How To Make Candles To Sell From Home

Do you know how to make candles to sell and earn money as a side hustle?

If you say No, no worries it is so easy to make candles and sell them online

Or you can visit many stores and offer to display your home made candles

I bet you all stores will accept the idea of selling your candles and make profit of the difference between their price and yours

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how to make candles to sell

That's why I am going to discuss topics related to candles business

So I will start with the below

Is candle making profitable?

Yes making candle at home is very profitable

The margin profit is relaxed

For example what can cost you $2 if you make it at home can cost you more than $10 if you decide to buy it from stores

It is a five billion industry which got many room for you to sell your homemade candles

Don't believe me check Etsy stores for people selling homemade candles

Also on Facebook Marketplace and eBay

What you need for candles making business?

Good news is that you can start selling candles with material as low as $100

First you need to buy equipments that you will use it over and over

1- Melting pot

2- Thermometer

3- Scale

Beside recurring materials used in making candles like

4- Wax

5- Jars and containers

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6- Wicks

7- Stickers

8- Oil fragnance

9- Candle Dye

10- Metal candle wick centering devices

11- Candle wick trimmer

What types candles you can make at home?

You can make and sell many different types of candles like

Paraffin Wax Candles

Advantages of making paraffin wax candles are they carry long lasting fragnance than soy or beeswax

Paraffin also requires high temperature to melt

Best thing about paraffin is that it is less expensive than any other waxes

Bad thing about paraffin wax is that it emits 11 known toxins while burning

Also it pollutes the air when used indoors

Soy Wax Candles

Soy wax contains non artificial components which makes it 100% natural

This means it is for sure better than paraffin wax

Also zero toxins when burning not like paraffin wax

Soy candles can last longer because of it is low melting point

Also low melting point means stronger smelling for scented candles

Finally it is easy to clean for any accidental spills

Palm Wax Candles

Palm wax candles are manufactured to burn completely without soot

It lasts longer and disperses fragrances better than soy wax candles

The good thing about palm wax candles is that it stays longer in summer since it has high melting point than soy and paraffin wax candles

The one disadvantage of palm wax candles is that it is more expensive than paraffin candles

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax is similar to soy wax candles in term of burning longer than paraffin candles

On the other side, its disadvantage is that it costs more than soy and paraffin candles

Bayberry Wax Candles

Bayberry wax candle is made of natural material

Without any fragrance it smells like freshly mown grass

Not available all year but mainly around Christmas and New year

Expensive as it takes long time and consumes lot of berries to make this type of candle

How to make wax melts to sell?

Before you start making candles to sell you have to follow the steps below

1- Measure your wax

Measuring wax for the first time requires you to put half the portion into the container

There is a reason for that because you need to practice the sense of estimating the right quantity

For example, If you have 16 oz of wax to melt and pour into 8 containers each is 2 oz

You will need 14 oz of wax and 2 oz of fragrance

Start with 7 oz of wax and add one oz of fragrance if it is your first time

2- Melt your wax

Don't expose your container to direct flame

Best practice is to place your container into surrounding water in a big container and heat the water

3- Add fragrance

Once your wax started to reach its boiling point you will need to add the fragrance oil and stir slowly until you see it completely dissolved

4- Add dye (optional)

If you are selling white candles only then I have to let you know that customers are not buying white candles anymore

They like varieties of different color and this is where it comes to add the dye

5- Attach wick

Don't rush pouring your melted wax into the container

Make sure you have your wick in the center and ensure the wick is secured to it

You can attach the wick in all containers while waiting for the wax to melt

6- Let wax cool for a bit

Don't pour the wax right away into the container

Wait to cool and you still can stir the wax

Keep in mind the best temperature to start pouring is 135o F equivalent to 57o C

7- Pour your wax

Start pouring your wax and I found the best way is to come close to the container

Pour away from the container and from the wick as the hot wax can bend it

8- Secure your wick

Usually you want to keep the wick secured and centered

I found it is better for you to use metal candle wick centering devices to ensure you keep it always in the middle

9- Leave candles to cool

Leave it to cool down and don't be fooled by the thick solid layer on top

Usually melted wax in a big container can take several hours to get completely dry

10- Trim wick

It is recommended to keep only quarter inch of wick on the surface

You can use something like candle wick trimmer to do the job for you

How much money do you make selling candles?

First if we analyze the profit margin in selling candles it is about 50% to 70%

That's a good profit margin and you have lot of room to compete

New homemade candles makers can expect to make $500 to $1,000

They can push a little harder to make it a full time job

How to get yourself established in selling candles?

Below are few points that can help you establish a solid ground in the candles selling business

Although they look obvious but not everybody follows them

Define your audience and whom you're selling candles to

You have to know your customer

I know you always hear this sentence but in candles selling business knowing what target customer would buy will help you shape yourself

Are you selling eco friendly candles using soy or bayberry waxes?

Maybe you are selling strong scented candles or decorative candles

Or maybe you're selling affordable paraffin candles

You have to start with all types of candles and see which type differentiate you from competitors

If your customers buy strong scented candles more from you then you can add variations and track your sales

Keep in mind that selling eco friendly candles cost around $20 and more

While decorative candles are around $40 to $50

Scented candles are around $15 while paraffin candles are less than $15

Find cheap sources for your wax

95% of your candles cost relies on the wax you buy in bulk

It is wise if you find multiple sources that give you great discount on quantities

So always look for new sources for your wax

Find the best price to sell your candles

Every candle has its own selling price according to its type of wax

Also according to what each candle going to be used for

Keep in mind some types of candles like decorative and wedding candles are highly recommendable to be made from paraffin wax

These candles are heavy candles with lot of wax so eco friendly wax are not a wise option

Even with paraffin wax decorative and wedding candles cost around $40 to $50

Scented candles are around 200 grams with around a price range of $15

While paraffin candles can be around 300 to less than 400 grams of paraffin wax with a price range of less than $15

Test different distribution channels

If you are first starting it would be better for you to reach out to decorative and home stores to display your candles

What is required here is to find a base to distribute your products

Then take it online like creating an Instagram account with professional pictures of all your candles and creating a Pinterest account is a wise option for you

Also you can take orders on Facebook Marketplace and eBay

The point here is to try different channels and try online ads

Buy a domain name and website

Definitely you need an easy to remember domain name reflecting your company name if you have one registered already

Domain name if you don't know is the website name you type in your browser to go to the website

I found the best place to buy your domain name is to use namecheap

For hosting your website I recommend to use Siteground as best web hosting

Register your company

I am not sure how you will take your candles business to the next level

But you have to know if you are selling candles under a sole proprietorship you pay more taxes than being registered as corporate

At the same time handling corporate company is not easy as you have to keep proper track of all of your expenses and you have to keep accurate data

On the other side, sole proprietorship does not require that much of work

Keep your candles quality consistent

What is more important in any candles business is keeping your quality consistent

Customers are buying your candles consistently as this is not a one time product

To keep your sales on the same pace you have to collect feedback on your website or accept emails for complains and read always your customers' reviews

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