How To Make 1000 A Month After One Year Blogging

Wondering how to make 1000 a month from blogging
Continue reading as the title says after one year blogging
This is a very realistic plan for new bloggers
I don't want to lie to you and deceive you
Just to open my blog post

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

make around 1000 per month

I know what you are thinking
You already read similar blog posts like this before
You believe these types of articles are a waste of time

The reason you become skeptical
Because every blogger is blogging
About blogging to sell you blogging tools

They want to make money by convincing you to
Buy their recommended blogging course or
They ask you to buy your web hosing through their affiliate link

By the way, they get paid a one time payment
That may even exceed what you paid
For your web hosting for the full year of service

I don't want to sell you a web hosting here
I just want to tell you the steps
You have to follow to create a successful blog

Before you start blogging keep in mind the following things

Blogging is all about the Mindset

Why? because when you start blogging
You have to build a positive motivational mentality
Where you should believe you will be able to make money
After working on your blog persistently for at least 6 months

Usually because most bloggers are working part time
It takes more than 6 months
Since they don't see any trace of small cash
They give up before they make it online

One of the blogging challenges is that you don't make
Gradual income that keeps increasing time after time

Unfortunately you may not make money at all in your first year

If you are making few cash that keeps increasing
I believe all bloggers on this planet would have not given up
Their blogging journeys after 6 months to a year of their blogging

Those who make money in 3 or 6 months are those
Who tried before multiple times so their boost plan is actually saving them 6 months easily

What are the blogging boost plan I am talking about

When you start blogging
I will assume you made up your mind
About your niche and you found your perfect domain name

You have the right mindset and determination
Now there are few things you should learn and
If you are new to blogging then
These are inevitable to waste time for you
Therefore, you cannot start writing your blog posts from day one

You will have to learn the following

How to setup your blog using WordPress

Top Actions to take on your WordPress after installation

WordPress Tutorial for beginners

How to design your WordPress blog

How to write your blog posts

Don't tell me you will be able to catch up all these knowledge instantly
That's why it pisses me off when I read a blog post about
How to make 1000 a month in 60 or 90 days of blogging

Although there are very few bloggers
Who made more than $1,000 in 60 to 90 days of blogging
With no real experience and they started from scratch

Any exceptions for bloggers making $1000 with new blog in 60 or 90 days

I am not contradicting myself here
I said few bloggers but it is not the case for vast majority

It could be true if you are Pat Flynn
When you read his success story
It looks like he got the right blogging skills
That's why it looks like he does not brag

Now my advice to you
Learn all the required blogging skills first and
Don't count it on your blogging time scale

Yes before you give up
Ask yourself how long you have been blogging
I mean writing blog posts and building back links to your blog

Please don't count your first year of blogging
If you are still learning the above mentioned skills or tasks

So you may be wondering

What should be counted in your first year of blogging

Your first year of blogging is only about
Writing blog posts that are tightly related to 3 or 4 Silos

Silos are group of categories or keywords related to
What your blog posts are about
In other word Silo is equivalent to the blog category in WordPress

For example if you are building a blog about Frugal Living
You can have a Silo called Save Money or Invest Money

Write your blog posts to fit under these Silos

Now start thinking about how to build your writing structure

I don't want you to start writing and after completing your first or second blog post
You get stuck for a week or more trying to come up with what you should blog about next

Now you have your silos ready
These are the silos that you commit yourself writing about

Take these silos one at a time and search them in order using the following tools


Let me start with Pinterest
You collect ideas for every silo
Remember each silo can have an epic blog posts
Like Ultimate Guide to do/start followed by your silo

Writing contents based on Pinterest and Low competitive keywords

Write your contents based on very high count of repins for some pins on Pinterest
The only way to find the total number of repins for any Pin is
By checking your Pinterest account on your mobile

Getting total number of repins from Pinterest mobile app

Why I am telling you to do that
Because while you are waiting for
Google to love your new blog up to 6+ months, maybe more
You need an instant traffic and this traffic comes through Pinterest

How traffic comes from Pinterest

The above pin has 71k
Keeping those pins on Google drive
This will help you write blog posts on
Very popular topics all Pinterest users are
Highly interested to read them

At the same time write these blog posts
Using the right focused keywords by using Keysearch tool
You build a solid traffic on Pinterest and
At the same time build blog posts
That are highly customized for SEO
When the right time comes for Google to consider your blog

Tip for you, once you find a successful pin
That has thousands of repins
Copy the blog domain for this pin into Ubersuggest

