How to Make an Extra 1000 a Month From Home Doing Easy Side Hustles

Have you ever asked yourself how to make an extra 1000 a month from home doing any easy side hustles?

But why $1000 specifically?

Well finding a quick way to make $1000 means a lot to all of us

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

It means paying your rent or most of your mortgage

Definitely a good side hustles that can cover one of the large expenses mean you are away from living paycheck to paycheck

Also you can have extra money to properly manage your budget and save for retirement

how to make an extra 1000 a month

But how to make a quick $1000? that's what I am going to show you below

I will explore all the side hustles to make money from home possible

In my previous post, I showed you how to make money online from home making 500 dollars a month

Technically it should be the same jobs but I will filter them to jobs that pay high so you can reach the $1000 a month effortlessly

Deliver food in your neighborhood

I will start with delivering food in your area with DoorDash or Postmates

Well according to DoorDash, you are expected to make around $15 to $25 per hour

I will consider the lowest income $15 so if you work 2 hours daily plus 4 hours on weekend

You will put around 2 * 22 days as weekdays and 4 * 8 days as weekend

This is equal to 76 hours multiplied by $15 = $1140

Baby sitting

If you are really looking for how to make an extra 1000 a month then it would make sense to work full time as a baby sitter

But not everyone will be able to work this job as a full time

Unless you really love kids and be able to absorb their behaviors without complaining

If you work as a baby sitter once or twice a week for 2 hours and one day on the weekend with 3-4 kids in every session

I believe if you well advertise for your baby sitting business in your neighborhood

You will be able to get customers easily as there are very desperate parents that look for some time away from their kids to enjoy it on their own

If you baby sit 4 kids for 2 hours twice a week for $20 (this is very competitive price)

You will be able to make $320 per weekdays and another $160 in weekend or $240 if you add an extra hour

This is equivalent to $560 for one week which means you can easily earn $1000 per month if you only work for 2 weeks

You can check as it is one of the best sites

Online virtual bookkeeping

I just knew recently that there are so many accounting firms and big companies offering bookkeeping jobs online

It was nice to add this virtual bookkeeping to my list of jobs

You can find below virtual bookkeeping jobs


Walk dogs and pets

With an average of $17 per hour you can earn the $1000 per month by putting the following hours

An average of walking with 3 dogs per session for one hour you will make 3 * $17 = $51

I will say $50 so you need 20 session per month to reach the $1000

You can use Rover to walk with other dogs while talking your own dog

Also other services like boarding when you are away, house sitting and drop-in visits

Plus there are sites to consider checking is fetchpetcare and

Take surveys and get paid $100 – $150 an hour

This is really one of the quickest ways on how to make $1000 a month from home

I am referring here to real surveys that need you to attend online or conduct it over the phone

One thing to keep in mind, the amount of tasks assigned to you will not let you earn $1000 a month

It fluctuates each month as you may receive 5 surveys in a single month for $80-$150 each and in another month one or two surveys

Since you are not in control of how much you can make

I recommend you take all surveys to help reach the $1000 a month

Just sign up to Respondent and wait to receive your first task by email

Also you can consider these sites below

20|20 Panel
Recruit and Field
American Consumer Opinion
Probe Market Research
Survey Feeds

Get paid completing micro jobs for business

For many small business, it is tough to hire contractors on a temporary basis to complete tasks

That's why Gigwalk exists to help you hire resources on a task basis

It is really hard to provide an estimate here but this is a sure way to make good money

Perform small tasks around the house

Of course I don't have to emphasize that working as a handyman makes lucrative money if you have the know how

This is one of the easiest way to make an extra 1000 a month easily

The hard thing is to advertise for yourself and that was made easy with TaskRabbit

It is also a mobile app to match your skills with those who need help and get paid for that

Also there are other websites offering similar services to TaskRabbit like


Any handy work pays you around $50 an hour so you need 20 session per month to reach the $1000

You would be lucky if you are handy and you should never worry about how to make an extra 1000 a month

Work as a freelancer

I believe if you are really talented in internet marketing like writing articles or designing graphics for blogs/websites

There are tons of work and the pay can be really good depending on your rating and your customers' reviews

Anyway you can use these freelancer websites to find work

Free Lancer

This type of work is similar to completing micro jobs

Just build a good reputation and build a nice 5 stars rating then you can charge more for your hour

Real estate virtual assistant

A real estate virtual assistant is a job where you provide real estate services to brokers

There are high demand for this job

Just go to Google and search for Real estate virtual assistant websites

Expected to get paid around $20-$22

If you work 12.5 hours per week for $20/hour

This comes up to 50 hours x $20 which is equivalent to $1000 per month

Social Media manager

As a social media manager you are entitled to represent a blogger or a company with all their social media promotion

You can use an automated tool to help you carry your promotion

This is one of the jobs that require longer working hours with one or two customers you can reach more than the $1000 threshold per month

Keep in mind that it requires long hours and very discipline personality

Teach English online

The average pay for teaching English online is around $23

This means you need around 44 hours a month which is equivalent to 11 hours per week

Consider signing up for these below websites to increase your chance of find an English teacher job


Do online tutoring

If you are not sure about teaching English online

But you believe you can teach any other subject like science or mathematics

You still have a chance to make good money

Check the below websites to secure a good job teaching online

Chegg Tutors
Aim for A Tutoring

Transcribing recorded audio or video

This job requires you to transcribe any recorded audio or video by typing them

It pays really good between $25 to $30 per hour

You need around 40 hours on the lowest $25 rate per hour to reach $1000 a month

Daily Transcription
GMR Transcription
Neal R. Gross
Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations
3Play Media

Renting your RV

I am so fascinated with any thing that requires renting something you own

If you own an RV you don't have to worry about how to make an extra 1000 a month

You make money while you still have the energy to do physical work

If you own RV you can rent it and make extra cash with RVShare and Outdoorsy

The renting price ranges from $100 to $300 depending on the RV class A, B or C

Also the age of your RV is another factor

Let's say you rent it for $100 then you need 10 days to make $1000 a month

how to make an extra $1000 per month

Renting your car

Renting your car can bring you less income than RV

Again you can rent your car while not using it

Like renting one car on the weekend and renting if you are travelling outside

Renting your extra room or basement

Renting basement will bring you the $1000 easily without any hassle

Some house owners rent their basement while they don't have kids

Also renting an extra room through AirBnb can really make you good money

Renting an extra space for storage

This is exactly similar to renting a space in storage place to stock your furniture

This is people to people type of renting

If you have an extra space you can use to make money out of it

Selling your Jewelries

I know selling any extra Jewelries will not make you a recurring $1000 every month

It can be a good starting point to get this money and invest it in a long term stocks or bonds

Selling on Etsy

Are you talented making crafts, handmade and vintage items

If you are one of those talented people, you have a good chance to create an Etsy store and list your items there

Testing websites for cash

There is a very high demand for website testers

Expect to make $10 for every 10-15 minutes you spend testing websites

You can use UserTesting, UTest, UserFeel and

TestingTime pays to your PayPal account for testing products and services

If average is $20 per hour you need 50 hours a month to reach the $1000

Final words on how to make an extra 1000 a month

you have so many options to consider if you are serious about earning extra income like $250, $500 or $1000 a month

Remember you can reduce your expenses to a certain limit but the best way to avoid living paycheck to paycheck is to increase your income

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