How To Make Money as a Student and Get Certified

Do you know how to make money as a student

Well, Students have it tough

Course materials, groceries, public transport, and household bills are only some
of the expenses college students must endure

Loans and grants can help but don’t solve the daily challenges of living on a very tight budget

The obvious suggestion that springs to mind is “avoid spending money unnecessarily!”

But most university students have already mastered the ability to save money

Wherever and whenever they can

Grocery shopping at the end of the day, when many items from the chilled cabinet get a reduced price

It is one of the most common tricks making the most of second-hand shops is another staple in the students’ list of money-saving tips

how to make money as a student

In charity or thrift shops you can find a bit of everything, from clothes to furniture

Despite their best efforts at being frugal, avoiding waste, and budgeting their money

Students often find that these strategies aren’t enough to get by


For this reason, many resort to finding a part-time job that allows them to keep up with their busy schedule while earning some money

Unfortunately, these temporary part-time solutions are rarely exciting and motivating

Would you be interested in a job that can be done either face-to-face or online at a time and place that suits you?

A job that happens to be extremely fulfilling and rewarding?

If this sounds appealing, then teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) might be the right option for you

That's why I am going to discuss below how to make money as a student

Teaching While Studying

Contrary to what most people believe

Holding a university degree is not necessary to get into TEFL

If you are working towards your degree, you will stand out from the other candidates who don’t hold a further education certificate

What most employers require, however, is a TEFL certificate

Which costs for you as a student money, time, and effort

It feels like being back to square one


Don’t worry though, there are ways of getting your foot in the door and making some money without a TEFL qualification

First, let’s look at the benefits that a TEFL course can bring you

Advantages of Getting a Tefl Qualification

If you can spare some time and money for a TEFL course you’ll soon notice how useful it can be for your future career

Even if you have no intention of pursuing teaching after you graduate

This course will help you develop a range of transferable skills to impress any potential employer

Enhance Your Confidence

During a TEFL course you will learn to plan and deliver lessons, assess

And, most importantly to stand in front of a class of eager students to make money

Not many people are born public speakers

This is your chance to develop your ability to speak confidently to your

Whoever that may be

Show Flexibility

No day is the same in a classroom

During the course you’ll learn to deal with unexpected situations and to manage unforeseen circumstances

Thinking on your feet is the kind of skill modern employers want to see in their potential employees

Demonstrate Resourcefulness

You can’t make everyone happy

But when you’re a TEFL teacher that’s what you should try to achieve

Every single one of your learners have their own expectations and goals

Sometimes your carefully planned lesson doesn’t engage them as much as you thought

Or it turns out to be too difficult/easy for their level


The ability to solve problems on the spot is one of the most useful skills you could possibly develop, as a teacher and as a professional

A TEFL qualification also will…

Increase Your Range of Opportunities

Nobody can predict the future, that’s for sure

So to make money as a student you might decide to take a gap year abroad after your hard earned degree

Or you might need to challenge yourself with a career change a few years down the line

Your TEFL certificate can help you finance your travels!

Boost Your Employability

Obtaining a TEFL certificate is not an easy feat

It shows that you are not afraid of commitment nor challenges

It also demonstrates that you have a professional approach towards the world of work

If you want to unlock your potential and are interested in learning more about TEFL courses, remember that there are many different options out there:

Choose an accredited 120-hour course offered by a reputable provider

Feel free to contact them directly and ask them questions

They will help you find the #1 best online TEFL course


No Tefl Course? No Problem!

Between lectures and coursework, the life of a college student is busy

You might have no time (or money as a student) for a TEFL course

Here are some ideas of what the TEFL industry can offer you without being
TEFL qualified

1- Organize Conversation Classes

Learners of English know that speaking and listening are fundamental skills to improve to learn a language effectively

You can set up your classes online on a free online platform or in-person, in a coffee shop for example

It doesn’t require much preparation on your part

Think of an interesting topic that the learners might enjoy and come up with some discussion questions

Listen to what they say and help them improve their vocabulary

It’s an engaging way to make money as a student and meet new people along the way

2- Create Language Learning Materials

An increasing number of language learners are studying English independently

They are always looking for good quality materials for self-study

The same goes for teachers

Always so very busy, they look online for lesson ideas that can save them time

From reading comprehension questions to grammar tips

You could make money as a student helping teachers and learners of English

3- Video Lessons/Blogs

Another way of making money in the TEFL industry (and beyond) is to monetize your blog or your videos

Don’t be put off by the abundance of video lessons or TEFL blogs already available

All it takes is a fresh approach or a new point of view to make you visible and (perhaps) successful

Note while having the relevant qualification will dramatically increase your chances, it is possible to find a teaching role without a TEFL certificate. Be prepared for fierce competition, though


To Sum Up on How To Make Money as a Student?

Many university students endure financial struggle on a regular basis

When saving money isn’t enough

The alternative is to find a temporary job that can be engaging and useful for their future

Teaching English as a Second Language offers the opportunity to earn money without compromising on convenience and fun

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