39 Legit and Easy Ways To Get Free Clothes

Whether you’re cash-strapped and need to expand your wardrobe, or you like to try new products, I’ll discuss guaranteed ways how to get free clothes online from different sources. 

Clothes are a basic need, yet they can often be an expensive necessity. If you’ve bought clothes lately, you know what I’m talking about. This is especially true if you have growing kids.

how to get free clothes at stores and online
39 Legit and Easy Ways To Get Free Clothes 6

According to the 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Consumer Expenditure report, the average American household spends $1,866 annually on clothing. But what if I told you that you probably could’ve gotten many of your clothes for FREE?

YES, there’s almost always a way to get something for free these days – from free gas, free appliancesbirthday freebies, etc.

Who would pass up the opportunity to score some free clothing? Free clothes can fill your closet and boost your savings. But it takes a little effort and creativity to know how to bag them.

How To Get Free Clothes With Referral Programs

Not everyone can afford the expense of a new wardrobe. 

Lucky for you, you can get a referral bonus to buy free clothes when you recommend a service to people you know. 

Online retailers thrive on referrals to get new customers and increase sales. There is one thing you will need to do to get these free clothes – sign up for the site.

The following referral programs are among the best places to score free clothes. Go through each site and click on every offer to request it.

1. Stitch Fix

If you’re after affordable clothing and accessories, Stitch Fix is the best place to start. The site promotes personal fashion styles for women, men, and kids from 1,000+ top brands.

Get a sensible wardrobe sent right to your home when you fill out your style profile. A stylist will analyze your preferences and send you what fits your needs, style, and budget.

You will receive a $25 sign-up bonus and a unique referral link on signing up. 

Share the referral link you receive with your friends and family towards your next styling or purchase fee. As soon as your referral completes the checkout process, the credits are added to your account. 

Shipping, returns, and exchanges are free. Just head to their site, create an account and browse. Not a bad set of outfits, right?

2. Swap

This online thrift and consignment store adopts a modern take on the used clothes market. 

Physical thrift shopping can be time-consuming. Different stores have different clothing. Swap.com lets you browse its extensive inventory of like-new, pre-owned clothes under one roof. 

You can enjoy up to 90 percent off retail pricing on your favorite brands. Orders over $60 ship free.

Thanks to their Share & Earn programs, you get 40 percent in Swap.com credit for every person you refer to Swap. 

If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to full-priced clothing, try Swap today!

3. Thred Up

You can get a ton of free (or darn near close to free) clothes and accessories thanks to Thred Up.

This second-hand store has almost new clothes that need a new home. You can land designer name brands at deep discounts (up to 90 percent off estimated retail). There are new arrivals every minute!

As a new member, you will receive $10 for every new buyer you bring on board. Use this credit to buy anything from the thredUP inventory. You have 30 days to spend it after it’s activated. 

You can receive up to $580 worth of thredUP credits in a year. To increase your savings, consider selling gently used clothing for store credit. 

4. Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway is your ticket for renting accessories to match your outfit, suits for a job interview, or dresses for special occasions.

You get 100,000s of options at your fingertips from dream designers.

The online clothing rental outlet has a referral program that pays you a whopping $30 when you refer a friend to the site. 

It even gets better. Your referrals receive $30 off their first rental.

5. Rue la La

Rue La La is an online boutique that mostly deals with designer clothing and accessories. They offer up to 70 percent off name brand clothing for the whole family!

The store will reward you with a $10 referral credit whenever a shopper checks out with your link on their first purchase.

 You can use the credit to get free clothes in your next order. 

There’s no limit to the number of people you can invite, meaning you can rack up quite a lot of credit!

6. Zulily

Visit Zulilly and fill out the form to snag a free credit. 

When your referrals sign up with your link and make their first purchase, you receive $15. 

The more you share, the more you’ll rack up a boatload of referral money to give your wardrobe an overhaul.

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39 Legit and Easy Ways To Get Free Clothes 7

Try a Clothing Swap

While thrift stores make finding affordable second-hand clothes easy, it can be a hassle if you don’t have one nearby. Clothing swaps are another way to get free clothing online. They let you keep your cash while still getting new clothes!

Swaps are not just for ladies. They can be ideal for gentlemen who are into fashion and families with kids. Kids are always outgrowing clothes. Each offer is hosted by a different website. Pick the ones you like, visit the order page and sign up.

7. Rehash

This dedicated website allows you to trade and exchange clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories you no longer want with other users. Since it was established, the site has swapped over 10k items between 71k members. 

So how does the site work? Simple! Do you have excellent condition clothes that you’re willing to swap? Create an account to list the clothes.

You will receive offers from other users willing to exchange with you. If you come across an offer that excites you, do an exchange. Alternatively, list your clothes and specify what you would like to swap them with.

