How To Get Free Food Delivery with No Money (2022)

Learn How To Get Free Food Delivered with No Money by following the legit methods listed below.

Who doesn't love to eat food? We are all foodies one way or the other. Now that people can order food online, things have become even more convenient. If you didn't want to cook food back in the day, you would have to visit the restaurant nearby to have the food that you desire. Food delivery was not a regular thing, although some restaurants used to provide deliveries back in the 80s & 90s too. But in this day and age, almost every restaurant delivers food right at your doorsteps. The only problem is that you have to pay a certain delivery charge for the cause. 

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If you're tight on budget, you wouldn't like to spend extra money on food delivery. So what's your best shot? You have to find a place that can offer you free food. There are a few places that offer you free food delivery, at least for the first time when you order such food. Let's take a look at these places here.

Ways On How To Get Free Food Delivered

1. DoorDash 

When we talk about getting food delivered for free, DoorDash stands right on top of the heap. It is a service that teams with local restaurants to provide you with some of the best food deals. It is quite a popular platform. When you order for the first time, they can provide you with some amazing discounts.

So if you order anything worth more than $10 here, you can expect $7 off on it. There are various offers available from time to time so you should stay in touch with the platform. As far as the first order goes, the food is delivered free of cost. 

2. Friendly’s 

Friendly's is a restaurant that has been around for almost 9 decades. Yes, you heard it right. The restaurant has been functioning since 1935 and it is a great place to have all kinds of snacks. You can have delicious sandwiches, burgers, salads, and kids’ meals here. The platform offers you a free medium sundae plus free delivery. You just have to place an order of a minimum of $15 online.

If you use its application, you will be offered many more discounts. You will get free delivery every Tuesday if you make a direct order from its application or website. 

3. Blue Apron

This is another platform where you can expect free food delivery. Blue Apron is known for its unique yet quality services. They provide food items that are packed in refrigerated boxes. How cool is that?

So if you order food and you're not at your place for hours after it has been delivered, the food will still stay fresh. The best part is that you will get $50 off on your first 2 boxes. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and order some food from Blue Apron right away. 

4. O’Charley’s 

It is also a widely popular restaurant chain. They offer a wide variety of food items. You can expect a wide range of food offerings, including salads, chicken tenders, steaks, ribs, and salmon from them. You can take advantage of the platform every Wednesday.

It offers a free slice of pie for the purchases made from the platform on Wednesday. If you can order food that's worth $30 at the very least, you can expect free delivery as well. 

5. Instagram 

It is a grocery delivery service. It partners with local supermarkets in your area to provide you with some amazing food. When you register to its website using a referral link, you will be getting a bonus of $10 in credit. You can expect free delivery on your first order as well. You can get a referral award of a maximum of $25.

The reason why people prefer this platform is its quick services. You make the order now and you can expect it to be delivered to you at a really quick pace. The only drawback is that it gives free delivery for a limited period. 

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6. Dickey’s Barbeque Pit 

This platform has been around for many years too. It is well known for its sumptuous beef brisket, pulled pork, smoked turkey, marinated chicken, and St. Louise-style ribs. If you want to enjoy amazing food but don't like spending too much for the cause, this platform is made for you.

Dickey's Barbeque Pit provides free food delivery but there's one condition on it. You have to download its application and make the order from the app. 

7. Popeyes 

You must have heard this name before as it has been in the game for a whopping 40 years. It's well known for providing delicious food and people keep coming back to it for such items. If you make an order of at least $20 here, you will get food delivered without any cost.

Moreover, you will also be getting a free chicken sandwich combo here. Sign up for the Popeyes Rewards program and get 2 pieces of signature chicken for free for your first digital order, with a minimum order of $10.

8. Gobble 

It is quite different from the rest of the names on this list. It will do all the prep work so that you can prepare food at your home. If you want to learn cooking, Gobble will be a great platform to start before you become an expert at the job. There's quite an amazing offer on your first order. You will get $30 off on your first order and the food will be shipped without a cost as well.

Gobble will make all the ingredients available so that you can prepare food in a quick amount of time. If you want to cook but don't desire to go through all the hassle, it's the best platform. 

9. McDonald’s 

Now, who hasn't heard about McDonald's? It is a popular name in every nook and corner of the globe. Such is the brand value that the restaurant becomes a success no matter where it is opened. You can also expect free food delivery from McDonald's.

You have to use DoorDash to get free food. When you make your first order, there will be no delivery charges made on it. 

10. Caviar 

We have already talked about platforms that are quite similar to Caviar. Would you like to get food from your favorite local restaurants? You can trust Caviar as a platform that connects with local restaurants in your area and provides a service for them. The delivery is made on a quick basis. You make the order now and it will get delivered within 40 to 60 minutes.

You get $5 upon registration and $15 as a referral bonus when your friends sign-up using your link. It means that you can expect some major discounts on your first few orders. 

11. Starbucks 

Starbucks is known to almost every millennial in this world. People love to enjoy hot and cold coffee from this place. If you want to get free food delivery, you can use Uber Eats. Every time that you order food from Starbucks through Uber Eats, you will be getting food delivered free of cost. 


If you live in any of the 4 major cities namely New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, you can use for free food delivery. has a great reputation for being an excellent service. If you want to get your daily tasks done, you can hire someone for the work through It includes dry cleaning, grocery shopping, and restaurant deliveries among many more services. 

13. Golden Chick 

Do you love to eat chicken? In such a case, you should prefer going for Golden Chick. It has a wide variety of food items available in regards to chicken such as golden combos, family meals, salads, sandwiches, and sides. You have to use Uber Eats to order the food here.

You will be enjoying a discount of $1 per order and the food will be delivered for free too. It has come with new boneless wings in Buffalo, Korean BBQ, and Garlic Parm flavors so you should give it a try at some point. 

14. Saucey 

This is a unique platform to have featured on this list. While the rest of the platforms are delivering food, this platform delivers alcohol to you. When you first register on Saucey, you can use the promo code “SAS” on registration and get the $10 bonus.

When you refer the application to your friends, you will be getting $10 after each invitation leads to registration. Since alcohol is delivered free of cost, you won't have to pay an extra sum on delivery charges. 

15. Rubio’s Coastal Grill 

If you love to have Mexican food, Rubio's Coastal Grill is a platform that will work superbly for you. Some of their most popular items include Taco Salad, Langostino Lobster Bowl, and Puerto Nuevo Burrito.

If you want to get food delivered for free from this platform, you have to fulfill two conditions. First of all, you have to make orders either from its website or its application. Secondly, you need to make a minimum order of $20 to get free food delivered. 

16. SkipTheDishes 

Just like many other names on this list, SkipTheDishes is another food delivery service that partners with local restaurants.