How to Make 500 Dollars Fast Cash Free Today Within a Week

Are you frustrated as many people claim they know how to make 500 dollars fast cash

You think to yourself how can I earn 500 dollars fast while I don't have a second job

Or how can I make 500 dollars fast online while I am not a techie guy

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Show me an easy way to make 500 dollars and I will definitely pursue it

I know I discussed before how to make 200 dollars in a day which looked like a challenge

Now I am here to show you how to get 500 dollars fast free

But promise me to review the below methods seriously

how to make 500 dollars fast

Don't eliminate any one of them cause you think it is not for you

OK if you agree so let me begin with

Sell your unused stuff

One of the easiest way to make 500 dollars fast is to sell your unused stuff

You keep thinking how to make 500 dollars fast while you ignore what you own

If you move around your house you many find an old laptop you don't use

Perhaps a game console or unused brand new winter jackets

1- Sell CDs, DVDs, Phones, Techs and Lego

Think about it, you and me have at least old phones especially if you are on a cell phone contract

You are entitled to get a new cell phone every 2 years and keep your existing phone

Use decluttr to put yourself on the right track on how to make 500 dollars fast

You can sell phones, kindles, tablets, watches, laptops and consoles

Also you can sell books by typing your books barcode or you can install decluttr app and scan your books for barcodes

At the same time, you can check these sites too

2- Sell your clothes

Selling your clothes is one of the easiest way to make 500 dollars fast

There are so many websites and apps that can help you list your unused clothes and make up to 500 dollars cash fast

Poshmark is available in US and Canada where you can list your unused or slightly used clothes – be honest to buyers

I was checking sample of the listings and those who sell good they mention details like non smokers house and bundle items to save more money

Other available sites to check for selling your clothes


3- Sell used items on Facebook Marketplace

I love Facebook Marketplace as I tested it and found how easy it is to sell items

I was able to get 500 dollars fast by selling all of my baby's stuff like stroller, car seats and baby monitors along with other toys not suitable for my kids' ages

Definitely you should give it a try and keep it on your list

4- Sell used items on Craigslist

Craigslist is still alive for those who does not know about Facebook Marketplace

Although Craigslist looks like an old outdated site but it gets tons of traffic and it is full of weird deals and offers

5- Sell on eBay

eBay is always number one consumer to consumer eCommerce site that turned so many ordinary people to make full time income

There are so many artists and also those who make crafts or sell precious coins making decent income

Make money with side hustles

Definitely I am sure you will find a way or another on how to make 500 dollars fast doing few of these side hustles

6- Deliver food

DoorDash or Postmates are ideal sites to help you make quick money delivering food in your neighborhood for extra cash

7- Babysitting

Babysitting as a jobs can help you keep making 500 dollars cash every month

Once you find a list of parents who try your services and trust you well, they will keep asking for your free time to keep their kids with you

I found to be one of the best sites to check and create a profile if you plan to go for baby sittings as a side hustle

8- Walk dogs and pets

If you love pets and you have your own pet so it is a good idea to use your experience with your beloved pet into making quick cash

With Rover you can walk with other dogs while talking your own dog for walk

Also there are extra services if you want to try it like boarding when you are away, house sitting and drop-in visits

Also other sites to consider checking is fetchpetcare and

9- Take surveys and get paid $100 – $150 an hour

I am not listing here all well known surveys that pay you on PayPal as they can make you few cash

But not worth your dedicated time which you put in

If you are serious about how to make 500 dollars fast then check these below

I myself signed up in Respondent and never seen any task sent less than $50 for 1/2 an hour or hour

Some tasks reach up to $150 and $200 where I have seen them so many times

Other sites to consider checking

20|20 Panel
Recruit and Field
American Consumer Opinion
Probe Market Research
Survey Feeds

10- Get paid completing micro jobs for business

Some small businesses and even large corporate require someone like you to complete small tasks

For example tasks like personal opinion about their products or engage in a group discussion

They are hiring here but they are looking for people to fill the gaps

That's where Gigwalk comes into play

You can download the app on Android or iOS and search for companies in your area where you will get paid between $3 to $100 per each task

11- Perform small tasks around the house

One of the great invention nowadays is to use your skill or talent and make money out of it

Imagine you know how to fix laptops, install Windows, expert in plumbings or fixing fences

Now you can use TaskRabbit which is also a mobile app to match your skills with those who need help and get paid for that

Other websites offering similar services to TaskRabbit


12- Work as a mystery shopper

Companies hire mystery shoppers like you who can provide them with feedback about their products or services

This type of work is fun but you are expected to provide a valuable feedback about a process you believe it is likely be enhanced or customers may be frustrated about it

For example, you can have a task as a mystery shopper to order food at a fast food and provide the details of how long it takes for your order from the time you stood in the line up till you get your order ready

Or check in at a hotel for overnight stay and take pictures of everything

Stay away from scam websites that ask you to pay money

Legitimate websites like and will not ask you to pay any money

Even you can get reimbursed for the products you bought while keeping it

13- Freelance on Fiverr and Indeed

I may be wrong but I believe acting as a freelancer should be for something you are really talented at