Put domain in Ubersuggest search - How make 1000 month

You will be able to see all blog posts with total number of repins
You can hunt multiple blog posts with thousands of repins
Export the data to Google drive to keep them on your mobile too

Using Ubersuggest to export all blog posts - How to make 1000 a month

Keep adding to the Google drive sheet
Resort them descending and make a huge list
Take the very top to target them as your blog posts

Sorting Ubersuggest extracted data

This means from the above that
Not all niches are going to drive you
The same amount of traffic on Pinterest
Blogging about blogging is the worst

Take this next advice
Writing epic blog posts and How Tos and List blog posts are not enough to build a traffic

You have to target long tail keywords
Those that are low competitive by using keyword research tool
I know if you are not making money
You don't want to be spending a recurring monthly expenses

Trust me the only way to start getting traffic to your blog is by haunting low competitive keywords

I suggest you read my review about keysearch

Proof that all niches are not equal in Pinterest

Go and pretend that you want to
Create a new account on Pinterest
You will be surprised that
You will not be able to find
Blogging, SEO or WordPress
Under your 5 categories that
You choose for your account

Next after Pinterest you should write contents about your silos based on low competitive keywords
Remember you do it sometimes if you find low competitive keywords with high volume of traffic
At the same time you should think about link building

Neil Patel answered this question which comes first content or link building?

Repins count vs low competitive keywords

I know what you are thinking about
I was not paying attention
When I told you to collect
Highest number of repins for some Pinterest pins
At the same time, I ask you to target low competitive keywords

Actually highest number of repins come first
Then followed by finding the best low competitive keywords to
Write your blog post about
While you are using Keysearch
You will come across low competitive keywords with high volume
Save them to your list
They are really worth to write blog posts targeting these keywords

Using Youtube and Google to look for your Silos

If you go to Youtube and
Repeat the same scenario as Pinterest
Type your silo one at a time
Like “Save money”
You get a list of what people are interested to watch

Looking for your silos on Youtube

Do you see the first video that came up
How to save money on low income
Surprise I saw similar pin on Pinterest
With high number of repins

I use Youtube and Google as a reference
But Pinterest and low competitive keywords
Both should be your starting points

Same thing for Google search
You need to search for your silo one at a time
I go to Google and type “Save money”
Look at what I got below
A list of simple ways to save money

Searching Google for Silos

Next step after collecting best blog posts to write about

Next comes the consistency in writing content or building links

You cannot write 30 blog posts in your first month and
Then 2 posts in your second month
Google is expecting a consistent pace in providing update to your blog and
Based on that they will smartly build an automated robot to
Visit your blog expecting to find a new content as if
You train Google on when they should visit again
Your blog to re-index your new blog posts

Next advice is to build your own network of peer bloggers
You discuss with them the challenges you both face and
You update each other on the latest link building ideas

If you have a big group of bloggers, you can build a multi-way link building method, for example Blog A links to Blog B and Blog B links to Blog C and Blog C links back to Blog A

It is a nice trick to avoid the 2 way link building which became devalued by Google

To recap the above on how to make 1000 a month by building a successful blog

  • Exclude your blogging learning time from your time which you decide to build your blog to success
  • Your first year of blogging is only about writing blog posts and doing link building
  • Build your Google drive sheet for all blog posts that have highest number of repins
  • Check your silos against Youtube and Google to see what people are interested to watch and read
  • Write your blog posts while thinking about low competitive keywords
  • Think about link building while writing your blog content
  • Build a network of bloggers like you to help each other

Remember by building a blog with
What your audience are interested to read
Connect all these blog posts together
With the help of SEO Yoast plugin

What will happen next

Keep your hard work consistent
You will start to build traffic
Reaching Mediavine level of traffic (25,000 pageviews per month)
This can happen after 6 to one year of blogging
Your income level can be $800 to $1,000 from advertising
Plus any other thing you can make money from
Like Affiliate marketing and building your email list

Finally if you dream to start blogging and wondering how to make 1000 a month your dream can come true
Only if you live the reality that blogging requires hard work in the beginning
That's why it makes sense to hear about bloggers claiming that
They make 5 figures working 2 hours per day
They are hiring freelancers to do the work for them

What do you think about what you have read
If you know how to make 1000 a month from one blog is feasible
You can replicate the work as you already built the experience from your first blog
Who knows one day you will be having an empire of blogs making fortune for you

Now If you like this blog post
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