I Will Teach You How to Make 10 Dollars in 10 Minutes

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Please forgive me if this comes across as braggadocious, but I can teach you how to make 10 dollars fast (in the next 10 minutes) if you take this article seriously. 

Quick story. 

When I was in first grade I made a cool-quick $10 selling a piece of granite counter I found in the woods to a fellow classmate. Unfortunately, for my first-grade self, I had to give him the money back because my mom said I wasn’t being honest (I told him it was a diamond rock). 

After that, I went on to selling free coupon calendars door to door for $1 a pop, followed by hotdogs and of course, lemonade. By high school, my entrepreneurial desires turned into figuring out ways to make cash quickly and over the years I became really good at making fast money without a part-time job.

That is why today I will teach you some quick side hustles and tips to make 10 dollars fast, like in less than one hour. Here is how: 

How to Make 10 Dollars Fast

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Step 1: Make 10 dollars in under 10 minutes right here:

Seriously, you can make $5 right here, make 10 dollars here, and while you’re at it,  another $5 right here. Boom, you just made $20, sorta.  

How you might be asking? 

Simply creating three new survey accounts that offer a $5 to $10 welcome bonus is a quick way to make 10 dollars. Once you collect your welcome bonuses, from there you will have to fill out some basic info and complete some surveys in order to reach the minimum cashout option. 

  1. My Points: Sign up here, take five surveys, cash out with $5 in hand. My Points has the best cash-out option in that it the minimum is just $3.00. 
  2. Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie is one of my favorites because it offers the 10 dollars welcome bonus (subject to change) and you can cash out whenever with gift cards or with at least $10. So, therefore, signing up – you can make $10. 
  3. Inbox Dollars: Sign up here, complete your basic profile, complete the to-do list, sign-up for Lifepoints and Nilsen, take the Big Buck survey worth $5, get a free McDonald’s sandwich, take a few surveys and cash out when you get to $30! The only downside to Inbox Dollars is the process to make $30 can be a little longer than the first two! 

Typically, there are some minimum cashout options when it comes to survey sites and in this table below you will find the info for the best survey sites to consider: 

Survey Site/App Sign-Up Bonus:  Minimum to Cashout:
My Points $5 (after taking $5 surveys) $3 to cashout
Survey Junkie $10 $10 to cashout
Inbox Dollars $5 $30 to cashout
Swagbucks $5 $25 to cashout

Be sure to sign up for each of the above, but focus your effort on the first two to collect the startup bonus as fast as possible. After that, sign up for the next two and grab 10 more dollars. 

Pro Tip: Use multiple emails to sign up. I apologize if that seems shady, but everyone does this with Netflix free trials and their burner email, so why not do it here and get a few more dollars while you’re at it?

Step 2: Go down your street and look for unkept grass, cut it for $10

Want to make $10, possibly $25 in the next hour? Do you trust me?

Don't be afraid, you got this and this will work. Follow these exact steps to land a quick lawn mowing gig to make 10 dollars fast:

  1. Act like you are checking your mail. Scan the street for unkept grass.
  2. Go to the neighbor's yard with mail in hand, tell them you noticed their grass was long, and ask if they “Need any help?”
  3. What will happen is they will say they don't have a mower, their mower is broke, or they don't have time.
  4. Offer to cut their grass when you cut yours by saying this: “I don't mind helping you out, I was planning on cutting my grass here in a few and could yours while I am at it.”
  5. They will at first be hesitant, but then they always say, “That will be amazing, let me pay you something.”
  6. Here is your next line: “Oh, you don't have to pay me but how about this, just give me 10 dollars for gas for my mower and we will call it even.”

Step 3: Sell something right now for $10!

Grab your phone, download OfferUp! Next, take a scan of your garage, room, office, and living room, and locate any unused items that sell fast like:

  • Apple Watch or iPhone
  • Broken smart phones
  • Old routers
  • Nice clothes you don't use
  • Unique shoes
  • Unused furniture
  • Baby clothes
  • Women's clothes
  • Men's shoes
  • Kitchen appliances and blenders

Take what you find and use your smart phone to take some nice photos. With your new photos, post your photos and item for sale on the following:

  1. OfferUp
  2. Facebook Marketplace and on local yardsale boards
  3. Craig's List


Hopefully, within the hour you will have people messaging you, perhaps even within the first 15 minutes. Usually, the way the algorithms work is they rank new things and if they get a lot of eyeballs and clicks, they keep ranking these items.

