How to Flip Money

I have to admit how hard to make and flip money especially if you are an old generation

Definitely you would think in traditional way like buying precious metals and diamond and keep them for long term

Now with the existence of the internet you have to think in a new way

You can learn flipping money in innovative ways you have never thought about

Also the speed of flipping money is very short and profitable

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how to flip money

That's why I will show you below what flipping money means and how to flip money?

What does flipping Money mean?

I don't know the meaning of how to flip money because there is no real definition

In simple words, flipping money is seizing an opportunity to get products or properties cheaper than the price intended to sell them for

It can be buying things and adding values to them or doing manipulation to enhance them or selling them as is in another place with higher prices

What are different things to do to flip money?

There are so many things to follow to be able to flip money

What is more important is the use of the great accelerator the internet that can turn the flipping process way faster than expected

Working as a flipper by joining flipping club

Rob and his wife Melissa created a course on flipping things and making full income out of that

Currently they are making around $100,000 annually from flipping things

That's why if you want to flip money it is better to follow their path and sign up for their flipping course

Flipping furniture

I discussed before how to make money from woodworking

I talked about the amount of money that can be made from selling furnitures

If you have the experience of all furniture prices and best prices to sell your items for

Then you'll flip money buying furniture for cheap and selling for higher prices

Question now is where you can buy your cheap furniture?

Don't worry that won't be the issue

There are so many cheap sources like buying furniture from garage sales as an example

You can join Nextdoor site or download it on your mobile phone and stay on top of all garage sales in your local area

Also you can buy furniture from places like Facebook Marketplace and eBay

To prove what I am discussing above I was looking for a used piano and I found so many models free to pick up on Facebook Marketplace

Flipping on retail sites like eBay and Amazon

Flipping a product from location where they are sold cheap and selling them in another location where the price is high is part of Amazon and eBay game

In eBay you can see sellers from all over the world where you can buy a product for cheap with long shipping time which can be more than a month

That's why everybody on eBay has a fair chance to sell on its platform

With Amazon you can buy from cheap sources and ship your merchandise to Amazon warehouse

And leave it to Amazon team to take care of the rest

If you are interested in Amazon flipping you can take Amazon courses on Udemy

Flipping stocks

Flipping stocks is a great way to flip your money

But, you have to be very careful


Because stocks prices fluctuate

If you watch few stocks you can know when their prices go low so you can buy them

Later on you can sell your stock when the price moves up

Keep in mind you can not do it by memory

You have to track your desired stocks either by using excel sheet or mobile apps

I recommend using mobile app as it connects with the market price and tracks things automatically for you

Flipping cryptocurrency

When it comes to flipping cryptocurrency you have to know it is hard game

Fluctuation in price is steep and happens multiple times a day

You can buy one cryptocurrency today and get 30% to 40% up and down same day

This means you have to be very careful and use tools or mobile app to track properly

One day Bitcoin reached $22,000

And investors started to sell

So price went down to $3,000

It was good opportunity for investors to buy again and hold

Flipping domains

Flipping domain names is a unique way of flipping money

Domain name is the URL which you type in your browser to go to any website

You can buy nice and easy to remember domain names from Namecheap

Those with .org, .com or .net extensions and list them on sale on Namecheap

Flipping websites

Flipping websites is similar to flipping domains but it takes different perspective

When you buy a website you know that it has potential to grow and expand in traffic

Most of the times website owners they underestimate the real values of their websites

There are website hunters who have experience to find those websites that can be bought for cheap

They work on them and flip money by selling them for high price

Flipping books

Buying books is a technique that makes tremendous profits for their buyers

The idea is you buy used College/University books from students

Then you can sell them to new students on Amazon as used books

You can expect to buy books for as low as $2 and sell each book for $50

Below is few sites to hunt cheap books

Flipping clothes

Flipping clothes is another way to flip money as you can start with your own clothes

