suggested list of accounts to find the account in question.


5. Search by location

Just as mentioned earlier, the search box has filters with 4 titles; top, accounts, hashtags and places.

So once you are logged in your Instagram account, head to the search box and click the places search filter. People use it to find someone who is in the same location as them.

But if this person is not, type the name of the city or town he or she lives in on the search bar with places selected.

A page of posts taken in that same location will appear and as you guessed it, a lot of posts will appear from that search filter.

There is however another filter that minimizes the search circle which filter: by popularity or by date of publication.

If the person is quite popular, then use the first filter and if not, then the second works as well.

Looking for someone this way will most definitely take some time because you have to scroll while looking for their face in the posts, that is, assuming you know what the person looks like.

The flaw in this technique is that it is totally self-reliant on the said user pining a location to their posts.

If they do not, then you have no luck here unless you dig deeper or move on to the next method.


6. Search by Hashtags

Instagram was the first social media platform ever to introduce the concept of hashtags so you will find that this technique of finding someone's Instagram is a bit reliable.

It helps greatly when looking for other things too like businesses, companies, projects since the hashtags used trend and are particularly powerful.

These hashtags rely solely on keywords so if you have anything you can relate this person with, it can work.

Log into your Instagram account, then click on the search bar.

On top, the tabs or search filters will appear so click on the hashtags then key in your keywords beginning with the sign #.

Be specific with your keywords to filter the posts that will appear since everyone is using hashtags to add to their coverage on the platform and gain a following.

The downside is having to manually scroll while checking each post or publication.


7. Search by Using Search Systems

Eventually, we have to turn to other search systems like Google to look for the person.

Their data will hopefully be online including how they are signed in social platforms.

Type in their actual full name on the Google search bar and see what you can find.

You can even perform an advanced Google search and if it fails, use people search engines e.g.

  • Public seek
  • Intelius
  • Infotracer
  • US search
  • BeenVerified
  • PeekYou

These people search engines are used to get details about people like businesses, their history meaning they are quite detailed and if you are desperate to find it without so much hustle, it is an option.

These search engines will give you information like phone numbers, addresses, their friends and relatives, all social media accounts with their specific usernames, and much more.

Some people search engines like PeekYou are free all the way while some will charge you for more detailed information.


8. Search by Photo

If you have a photo of them, use google lens feature. It is usually part of the google photos app so you get the picture and click on the symbol representing the google lens feature.

It is usually labelled so you will know. It will start scanning and the results will appear below so scroll up to view. The results will reveal your identity and your data like your social media accounts.

For iPhone users, use the safari browser. Click on the Aa and request Instagram image search.

Click on the camera icon on the right of the search bar.

Upload the image for scanning. They also have the option of downloading the Google app online to make it easier by using the photo scan feature which gives you direct results without too much hustle.

The picture scanned will bring findings of the person's data.


9. Search by a Following

It is by far an easy method with the simplest of steps where you just have to find a friend or relative of the person you wish to find.

We are assuming you know a bit more than just the person because this works if you know the person's close friends, family or relatives because most likely, he or she will be following them.

Identify the person you think might be following the person in question or you think might be followed by him or her.

You will either click the following or the followers, starting with either. Each tab at a time, click the search box and search using their actual name just in case they are logged in with their real name.

You can even scroll down confirming each follower by using their usernames or their profile pictures.

If you are gutsy enough or need more information in case it does not work, direct message one of the close friends or family member to inquire about the person you want to find.

Ask them about their Instagram Handle. The only flaw in this method is that if the close friend or family member's account is private, then you cannot access their following or followers unless you request to follow them and wait till they accept your request.


10. Search by other social media platforms

Most people have lead links to Instagram, posted on other social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube or even tinder where they request you to add a link to your Instagram so if you know their other pages on other social media pages, then this is a very effective method.

Facebook even has a direct link of a repost from Instagram so you just need to follow it. Other people add their usernames using the status feature on WhatsApp.

Bios on different social media platforms also include information about other platforms. These modern algorithms provided by various platforms offer effective methods mostly direct links or data to lead you to their next social media page, and therefore enough clues to find someone.

It thus works best if you know at least one of their social media pages.


Conclusion: How to Find Someone’s Instagram

Some of the methods mentioned above will work better than others but all of them do function well as long as you do it the right way and are well versed with the workings of Instagram as a social media platform.

Any beginner can also easily follow up with the steps we have listed. Just keep refining your searches with each bit of information that you get.

If you are not able to find someone's Instagram by using the aforementioned steps, it maybe that you incorrectly spelled the username or input the wrong one.

If you are so sure of the spelling and existence of the account, then the account may have faced deactivation, or blocked.

Worse, the account may have faced the infamous shadow ban where their content or account is hidden by social media services unbeknownst to the user.

Other possible explanations would be a bug on the Instagram side of it, or that the said account has blocked you meaning you cannot access anything related to that account using your own account.

So maybe try with another account. There is literally no escape for anyone on social media.

Instagram has the option of inviting friends with different apps like WhatsApp, to sign in and create their accounts there if there was none.

This way, you get to create more connection gateways.