How to Make Money as a 13 Year Old

Being a 13 year old looking to make money is not an easy thing

Simply any 13 year old can't join workforce to make money

But why? because legal hiring age is 16 or 18 in all places

This means as a 13 year old adolescent you have to make money under the table

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How to Make Money as a 13 Year Old

Having said that what can a teenager 13 year or older work to earn money

Well, I am going to discuss in this post how to make money as a 13 year old

Is it possible to make money if you're 13 year old?

Yes it is possible as a teenager to make money but you won't get a fixed job

You've to work hard to create a need for your services within people around you

Or you can find tasks to complete on the internet

And that's what I am going to discuss below

Take surveys and discussion groups

It is an easy job for an adolescent to take surveys and make money

You don't need to teach a teenager how to sign up for any survey sites

I love these below survey sites as you can start making money right away

Swagbucks a complete reward site with many tasks to make money

Clixsense similar to swagbucks

PrizeRebel is a survey site paying through PayPal

Survey Junkie is a well known site in the survey industry

Also add Daily Rewards and Inbox Dollars to your survey sites list

Now the below sites are working differently

As a 13 year old to make money you just need to participate in phone call or group discussion with expected pay of around $100

The top site is called Responded and some similar sites below

20|20 Panel
Recruit and Field
American Consumer Opinion
Probe Market Research
Survey Feeds

Play games

As a 13 year adolescent it is easy to make money by playing games

It is part of your teenager characteristics

video games tester is one of the side hustles for adolescents

If you like this type of work then you can sign up to the below sites

WorldWinner from GSN
Second Life
Paid Game Player
PCH Games

Watch videos

My kids love watching TV and it is hard to control screen time

Actually it gets worse when they turn into a teenagers

That's why it is easy for a 13 year and older to make money watching video

The below sites offer section to watch videos

Daily Rewards
Inbox Dollars
Ipsos I-Say

Search the internet

So many advertising companies like to monitor your search behaviors

Swagbucks gives incentives when you carry your searches through their site

They promise that all your searches will stay anonymous

Few virtual assistant tasks

As a 13 year old it is not hard to make money working as a virtual assistant

I know it will be hard to complete most of these tasks below

Freelance writing
Web designers
Web Developer
SEO consultant
Android developer
IOS developer
Graphic design
Data entry
Virtual assistant
Customer Service
Voice over – reading articles using your voice
Logo designers

But it is not impossible for example reading articles using your voice or logo designing

These tasks are not complicated

What you can do is to sign up below and check what you can do as a virtual assistant

Free Lancer

Test and review websites

As a 13 year old it is easy to make money reviewing and testing websites

With Userlytics you will do some basic tasks like clicking on advertisement and comparing sites

Everything will be completed while being recorded using your webcam and microphone

You will get $10 for every completed task

Also the below sites are similar to the above

User Testing
User Feel

Review music

Teenagers love music and usually listen to all strange type of songs

So it is easy as a 13 year or older to make money just by listening to music

teenager making money by listening to music

If you would like to give it a try all you have to do is to sign up to the below sites

Slice the Pie
Playlist Push

Voiceover artist

Voiceover work is not for adults as you think

There are many cartoon movies and advertisement looking for teenagers

This gives 13 years and older a room to make money recording their voice

There are vast types of media like podcasts, video games and advertisements on TV and radio

Just sign up to and make sure your parents monitor your activity to make sure you stay safe

Do chores

I know some parents write a list of chores and price of each chore beside it

While others agree to pay a lump sum for completing a set of chores weekly

This is considered a wise decision for parents

And good opportunity for 13 year and older to make money from home


Babysitting is one of the lucrative business that really makes you money

Although it is challenging to sign up if you are a teenager

I think the age factor is an issue even if it is accepted, parents will reluctantly leave their toddlers with you

Good news, with you can take care of pets

Babysit siblings

Another easy way for 13 year old and older to make money is to babysit their siblings

With no doubt sometimes parents need to take time away from their kids

It is a good chance for teenage to get paid for babysitting his younger sibling

Dog walker

This is an easy job for teenagers to walk dogs in their neighborhood

With Rover, fetchpetcare and you can sign up and offer your service

Wash cars

Washing cars is one of the tasks all car owners do it every now and then

You can trust teenagers to wash your car

It is a quick task that takes less than half an hour


Yardwork is one of the easy task that all homeowners don't want to do themselves

At the same time, if you hire a professional company you will pay much

That's why it is good fit for 13 year and older to make money and saving you at the same time

Shovel snow

I remember in one of the snow storm day I got 2 teenagers offering to shovel my snow

Actually I didn't have cash to pay so I did it myself

In fact, if you hire a professional snow remover company you will pay a minimum of $350 and more

Just to remove your snow for 3 to 4 snow storms during the season

That's why it would be wise to hire a 13 year or older to remove your snow and let them make money

It is a WIN WIN situation

Raking leaves

Although raking leaves is not like shoveling snow

I mean it is way easier and not a hard job as shoveling snow

Still a lot of people don't like to do it

They would hire teenagers to carry the job for them

That's why it is a good opportunity to find many household looking for somebody to rake their leaves

Deliver newspaper

Delivering newspaper is a typical and traditional job that only 13 year and older do to make money

Teenagers monopolize this newspaper delivery task

I think I have never seen an adult delivering newspapers to the doors

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