How To Increase Typing Speed: 14 Ideas To Boost Your Productivity

If you want to make money from your blog
Then you have to write a lot of contents
To achieve that you have to learn
How to increase typing speed and boost your productivity to its maximum
Where you can write an average of 1,000 words an hour

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Yes this is doable
You just need to follow my ideas below
Where I am going to show you productive ways
To increase typing speed skills
Without losing focus and accuracy in writing

how to increase typing speed

Remember I am talking about increasing typing speed with moderate speed writing on your keyboard with less errors

Also writing and editing are two different things
Related to each other but can be separated
In a way that can make you productive

Meaning you can write whatever
You want like anything that comes to your mind
Still need to edit it later as
You will find lot of typos

I notice that it can take me
Around 2 -3 hours to properly
Amend my blog posts
After copying it from SimpleNote (open Google and search for Simplenote)

I am OK with that and I don’t measure it in my typing speed time
My challenge and so yours are with writing as a main task
It is drudgery with no doubt
But it is the only way to make or break

Before I start

I just want to lay down a fact that
Most bloggers who fail to make money online
It is because they may know that writing contents is really very essential to their success
But they get lost in the writing process

Either because they don’t know how to write good contents
Or they are not sure what to Blog about (add a link from not sure what to Blog about)
Or they spent tons of hours completing a piece of content
Where it turns out that writing as a task is a torture for them

Here is a fact, although blogging has so many skills to acquire
Still writing contents for your blog
Number one task you should manifest

Hoping you get ideas on how to increase typing speed
Making the habit of writing like a pleasant experience
Where you seek a spare time to just write

1) Start With Outlines

I will call it fill in the blanks (highlight yellow)
You have to know
What you are going to write
If you stare at a blank screen
You will get stuck on where to start from
Start with an outlines instead of blank head
Although outlines take time to prepare

That’s why if you find yourself
Having topics on your head
Write it down as headlines
Avoid details, finish them and revisit later
These are the seeds to where you will start from

I recommend reading about great tips for finding what to blog about

2) Find Your Most Quiet Time/Avoid Distraction

I do all blogging tasks while my kids are around
Only writing requires quality quiet time

For you own sake
Setup a daily fixed quiet time
At least a minimum of an hour

Before you start, train and force yourself to avoid distraction
Even put your cell phone on mute
You may require to search something online
Well I would say, move to the next point
Search the internet only when you decide to take a break

If you have all your points ready
Your fill in the blank task should be easy
Again any required research should be on the next iteration when you go online again

Here is a list of top apps to help you avoid distractions

Also you can use Ilys to avoid distraction

While writing and help you increase typing speed
You create an account, log on and start typing
Then specify how many words you want to type
Also you will not be able to see your words only the last character

3) Practice writing Every Day

If you force yourself to sit down and type daily
No matter what even
If you think sometimes writing is a daunting task

You are not writing to become a novelist
You are writing to take your blog to the next level
I suggest you don’t write your first product
Until you write more than 100,000 words on your blog

Make sure you master organizIng your titles
Practice tweaking best performing titles to adapt yours
Also rearranging your headlines to which headlines come first
Learn how to create your table of contents like this one here

4) Develop Your Micro Sprint

Right after getting quiet time and
Practicing writing every day
You get to develop what is called Micro Sprint

This is the key to increase typing speed
It is the ability to type continuously for 5 minutes

It can be plus or minus a minute or two
Depending on your brain power
Good news is that Micro Sprint can be improved for all of us
Remember you don't go back and edit your text
You just write flawlessly and measure your performance

5) Define Your Goals

You plan to increase your writing productivity
It should be measurable plan
Where you are able to define goals
Are you planning to reach 1000 words per hour

If this is the case, what is your current words per hour
Are you working to improve it within the next month then 2,3..months down the road?