Look inside your closet for all the clothes you don't wear anymore

You can find many clothes with their tickets

Below is a list of well known flipping clothes sites

Next step is to look for cheap clothes buying them from cheap places

Here is an example happened to me when I was at Salvation Army store

I was looking for a laptop luggage I found few starting from $60 up to $85

In Salvation Army store the same bag listed for $85 I bought it for $8 without even paying taxes

Flipping houses

Flipping houses is another sort of investment that requires lot of money

You have to be very cautious and working with partners when you start this business

As buying homes for the sake of renovating them can cause you to spend lot of money on renovation

It can happen that it drains your pocket to fix one home

Then it gets offers for less than what you paid for

Flip cars and vans

Flipping cars is another form of making money with reasonable investment

Nowadays many buy/sell cars websites list all cars with price rating

For example you can see price listed as low price, fair and higher than expected

I know a friend of mine bought a van for $3,000 which was hit from the front

The seller thought that it would cost a lot of money

Later on my friend fixed it for another $300 where this car is worth $7,000 for the same model and year

Flipping sport cards

Sport cards have become popular and there is huge demands to buy them

You can buy them from garage sales or eBay

The idea is to buy sport cards from sellers who don't know their real value

I believe it is fun task on how to flip money

Flipping gold and precious metals

Although gold and precious metals are long term game

But if you buy gold you can feel a sense of security

Especially if you catch it in the low peak when the market is really low

How to get the money you need to flip?

Some people are skeptical in nature and they won't risk wasting money to flip

I understand that so they look for ways to put some effort to make quick cash

By doing that you are not risking your own saved money

Anyway what you can do to make some money is

Take surveys online

Many survey sites you can join to express your opinion by replying to surveys

Average time is around 10 – 15 mins with average pay of $2 to $5 for each survey

I recommend to read my post how to make money with survey sites

Also there are other type of expressing your opinion

It is similar to working with you personally to discuss your opinion as a subject matter

Usually they take a form of phone call and the top company here is Respondent

Few websites below similar to Respondent are

User Interviews
FieldWork – US only
FocusGroup – US only
20|20 Panel
Recruit and Field
American Consumer Opinion
Probe Market Research
Survey Feeds

Deliver food

Delivering food is one of the things that is easy to do and make decent cash per hour

All you have to do is install DoorDash or Postmates on your mobile and start delivering orders to customers

What I like about delivering food job is that it doesn't require specific type of cars

Drive Uber or Lyft

Uber or Lyft is a great way to make quick cash and you are in control of your time

If you want to drive then turn on your app


Another easy job to do in your spare time is to babysit other toddlers

The pay is good as you can babysit many kids at the same time

Walk dogs and pets

If you are a pet lover and enjoy walking with your dog

You can walk other dogs in your neighborhood and get paid for that

Rent your basement or extra room in your home

If you have a basement or willing to rent an extra room if you are OK about that

Definitely you will make a good income and you can use that money to flip it

Rent space in your home for storage

Some people are looking for an alternative way to store their belongings

They may have few things to store that don't need a storage room

If you have a good space at home to store things then you can make good money

Rent your RV

I remember my plan to take my wife and 2 kids to a lake called Bruce Peninsula

Unfortunately there is no nearby hotels and usually people going there rent RVs

It can cost you $150 per night so it is really worth to invest renting your RV

Rent your car

If you have a car you don't use often you can rent it and make money to flip out of it

You can do that with a site like Turo

The next sites that come as competitors are Getaround and TravelCar

What is the fastest ways to flip money?

Although I discussed above all the possible ways to flip money

But there are definitely ways that are faster than others

Below is the fastest ways to flip money

Flip real state shares

You don't need to buy and sell properties with lot of money

What you can do is buy shares with the money you have and flip them in short period

Flip cryptocurrency

As I mentioned earlier cryptocurrencies can fluctuate up and down by 50% a day

If you know the market well then you have a chance to buy and sell per day

Flip stocks

Similar to cryptocurrencies but a little bit slower

You can expect stock prices to go up and down in few days

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