There are no hefty fees associated with listing or completing a swap, only shipping fees for your old clothes. This allows you to refresh your wardrobe without buying new clothes. 

8. Freecycle

Freecycle is a site where people post stuff that they don’t need anymore. Some people see it easier to give away stuff instead of selling them. Browse through uploaded pics of swap worthy pieces on the Freecycle Network and see if you can strike a deal.

The online network has local chapters set up in various communities. Create a profile, type in your location to find a group near you and browse what other users have to offer. There are over 5k groups with 9 million members around the world. Every local group is moderated by local volunteers.

9. Vinted

Are you a jeans person? Vinted is a valuable resource for pre-loved fashion. Swap your clothes with fellow fashionistas. The Vinted community is 30 million strong.

There’s a ton of freebies just waiting out there on Vinted. Download the free Vinted app to browse millions of unique items. You’ll receive a refund if your piece of clothing isn’t sent, was damaged in transit, or isn’t as described.

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39 Legit and Easy Ways To Get Free Clothes 8

How To Get Free Clothes Online

There are sites where you can find free t-shirts, jeans, shoes, and hoodies near you. You may be required to include your contact info, shipping information, and clothing size.

10. Craigslist

Ah…Craigslist. The granddaddy of classified ads. The site was designed to look like the newspaper classified page and hasn’t changed much over the past 25 years. 

Don’t let the traditional look fool you; Craigslist is one of the world’s most popular sites. You can also use it to get free clothes near you. 

When you open the site, it will use your IP address to determine your approximate location. Craigslist will then direct you to your local Craigslist domain. So if you’re in LA, you’d be directed to losangeles.craigslist.com

While the majority of the posts are from people selling their items, you can get free used clothes from goodwill sellers.

If the piece of clothing has been listed for some time and isn’t selling, consider contacting the seller and asking whether you can possibly get it for free.

The seller may be willing to unload the item anyway if it doesn’t sell. But you’ll never know until you ask! To view all the clothing listings available for free, select clothing for sale from the main page and use filters to set a $0 max price. 

11. Freecycle

While it’s mostly known for being a second-hand marketplace for furniture and other home furnishings, Freecycle also boasts a vast selection of free used clothes.

You can find free clothes local to you. The site has a search feature to keep listings within a reasonable distance of where you live. 

You need to sign up to the site to search posts. When you’ve signed in, you can search posts for specific keywords. Filter to only display “offer posts” instead of wanted listings. 

You will get some details on the item and reply to the post to arrange collection. 

12. Letgo and Similar Sites

Letgo and similar apps are a great way to see what people in your neighborhood are getting rid of. The app allows you to buy and sell locally. 

But how do you get free clothes on Letgo? Well, it’s a combination of timing, luck and knowing where to look. Browse the free section of Letgo to land some used clothes. Similar sites you can try include eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Trueflip, Mercari and 5Miles. 

13. Toluna

When you become a Toluna Influencer, you become empowered to transform the products and services that matter to you.

You will be awarded points when you join Toluna and participate in influencing your world. To better match you with the best market research projects, provide your name and address. 

You can exchange the points for all kinds of cool stuff, including getaways, vouchers and cold hard cash, which you can use to buy clothes. 

do product testing to get clothes for free
39 Legit and Easy Ways To Get Free Clothes 9

Clothing Closets

Still wondering how to get free clothes online? You can find free clothes, including T-shirts, winter jackets, work uniforms, shoes, socks and more from clothing closets. 

These centers provide basic needs (clothes included) free of charge to those who qualify. Priority is given to the elderly, children, single moms, babies and the working poor. 

Clothing closets operate in most states and towns. They rely on contributions and donations from communities. These organizations often work closely with local thrift stores.

While the type of clothes provided by each center will vary greatly, you’re likely to get something you need. 

14. Salvation Army

Salvation Army is one of the biggest charity organization that offers needy families an extensive number of services. Low cost or free work and school clothing, shoes, baby supplies and winter coats are among the assistance offered. 

While most locations have on-site clothing closets that give out clothes for free, other centers operate thrift stores for the general public. This move allows individuals of all backgrounds and income levels to be able to shop for and buy clothes at a low cost. 

15. Community Clothes Closet

If you don’t mind gently used clothes, Community Clothes Closet is another site to consider for free clothes. The organization provides free clothing to men, women, and children in need.

They serve the homeless, working needy, returning vets, students, domestic abuse victims, elderly, and natural disaster victims. Once registered, you can shop free of charge twice a month for up to a year. 

16. Operation Warm

Operation Warm is available in most cold-weather states. These locations need donations for children’s winter wear in various sizes. 