Without goals, you have no clue what you trying to do and where you are going
You will be like a boat that is set to sail to nowhere

6) Write Anywhere You Can

When I first started writing
I realized that dedicating a writing time
It is not the best solution
Sometimes you get few points
You really want to write

It becomes very annoying
You start writing your points on your cell phone
When you go home, you email them to yourself
Then copy and paste on your WordPress
This is completely impractical and unproductive

That’s why I found that
If I can use my phone to write my blog posts
Synchronize what I wrote on all devices like my laptop or tablet
This way you can be productive by writing anytime everywhere like when you are on public transit

I started with Evernote and switched to Simplenote
Evernote allows you to format your text
But you still need to fix your content when you paste it on WordPress
That’s why I switched to Simplenote

Actually when I am using Simplenote
I have to make few lines as title H1 to H3, bold or italicize a word or phrase
I just add my note between 2 brackets for my action
Like I write a note that says make it bold or italic

If you know about an editor that overcome this formatting challenge
Add it to the comments below
I use IPhone and I have this link
It compares all text editor apps

I am happy with Simplenote as it does the job
Perhaps I am looking for search text feature
Simplenote is missing that

7) Use Voice to Text Apps

Typing is faster than writing
While nothing can beat the speed of speaking over typing
Getting your thoughts written on paper
If you are like me who is slow in typing on keyboards
You can think about using one of the speech to text apps
You have to try many mobile apps till you find the best suitable match for your needs

Also if you are writing on your Laptop
You can use Google Voice
But you have to use Google Docs
You can speak and then copy and paste
Your contents to your favorite text editor

Also is another version of voice to text

8) Use Text Expansion and Automatic Spelling Corrections

Who doesn’t like to get tools to help be productive
Text Expander is one of them
If you have some words you always use
You can build a list of abbreviated words
Then you type them and they will be written for you

Like you type IMHO (make it bold) it will be in my humble opinion (make it bold)
Remember to take sometime to review your writings and come up with these words and their abbreviated version

Also spelling corrections software is a must – it helps increase my typing speed
I always see when I write on word that few words are getting corrected automatically
If there is no correction, at least it will underline the ambiguous words for you

9) Take Frequent Breaks

You think that I don’t know
What I am talking about or
I lost focus of my point

If you don’t take frequent breaks
You will never be able to write faster than before
My tips here are a mix of both
Internal and external factors

Know yourself first
I myself struggle to write
Continuously for 30 minutes
I have to take a break and
So I measure my performance in each session

If I am able to write 500 words per session
I will set a realistic goal of 750 words
You are not writing faster from memory
But you are writing from your mind

There’s a big difference
Your goals here are for improving
The process of writing
You are not trying to improve the speed

10) Set a Deadline to Finish

If you manage to stick to setting deadlines
You are on the first step to great productivity

Problem with blogging and internet marketing in general
Everyone speaks from different perspectives
Each blogger has his/her own formula on how to accomplish things
Only one thing that really matters
Those who have deadlines and due dates
They are the one who made it online

Take this example, if you are 100% sure that
You need to write 60 blog posts each is around 5,000 words
If writing each blog post takes 12 hours
Plus let's say 3 hours for editing and adding images

You need 900 hours (60 posts x 15 hours)
If you work 4 hours per day and avoid weekends
You need 900 divided by 20 (4 hours/day x 5 days a week)
You have to work 45 weeks (almost a year)

In reality every blog is different than the other
The 60 blog posts can be different from one blog to another
Back to the deadline and setting due dates (making commitments)
I was very easy when I mentioned 4 hours per day
In reality it is really hard to achieve 4 hours a day
Especially if working full time and raising up small kids

You will end up taking very long time of around 2 years
Till you start seeing decent traffic to your blog
I bet you will quit before 2 years
That's why the only way to blogging success is by
Setting goals, defining clear due dates and working in small sprints

11) Skip Tough Parts

You have outlines which I call it
Fill in the blanks but
That does not make it easy to
Write eloquently without you get stuck losing focus and
Staring at your monitor wondering
How to move from one point to another

If you can manage to skip your current point
Go to the next one and revisit old point later
That would be great, it is hard I know and
I sometimes still struggle to make it

