How To Make 200 Dollars In One Day – Starting Now

Wondering how to make 200 dollars in one day

Well I will provide you below with a list of online jobs

How to make 200 dollars in one day

Before you go through all of them

I will warn you by saying

All of my suggested online jobs require

Some kind of effort and patience from your side

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Do this assessment to check if you qualify making 200 dollars in one day

Before I start let me ask you these 2 questions

Are you are trying to make $200 every single day?

Or you are searching how to make an extra 200 a week – this is possible and easy

If your answer is Yes I meant how to get 200 dollars fast
Then are you expecting to make 200 dollars a day including weekends and statutory holidays
If you again say Yes then this is not possible
I suggest you think about starting a new blog or
Do affiliate marketing the right way
It will take you long time but your blog will make money while you sleep

Again the list below will not be realistic for you
Because it requires you to trade your time for money
You have to work every single day
It doesn't have to be a typical 9 to 5
But you work around your schedule to work at least 8 hours from home

If your answer is No
Then you can continue through my list below
But let me ask you again

Are you expecting to work 2-3 hours a day?

If your answer is Yes
Then are you still expecting to make 200 dollars a day with 3 hours of work daily
It can happen but it will take you a lot of time to hone your skills
Where you ask for more pay for your hours

For example, some freelancers bid $200 for writing an article
That can take 3-4 hours of work
They must have started with $15 to $25 per article
Till they managed to get their articles in front of serious publishing websites

If you are not sure about working on your skills or
You don't want to waste time and you want to make some cash
Without investing in yourself
Then I suggest you consider submitting PayPal surveys for money

If your answer is No
Then go through my online jobs below
Don't eliminate any job thinking it is not for you
Now let me start with

Virtual assistant jobs

You can work on a vast range of online jobs
Working in freelance jobs doing

Freelance writing
Graphic design
Data entry
Virtual assistant
Customer Service
Voice over – reading articles using your voice
Logo designers
Web designers
Web Developer
SEO consultant
Android developer
IOS developer

Both the list of jobs and the freelancing sites never end
Sign up to the below and check all different online jobs by yourself

Free Lancer

Real estate virtual assistant jobs

I listed this one separately from above virtual assistant jobs
Because they are not listed in all virtual assistant sites
Only on (link to) search for real estate virtual assistant

Real estate virtual assistants

From the screenshot above
You can get paid between $20 and $25 per hour
You can combine this job with any other online jobs
Working 4 hours making an average $22.5 x 4 hours = $90

I don't think you will have difficulty doing
What is listed in the responsibilities like
Saving and storing all real-estate photography and videos

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Another type of virtual assistant based on Pinterest
As a Pinterest virtual assistant you help clients start their profile on Pinterest
Also you create pins for their pages, find a group boards to join for them

Best Pinterest virtual assistant course to attend

I have this list for you to check
It is a mix of free and paid Pinterest VA courses

VA 101 Free course

Pinterest VA

Social Media Manager

One of the duties of social media manager is to create publishing schedule for social media content weekly or monthly
Sometimes creating the content itself
Leverage the right tool to analyze and manage your content SocialPilot or Buffer

This can be a full time job
Some people working from home managed to work with few clients generating more than any full time income

Free Social media manager courses

Social Media Monitoring for business on Udemy
Lawful Social Media monitoring on Udemy

Virtual Bookkeeping

You must have an accounting degree or at least financial experience

You work as a bookkeeper taking care of bills payment,
Creating invoices and preparing financial statements

It is recommended to check this free mini course
Own a virtual bookkeeping business

List of remote bookkeeping jobs

Accounting Department

Also you are not limited to the above sites
You can look for remote bookkeeping jobs under jobs site

Help a researcher

Respondent is somehow similar to survey sites
But they pay way more than taking surveys
You participate in real studies offered by big companies
You can get paid $100 an hour

Another research sites similar to Respondent

User Interviews
Field Work – US only
Focus Group – US only


I would say although there are so many courses on Photography
if you search Udemy you will find affordable courses there
You should have the talent and passion before taking any photography courses

You can sell your images and make up to $100 per image

List of photography sites buying images

Getty Images
Can Stock Photo
Adobe Stock

Teach English Online

Many online jobs coming from Chinese students
They are looking for English teachers to help their kids or
Anyone who needs to learn English as a second language

You need to be fluent in English
You will be able to make an average of $23 per hour

List of online sites teaching English



In this job you act as a professional typist
Where you listen to recorded audio or video and convert them into text
You can earn between $25 to $30 per hour

List of transcribing job sites for you to check

Daily Transcription
GMR Transcription
Neal R. Gross
Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations
3Play Media

How to become a Transcriptionist

With Transcribe Anywhere
They don’t provide you with the work
They have courses to enroll into, it takes from 2 to 4 months to complete

howto make 200 dollar a day

Online Tutoring

If you feel you will not be able to teach English
Perhaps because it is not your mother tongue
You still have a chance to work as a online Tutor
This is really one of the career that shows you
How to make 200 dollars fast in one day

Chegg Tutors
Aim for A Tutoring

The list goes on and never ends

Scoping jobs

What Scoping job is about?
Your job is to edit the scripts from courtroom
In the court when a reporter writes any legal proceeding
It requires a scopist to make the necessary edits

You don't need to be at court
Everything can be done from home

What do you need to do for scoping job

If you feel you are into grammar and punctuation
Ability to handle pressure and tight deadlines
Working completely by yourself

Then you many consider taking this scoping course
To turning this scoping job into a career for you

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading job is you carefully check for errors in text before it gets published
Expect to fix grammatical and punctuational errors
This job requires patience and very good command of English

There are so many online tools to help you like Grammarly

If you feel you can take this career
Then I recommend you to work on your skills
By learning more about proofreading jobs on Udemy or Proofread Anywhere

Website Tester

Testing websites is one of the lucrative jobs
If you managed to work on yourself
You gain solid experience in testing software

Some companies require to install certain software or
Use a webcam, a microphone to describe your testing steps as you test their websites

This site User Testing pays $10 via PayPal for every 20-minute video test you complete
UTest, UserFeel and are similar testing sites

Freelance Writer

This is different than writing as a virtual assistant
You write here for a publishing company
They have a submission rules if you follow their guidelines
You can get paid up to $100 per article

Publishing websites that pay you to write

In Health and Wellness Eating Well 

In Money and Finance I have
Money pantry

In Parenting
Freelance mom
Her view from home
Wow! Women on Writing
A fine parent
Just parents
Green parent

In travel
Great Escape Publishing

Writing in general

Online Writing Jobs

All the above jobs are across different skills and careers

I am not able to tell you which job to pursue

Believe in your self and your abilities

See what you really love and take it from there

Don't think about how to make 200 dollars in one day

After that you spent the rest of the month with no income

If you decide to work from home

Expect to work at the beginning more than

What full time workers work

You can have one day off as a weekend not two

You can work more than 8 hours

Realistically after a month or two you can settle your expectations
You will be able to know what can work for you and what cannot
Be patient and create a separate email address for online jobs

Finally if you find this blog post to be useful
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