The clothing closet collects warm coats, hats, gloves and other items from the community and provides them free of charge to people who tend to be most at risk from cold winter weather.

To identify children in need, Operation Warm works with community partners. This ensures that the coats go to the kids that need them the most.

How To Get Free Clothing From Companies by Becoming a Product Tester

While getting paid to wear clothing from companies is unlikely, it’s possible to get free clothing by trying out a new product from athletic brands. New products undergo thorough testing to determine whether they’re practical and can endure the rigors of training.

Who doesn’t want to get free shoes from their favorite companies? You might even be allowed to keep them for yourself. The products will most likely take 6-8 weeks to arrive at your door. Here’s how to get free clothing from companies:

17. Reebok

Are you an athlete or a fitness enthusiast? Do you have a passion for sport, fashion, and the Reebok brand? Reebok may want to send you free shoes and/or clothing in exchange for your review. 

If you meet the company’s requirements (be a U.S. resident, meet the weekly activity requirement, be at least 18 years old), you can join the Reebok Product Testing group and test products of the future. 

You have to keep a daily activity log and complete a simple online questionnaire at the end. The test period is usually 2−4 weeks.

18. Under Armour

The sign-up process for Under Amour works the same way as Reebok. Go to the Field Test Portal,  sign up, answer a few questions and wait for the approval. The company will contact you with more information if you meet the qualifications.

Not everyone is guaranteed to get in. You can, however, test your luck even if you’re an average consumer. 

19. New Balance

The New balance Tester Community is another testing panel worth trying.  Consumer feedback is a fundamental input to New Balance’s design process.

Once accepted as a member, you will join an elite group of individuals committed to helping the company improve their products.

20. Glamorise

Here’s a little something for the ladies. Glamorise will let you test bras and/shapewear through their Wear Test Panel.

If you’re selected, they will ask you to wear the product, complete and mail back a questionnaire related to the product. Oh, you get to keep the garment!

21. Adidas

Adidas will send you free merchandise to test when you apply as a product tester. Just fill out your application online and wait for the company to contact you if you qualify. 

If you’re selected, you will receive a product and test it for a few weeks before sharing your thoughts. You may be asked to keep the product for a while or return it after the testing period.  

22. Saucony

Known for their sports apparel and running shoes, Saucony lets people qualify to be wear-testers. When you apply as a product tester, you’ll fill out a profile survey with your shoe size and exercising habits. 

Saucony will notify you if you qualify and send you the product. In exchange, they will ask you to share your opinions. Applying is free, and you get to keep whatever they send!

23. Carhartt

Join the Carhartt Crew and you’ll get to test products before they hit the shelves. Committed to creating products that serve the needs of hardworking men and women, Carhartt wants you to help them improve their products.

Apply and fill out appropriate information if you want to join the Carhartt Crew Community. If selected, you will receive free clothing in exchange for your opinion.

You’ll be asked for your opinion on existing products and your input on the yet to be developed ones.

Use Rewards Programs To Get Free or Discounted Clothing

Retailers and clothing manufacturers reward loyal customers to ensure you’re always shopping with them and not a competitor.

Another simple way to get free clothes is to sign up for rewards programs and earn points. You can redeem the points for gift cards and cash, or in this case, clothes. 

24. Bob’s Stores

Bob’s Stores rewards you points for all your spending. The retailer stocks shoes, workwear, and sports-related clothing and gear.

When you sign up for the Best of Bob’s Rewards Program, you’ll receive $10 for creating an account and an additional $10 on your birthday. 

25. Victoria Secret

Through their Secret Reward Card deals, you can get yourself up to a cool $500. And get this, you don’t have to buy a product to win the reward!

Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope and convince them you deserve the award. Use the credit to stock up on lingerie, bras, panties, lotions, face masks and more free of charge. 

26. Loft

Loft sells designer clothes, tops, shoes and other accessories. As a loft cardholder, you’re eligible for a $15 store coupon during your birthday month. 

27. Nordstrom

Becoming a Nordy Club member is as easy as signing in to your Nordstrom account (or creating one if you don’t already have it).

Click the above link to be directed to their sign-up page. Every time you buy stuff from Nordstrom, you earn points which you can exchange for free clothes. 

You’ll earn points no matter how you pay. Enjoy additional perks like first to shop select brands, curbside pickup and access to beauty and style workshops.

28. Kohls

Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards lets you turn points into real cash you can use to buy clothes. You’ll receive a $5 reward for every 100 points earned on the first of every month.

It may take you a while before you can earn enough for a payout. Once you hit the payout, you’ll have 30 days to redeem your rewards.

How To Get Free T-Shirts

People love free tees because they are fashionable and can be worn casually, especially when they’re brand new.