Practice yourself to interrupt your thoughts
Move from one point to another easily
You will figure out that
You revisit your old point and write again very smoothly
So you could have wasted your time for no reason

12) Set Separate Time for Editing

If you can ignore your urge to edit typos and missing words
Due to high speed of mind thoughts
Release your mind to let your thoughts flow and obey your hands to write
Go and edit later but don’t interrupt your mind

That’s why I mentioned Ilys earlier as when you start typing
you will not be able to see your existing words
This will make you stay focused

13) Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is good, but not when you're writing
You will experience a drop in productivity
It will take longer to finish writing your blog post
You will also be vulnerable to more errors

Avoid multitasking to write faster

Every time you switch from writing and coming back
Your brain will take long time to adjust to where you stopped

14) Accept Competition

I am not sure about your behavior but I found that it can work for many people
Those who love to be challenged

There are so many forums and websites
They let you sign up for writing competitions
There is 31 day writing challenge
Many more for 500 or 750 words per day

If you decide to go with one of them
Make sure to tell your friends and family
This will make you accountable

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How Do I Become A Productive Writer

It should be similar to what I said before, but I will recap the above in different words

1) Prepare a draft copy with all your titles/headlines as known as outlines

2) Avoid distraction at all cost

And stay focused as much as you can
Stop checking your emails/Facebook if you are in the middle of writing
Put your cell phone on mute and don’t answer calls or reply to texts

3) Write everyday no matter what

In other word, writing for your blog can be intimidating
But try to develop a desire to like it as your best friend

4) Develop your micro sprint

5) Have a set of goals

You are writing to have a good content to promote blog
Without blog content, it is hard to get SEO
Without SEO then no traffic and no conversion

6) Write even If not in front of your Laptop

Use Evernote and Simplenote across all devices

7) Use Voice to text apps

Check them on either apple store or google play or even Google Voice

8) Use Text expansions and automatic spelling corrections

9) Take a break every 30 minutes

If you can focus more than 30 minutes then keep writing but if you get tired
Don’t waste time staring at the screen
Take your break and come back fresh again

10) Assigning a deadline for every blog post

11) Skip showstopper and move on

You may get stuck on a headline or title
Skip it and move on
Come back to it later and you get inspired to write easily and increase typing speed

12) Finish your edits on non writing time

Don’t mix your writing with editing your text
I know it sounds hard, I want you to keep writing

Then edit your post later

13) Multitasking is bad enemy to writing

Multitasking is not for writing

14) Join writing competitions

Go to Google and type the phrase “join writing competitions” and see what you will get

Tools That Help Increase Your Writing Productivity

1) Google Docs

Google made it easy to write on laptop by opening Google Docs on your browser
Also download it as an app and resume writing on
You have to be connected online from your cell phone to be able to access your documents

2) Evernote

Free version lets you synchronize your documents between your laptop and cellphones
You can format your text and create headlines but they don’t work with WordPress as you have to fix your format

3) Simplenote

I love it for its simplicity and ability to synchronize text between multiple my laptop and cellphones
It keeps track of multiple version of your same document which is a very nice feature
It lacks the ability to search for a word or phrase on your cell
You can search on your laptop using the browser search feature (CTRL+F)

4) Trello

Although Trello is not considered a true text editor app
It has the ability to create multiple boards and align them together
I see this feature very useful when creating your own eBook or online course
You can lay all your chapters structure so you keep focus on your topics

5) Grammarly

Even for English native speakers
Making grammar mistakes can happen
Grammarly integrates with your browser or on your cell phone
It corrects spelling mistakes and grammar instantly while you type

6) Hemingway

Not as professional as Grammarly
But easy to use online text editor
It scans your text and highlights texts
That are hard to read

7) Ilys

You specify how many words you aim to reach
It will let you write without viewing your previously typed words
It is just a way to help you overcome your temptation to editing habits

Finally if I managed to successfully guide you on how to increase typing speed, please share what you have learned with your friends using social media to the left hand side or bottom (mobile)

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