How to fix the black screen error on Instagram?

Have you encountered the black screen error on Instagram? Here's how to fix this issue and continue with your digital routine.

Instagram is expanding its massive domain with more than a billion monthly active users. There is no doubt that the social media platform has become an inseparable part of our lives. While it invites its users to an unending flow of content like images, videos and reels, it also comes with a series of issues that damage the user experience.

screen black on insta

One of the most recent problems is Instagram black screen error. This strange issue happens when a user simply tries to open the app. Apart from this one, a great number of users shared that the app would crash after the screen goes black.

We have compiled various possible methods to fix this issue.

Black Screen on Instagram (Fix)

Users experiencing this error are not able to see the posts on the feed. Some users have shared that they get a black screen every time they do a certain activity in the app.

We do not know exactly why the black screen on Instagram error occurs. But problems such as this one are the result of a certain bug or a glitch in the app. That's why updating Instagram can help you get rid of the problem. Turning off the full keyboard access can also solve the issue if you are on iOS.

1. Check the status of Instagram servers.

This error can occur due to a problem on Instagram servers as well. Before trying the methods below, check the downdetector.web to see if there's anything wrong with the servers of the social media giant.

instagram servers are down

You can also check out Twitter or Reddit as users usually post about these situations. Search for #InstagramDown on Twitter to see the latest tweets regarding the app's current status.

On Reddit, we suggest joining r/instagram subreddit and sort by new. That way you can see the newest posts and get information about potential outages and server problems. The subreddit is also a great place to find out possible fixes to issues like Instagram black screen error.

2. Update Instagram.

When developers share a new update for their app, they aim to fix the current issues and provide an optimal experience for the users.

That being said, new updates can introduce a series of new problems as well. When that happens, they will prepare a hotfix or update the app to another version. That's why running the latest version is recommended.

  • Open the app store and search for Instagram.
update instagram black screen
  • Tap on Update.

You can also enable automatic updates to make sure you have the latest version installed on your device.

3. Clear Instagram cache.

Your phone stores data from the apps you use on a regular basis to process simple tasks faster. While it does come in handy when you open Instagram, it can also cause various issues after storing too much data.

When that happens, we suggest clearing the cache of the app to fix the errors like the black screen. Here's how to erase Instagram cache:

  • Open the settings menu.
  • Go to the app settings.
  • Tap on Manage apps.
manage apps settings
  • Find Instagram and tap on App settings.
  • Select Clear data.
  • Tap on Clear cache.
clear cache instagram

4. Disable Full Keyboard Access.

If you are getting a black screen on Instagram, turning of Full Keyboard Access might fix tis problem. It is important to note that this method can not be used on Android devices. If you are an iOS user, follow the simple steps below to disable this feature.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Tap on Keyboards.
turn off full keyboard access
  • Choose Full Keyboard Access and turn it off.

This method was suggested by a Reddit username with the nickname RussianUnicornVlada. Based on other posts and comments on Reddit, disabling the feature solved the Instagram black screen error on iOS devices.

If the issue persists or you are an Android user, try other methods in the guide to fix the problem.

5. Turn off power-saving mode.

While power saving mode is a life-saver in dire situations, it can also result in various issues in apps and software. It shuts off various features on your phone to reduce battery consumption. Follow the simple steps below to turn off the power-saving mode.

  • Open phone settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on Battery.
turn off power saving mode
  • Turn the battery saver off.
instagram battery saver mode

6. Log into Instagram from a mobile browser.

You can sign into your account from a mobile browser as well. It lacks a ton of features that you would have in the app, but it might allow you to keep up with your digital routine. It can also fix the black screen on Instagram error.

In the meantime, the problem should be resolved after the developers share a new update.

Open Instagram again to see if the issue persists. If you still encounter the issue even though you applied the methods above, you will have to wait for an official update. The developers will address the error as soon as they get feedback on it.