Though they are fairly rare, you can get offers for free t-shirts online. To claim your free t-shirt, go to any of the below website’s request page and follow the provided instructions. 

Here’s how to get free t-shirts:

29. Fire N Spice

Do you love Jalapeños? Fire N Spice are giving out free Jala! Jalapenos t-shirts to promote their company. 

Fill out the form on the above link to receive a free t-Shirt. The requirements are simple. You must be at least 18 years and provide a valid delivery email and address.

Your t-shirt will be mailed within 4-7 weeks from the date you submit the offer request.

30. Kona Ice

Fill out a form on the Kona Ice site to receive more than nutritious frozen treats –  a free t-shirt. They pick one winner a month, so you have to be patient.

31. Turkey Hill

Specializing in ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, iced tea, frozen yogurt, and other drinks and desserts, Turkey Hill dairy is another eatery with freebies. 

They select ambassadors every so often throughout the year. You could be one of them! Apply to be a Turkey Hill ambassador and provide your size and shipping info to get your free t-shirt mailed to you. 

32. Greek Olive Free T-Shirt

If you’re a fan of the Greek Olive & Herbs, this one is for you! The company gives out t-shirts as a way to say “thank you” to their customers.

The limit is one t-shirt per person. To avoid being omitted, follow your request with an email reply.

Earn Points for Free Clothes

Earning rewards and cashback for simple tasks is a favorite pastime for many Americans. The following get-paid-to sites will give you points for shopping online, browsing the internet, taking surveys, playing online games, completing offers and more.

You can redeem the points for gift cards to various clothing retailers. The tasks are not high-paying, and it can take a while to earn enough points. Sign up for more than one site to maximize your earnings. 

33. Swagbucks

Perform online tasks like answering surveys, testing new products, watching videos, playing games online, and using the Swagbucks search engine, all while getting paid in the process!

For your troubles, Swagbucks will award you SB points, which you can exchange for Sephora, Target, Walmart and Amazon gift cards. 

You’ll receive a $10 sign-up bonus and redeem for gift cards to your favorite retailers once you hit $25. 

34. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of my favorite apps that let you earn cash back for your online purchases at over 2,500 stores.

Here’s how it works. Stores pay Rakuten to get buyers to their sites. When you complete a purchase, Rakuten shares that commission with you

The amount can be as high as 40 percent of your purchases. Some stores offer double cash back on purchases, so be on the lookout for such offers. 

You need at least $5 to cash out. Use the provided link to get a $10 welcome bonus.

35. Mypoints

If you have time to spare, MyPoints is a platform where you can earn points through polls, answering questionnaires, and more! 

You’ll earn 5 points for reading emails and visiting their partners, up to 10 points playing games, up to 25 points when you shop at top retailers and up to 500 points per day watching fun videos. 

Cash in those points for a gift card to your favorite store. You’ll receive a $10 gift card when you spend $20 or more within the first 30 days of your membership.

36. Survey Junkie

If you like sharing your opinion, Survey Junkie is for you. The market research site gets paid by brands to get feedback from consumers. 

Keep your profile up-to-date, participate in surveys, and you’ll start to earn virtual points. You can cash out when you hit 1000 points which are worth $10. 

Exchange the points for gift cards that you can use to get free clothes from your favorite online retailers. 

Additional Ideas To Get Free or Discounted Clothing

37. Shop at Garage Sales or Thrift Stores

When people in your neighborhood hold garage sales, they’ll probably do away with stuff they don’t sell when the garage sale is over. 

Consider visiting nearby garage sales when they’re about to close and ask them if you can have ​some of the stuff that they didn’t sell. You might be surprised at all the free clothing you can score if you just ask.

You don’t have to wait for garage sale season to get free outfits. Thrift stores sell clothes at over 80 percent off normal retail prices. 

There are thousands of thrift stores around the country, and some are also run by local churches or charities. They offer free clothes piled in a box or rack labeled free. Sort them out to find your style and size. 

You can also put out a small classified ad or put together some flyers for clearing out people’s garages or closets for free. Convince them that you’ll help them thin out their wardrobe by taking some off the clutter off their hands. 

38. Buy Out of Season

Retailers slash prices on items when they’re out of season to increase sales. For example, not many people will buy cold clothing during the summer. You can take advantage of season sales to buy clothes at a fraction of the price and save money. 

39. Contests and Promotions

The internet is full of contests and giveaways if you know where to look. Enjoy Leggings hosts giveaways of leggings every month. They also have weekly promotions and contests. 

But getting your hands on free clothing from contests and promos can be a challenge if you don’t know how to spot a scam.

When a promo or contest prize looks too good to be true, it probably is. A trial-size shower gel? Plausible. An all-expenses-paid weeklong trip to the Maldives. Not so much.