Just in the last month I have sold a dog crate, a bike rack, an old chair, a table, a grill, and a patio table. Oh yea, and a modem that I shipped to someone. In total I have been able to pull in another $250.

Right now, I have an old pair of golf shoes for sale for $10… lol!

Step 4: Donate blood plasma

Ok so you can actually make $30-40 donating your blood plasma and I wrote an entire guide here to help you:


Needless to say, donating blood plasma is actually very beneficial for medical purposes and it is of no harm to you. Your plasma is used to make medicines for those who have blood clotting issues.

Since medical companies need the plasma, they are willing to pay you to donate it. Once you setup a time to schedule an intake appointment, you can donate your blood plasma and within 45 minutes or so, you have yourself $30 or more!

Don't worry if the plasma donation center looks a little shady (like my college donation center below), they all are reputable and wouldn't be in business if not!

Step 5: Walk a dog

Find a dog that needs to be walked before, during, or after work. Have the owner Venmo you 10 dollars for a 10-minute walk. It is seriously that simple.

In fact, I pay my dog walker $10 every day to walk my dog at lunch and she does it for 10 minutes. If I want a 15-minute walk… you do the math!

Now, if you don't know someone to walk a dog for, you can always work with apps like Rover or Wag. Another option is to offer pet sitting services when friends take trips for $30 a night or something like that!

Step 6: Wash a car

I get it, at this point you’re questioning my sanity. I have now told you to collect survey rewards, knock on your neighbor’s door and offer to cut their grass, drive to the clinic to donate some plasma, walk a pet, and now this – washing a car?

Call it a comfort zone challenge, but washing someone's car might seem like something you did in middle school, but it works. Once again, use the same approach to mowing someone's lawn, but instead this time offer to wash their car.

Change up your verbiage to something like this:

I recently started a small side business detailing cars and wanted to let you know. In order to gain experience, I am offering all my neighbors a complete exterior wash for just $10! I really just want to use my experience to grow my side hustle and I hope you would be willing to support me!”

It might seem a bit corny, but you got this, and you will learn how to make 10 dollars fast by offering your services!

Step 7: Think outside the box to make 10 dollars

Is there something you're good at that will allow you to make a quick 10 dollars? Perhaps you:

  • Personal trainer – train a client
  • Got a camera – take some photos
  • Got a bike? – deliver some food
  • Got a car? – wrap it for ad money & drive people in it (rideshare)
  • Got some junk? Go sell it to a friend
  • Like landscaping? Help a family friend or neighbor out for a discounted rate
  • Own a website? Sell a link to your website
  • Handy? Become a Tasker with Taskrabbit
  • Own a power washer? Start a power washing side hustle

Point being, there are a lot of ways to make money in this world with the internet, your phone, and your hands. Don't limit yourself to what I have written above. Chances are, you are good at something and you can monetize it.

What to do with your new 10 dollars:

We all know there are countless ways to make money fast these days. In the grand scheme of things, 10 dollars isn't a lot of money, but it is still money you didn't have before!

And if you can manage to make just an extra $10 per day, you can actually use it to save half a million over the next 20 years! Not kidding, I wrote a post about how all you need is $10 a day to become worth over half a million in the next 20 years.

That said, whether you choose to take your newly acquired Alexander Hamilton and spend it on a burrito for lunch or invest it, consider being smart with your phone and exploring these options:

  1. Save your $10 for a rainy day emergency fund
  2. Invest your $10 into your first investment accounts
  3. Use 10 dollars a day to pay off debt (that is $300 a month)
  4. Make a 10 dollar student loan payment
  5. Give the 10 dollars you make away to someone in need
  6. Put your new Hamilton in a jar for a vacation travel fund

The choice is yours, but in the end, recognize that we only make things difficult in her mind. Chances are, in the next 10 minutes, 30 tops – you can make $10 if you try!

And as we part, if you're looking to really step your game up and you would like to make $100, $500, or $1,000… here are some more advanced ideas to take into consideration:

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