How To Make a Pokemon Rom Hack

Players of Pokémon have been using hacks to modify their progress in various games for a while now. The main reason for doing this is to apply Pokémon ROM hacks, which allow players to alter multiple aspects of the game. This will enable players to customize their gameplay experience and explore new content that may not be available in the game's original version. Some players use ROM hacks to access features not available in the official version of the game, such as new Pokémon or moves, while others use them to make the game more challenging or to fix bugs or glitches that may exist in the original game. Regardless of the reason, Pokémon ROM hacks are an integral part of the Pokémon community and have been enjoyed by players for many years.

Players make a Pokémon ROM hack using a particular ROM hacking program they make or download online. They use these programs to edit the readily available Pokémon ROM extracted from a physical game copy. 

Many Pokémon players have been doing ROM hacks for fun. They can edit their game progress and what Pokémon they can have.

Even the rare and shiny Pokémon they want can easily be obtained thanks to ROM hacks. Some Pokémon players edit the game sprites and even play as NPC or non-playable characters like gym leaders. 

In many Pokémon game versions, players can edit almost all with ROM hacks. Also, because ROM hacks existed, they brought out some hidden creativity from the Pokémon community. 

Pokemon ROM Hack
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Is Making Pokémon Rom Hacks Illegal?

It depends on how the ROM hacks maker uses the data. It is not necessarily illegal to make a Pokémon ROM hack.

A significant condition that makes a ROM hack legal is a game copy you bought, and only you are the sole user. But if you distribute a copy of the game online, you can get sued by the Pokémon company and possibly Nintendo. 

And you might also be aware of the competition among Pokémon players online. They manually train and breed their Pokémon to increase their chances of winning Pokémon battles. 

It is where Pokémon ROM hacks become useful. Instead of doing those tedious breeding and iv training, a player can edit some values and stats of a Pokémon to their liking. 

The Pokémon executives and managers don’t allow these actions and will ban detected and used ROM hacks. Also, downloading ROMs is illegal and can get you in jail.

Like downloading movies and albums online, downloading Pokémon ROMs are similar. It can also be classified as piracy and illegal distribution. 

But as for Pokémon ROM hacks, it is legal as long as you are the only person involved and not used to taking advantage of other players. 

How Do You Hack Pokémon With Rom?

This section will teach you how to hack Pokémon with ROM for educational purposes only. The process is a bit complicated for newer users. 

And also, you have to proceed at your own risk. 

Pokemon ROM Hack
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Step 1: Search and Download a Pokémon Rom Hack Tool

You can type ‘Pokémon ROM hack tool’ and wait for the results to appear using any search engine. Many tools will appear and were made for platforms like Gameboy (GBA), Pokémon games, Nintendo DS (NDS), etc. 

You can choose from the top results because they are the most frequently used sites and the most trusted source of software. Then you can click on the site and choose to download specific software.

It is easy to choose software because most sites have descriptions beside them. 

Pokemon ROM Hack
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Step 2: Scan for Malware and Potential Software Threats

After downloading any new software, you must prepare your computer for any threats from malware and viruses. The same goes for unwanted software similar to ROM hack tools.

It is recommended to have your antivirus program turned on at all times. You can scan the file after and see if there are potential threats. 

One thing to note is that antivirus software will probably block it even if ROM hacking software is safe. You can temporarily disable the antivirus if you want to take the risk.

Pokemon ROM Hack
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Step 3: Install The Software

This step is simple; you must open and run the downloaded file. The software itself will give you step-by-step instructions when installing.

And most of the time, all you have to do is read, wait, and click on the ‘next’ or ‘finish’ button.

Pokemon ROM Hack
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Step 4: Extract Your Game File

An extracted Pokémon game file can also be called ROM or read-only memory. If the filename ends in ‘.zip,’ you can use any uncompressing program like WinRAR and other similar software. 

There are also downloadable Pokémon ROM files all over the internet, but if you are willing to take the risk, you can search for them and download them. Remember that downloading these types of files is illegal and is not recommended in any way. 

If you have a generic physical copy of a Pokémon game, extracting game files from it is more complicated to be included here. You can also search on the internet for such actions. 

Pokemon ROM Hack
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Step 5: Edit With Pokémon Rom Hack Tool

All that’s left is to open your Pokémon ROM hack tool software. You must find your ROM file by clicking ‘file’ and then ‘open.’

Then, you can browse your files. Once you have opened your game file, take your time to explore the features and see the stats of your available Pokémon.

You can also edit them according to what you want.  

Pokemon ROM Hack
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Step 6: Save Your Progress

After you are done, a save button will be available in the software. If you can’t find it, press Ctrl+S on your keyboard. 

Pokemon ROM Hack
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What Are The Best Rom Hacks?

There are modified Pokémon ROMs that are available. According to some players, the best ones are Pokémon Fool’s Gold, Pokémon Glazed, Pokémon FireRed: Rocket Edition, Pokémon Gaia, Pokémon Prism, Pokémon Theta Emerald Ex, and Pokémon Vega.

Remember that these are unofficial Pokémon games. Also, there are possibly more to the list that wasn’t mentioned here, and you can find them out yourself.