How to fix profile view history missing on TikTok?

Is profile view history missing on your TikTok account? Here's how to see who viewed your profile on the popular video app.

There is no doubt that watching videos on TikTok has become a vital part of our daily routine. The short-video giant offers a huge amount of content and adds a ton of new features to keep its users engaged.

The massive social media platform added a profile view history option this year. As one of the newly introduced features, it allows users to see who looked at their profiles. Thanks to this option, TikTok users can display a list of people who browsed their accounts.

That being said, a great number of users can not use this feature. They also shared that this tab was missing in their account. In this guide, we have compiled a list of possible fixes and also elaborated on why this happens.

How to fix profile view history not showing on TikTok error?

There are various methods you can try to fix this issue. Clearing cache, contacting TikTok and reducing the number of your followers are among the possible methods to solve this problem.

Before you follow the troubleshooting steps below, make sure you have less than 5000 followers on TikTok. That's because the profile view feature is only available to those who have less than 5000 followers. There is also another factor that can cause this problem.

TikTok, like many other apps, asks for your date of birth before you create your account. If you have set your date of birth to 16 years old and below, the app will not allow you to see who viewed your profile.

Did TikTok remove the who viewed your profile?

The video giant removed the feature in the past. But it then implemented it back in January 2022. That's why more and more users have been able to see who looked at their profile in the last couple of months. But this time the social media app gives the user the chance to enable or disable the future.

When both users user has profile views enabled, it is possible to see the usernames on the history. You can enable this feature from the Profile tab.

  • Look for the eye icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on it to open the profile views history tab.
  • Tap on Turn on.

But there are also a ton of users who have the profile views missing in their accounts. That's because the video giant does not grant this feature to users with more than 5000 followers and who are under 16 years old.

In short, you need to have less than 5000 followers and make sure that your date of birth is not set to 16. If it is and you have entered your age incorrectly, follow the simple steps below.

Contact TikTok.

It is possible to contact TikTok from the app. But you can also send an email to their support service. While we suggest you send a report by following the steps below, you can send an email to and as well.

Here's how to contact the support team to demand a change in the date of birth. That way you can get thorough assistance and hopefully, access the profile view history feature.

  • Tap on the three lines at the top right corner of the screen.
contact tiktok 1
  • Select Settings and privacy.
how to contact tiktok
  • Tap on Report a problem under the Support section.
change date of birth in tiktok
  • Tap on Account and Profile.
  • Select Editing profile.
  • Tap on Other.
  • Select Need more help? button to specify the problem.

Describe the issue and state that your date of birth was entered incorrectly. Consider adding a document that will confirm your date of birth. After you describe the issue, wait for TikTok to return to you.

If you meet the requirements but still can't see who viewed your profile on TikTok, try sending a report to the support team and describe the problem. Here's an example:

“Hi. I entered my date of birth correctly and I am above 16 years old. I also do not have more than 5000 followers. But I still can't see the profile views tab on my TikTok account. I require your assistance, thanks.”

Create a new TikTok account.

You can create a new TikTok account and set the date of birth to above 16 years old. But of course, this means that all of your saved videos and liked content will be available in the new account. And you will have to start from scratch and grow your account from the ground up.

Creating a new account is unfortunately the only way if the support team does not change the date of birth. As we mentioned earlier, the social media giant does not allow users the see who viewed their profiles if they are below 16.

Here's why many users encounter the dreaded profile view history not showing on TikTok error.

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