Like creating a graphic design, logo, writing articles where your style is attractive

You can use your free time to complete some tasks on the below sites and get paid for

Free Lancer

14- Real estate virtual assistant

A real estate virtual assistant is someone who can provide real state services to brokers and real state business from his/her home

You are working virtually to find property details, doing data entry and management

Go to Google and search for Real estate virtual assistant websites

Definitely you will find a lot of available jobs

15- Social Media manager

As a social media manager you are in charge of representing a company or a blogger with social media promotion

You can use tools to automate the process for you but you take care of what you need to post and when to do that

You can finding social media manager jobs on all the freelance sites mentioned above

16- Drive your car with Uber or Lyft

Driving your car with Uber or Lyft had really opened the door to so many people showing them how to make 500 dollars fast

You have full control to turn off the app so you put yourself out of service

The good thing about both Uber and Lyft is that you can work anytime with no minimum hours at all

17- Sell pictures of yourself

Selling pictures of yourself made me right about it a detailed post

Just follow the link if you are interested and also check this post on selling pictures of your feet

I know it may sound weird but it is a true business that makes money for many

18- Get paid to be an online friend

Do you remember the movie Pretty Woman when Richard Gere asked Julia Roberts to attend business meetings during his stay in that town

Actually I think that was the spark to getting paid to be an online friend

I am just kidding but this business is kind of weird but it is well known

You pay someone to be your friend for few hours to attend a movie in theater or to accompany you to a party

19- Teach English online

Many online students coming from non English speaking countries like China need help teaching their kids or even themselves English as a second language

You need to be fluent in English and you can also set up your hours

Using the sites below you will be to make around $23 per hour


20- Do online tutoring

If you believe you cannot teach English online

But you can teach any other subject like mathematics, physics, biology..etc

Here are a list of websites where you can make your 500 dollars cash as a part time

Chegg Tutors
Aim for A Tutoring

get 500 dollars fast free by tutoring

21- Transcribing recorded audio or video

If you are a fast typist and also able to transcribe recorded audio or video

You can use the below sites to make between $25 and $30 per hour

Daily Transcription
GMR Transcription
Neal R. Gross
Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations
3Play Media

Make money with what you have

Here is a list of how to make 500 dollars fast from your property which you own

22- Work overtime for extra cash

You have a part or full time job they are willing to pay you if you work extra hours

Then why don't you add some extra hours in exchange for some cash

23- Arrange for garage or yard sale

I would say one of the easiest way to make 500 dollars fast is to arrange for garage sale

Go on each corner around your house and put the garage sale notification with your address and date and time preferably a week before the garage/yard sale event

24- Rent your car

Sometimes we have our cars sitting idle especially during the weekend

Even if you decide to use your car in weekend you will end up using one car as a family and leave your spouse car

Also if you go on vacation for 2 weeks, you car will not be used during your stay away vacation so why don't you rent it and make money out of it

By using Turo you can rent your car while it is idle

Also you can check other websites like Getaround and TravelCar

This latter TravelCar site allows you to park your car at Airport while you are on vacation and let your car make money for you

25- Rent your RV

Same like renting your idle car

If you have your own RV you can rent it and make extra cash like RVShare

Other websites to consider is Outdoorsy

26- Rent your extra room or basement

If you have a basement or an extra room, you can rent it and make extra cash

I am sure you heard about AirBnb where you can rent all or part of your living space

27- Rent an extra space for storage

This is similar to renting a space to stock your furniture or your belongings

But it is people to people so if you have an extra space to rent to others

You can use and make quick cash

28- Use Consignment shops to make extra cash

Similar to selling your items on Facebook Marketplace or any online stores

You can visit any consignment shops near you and offer to list your clothes, electronics, Jewelry and musical instruments

Consignment shops work in 2 methods either they pay you upfront

Or they list your items and share with you the profit

29- Sell your Jewelries

Some people feel like owning many Jewelries and not wearing all of them is a waste of money

In case you decide to sell your Jewelries then consider or selling them at Pawn shops

30- Sell on Etsy

If you decide to sell your Jewelries on Etsy then you have to know you can list other things like crafts, handmade and vintage items

31- Sell your college books

When you move to next year in college or university then definitely you don't need your previous year's books

There are other students who are looking to buy them

So why don't you use Bookscouter to sell your old college books

32- Check your unclaimed money

If you have an unclaimed property like money you own but you are not aware of

You can claim it from your financial institutions, business associations, governments, and other entities by using and

33- Get Refund with previous purchases

Every day you buy things like clothes, electronics, toys or household kitchen tools..etc

Who knows perhaps price will drop one day but Paribus you can get a refund if your purchased items get its price decreased

If you combine it with Rakuten where you get rewarded for any purchase you make online then definitely you will make some quick cash

34- Review websites for cash

A lot of companies require testers to test their websites

You can get paid $10 for every 10-15 minutes you spend testing websites

Consider signing up to UserTesting and also UTest, UserFeel and

Also TestingTime pays good money to PayPal account for testing products and services

35- Make money by lending money

If you have no idea about investing your money then use lending club

It is a peer to peer lending with excellent return rate definitely better than the 1-2% which you get from banks

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