How To Make Money As A Teen: 30+ Great Ways

Making money can seem like a daunting task, but it's not impossible. If you're looking for ways to make money as a teen, this post is for you. We've compiled a list of ideas that will help you get started. So whether you want to start your own business or find a part-time job, read on for ideas that will work for you!

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Benefits Of Teens Making Money

Before we jump into all the ways you can make money as a teen, let’s take a look at why you should make some extra cash as a teenager.

Whether you are looking for something to do in your evenings, or to keep you occupied during the long summer break, there are many benefits to making money as a teenager.

Let’s take a look at some of those reasons now. If you are on the fence about making money as a teen, this will convince you!

It Teaches You Balance

First off, earning some money by working part-time can help with so many skills! Having another demand on your time, like working evenings and weekends teaches you:

  • time management
  • how to manage money
  • how to make tough decisions, like saying no to a party to catch up on school work.

Having a job or one of our other money-making ideas helps you learn a lot more about what you want and what you need. We know, we sound a little like a nagging parent now, but trust us, this skill is a super handy one to have!

If you are deciding between shoes that you want and a book for school that you need, you are more likely to choose what you need when it’s your own money.

Being able to manage your money and still treat yourself is a life skill that you will be thankful you learned as a teen rather than struggled with as an adult, trust us!

It’s a Good Experience

Having a job and making some money as a teen is also a wonderful experience. This experience will certainly set you apart from other applicants when applying for full-time jobs, college, or a research program.

You don’t need us to tell you that everyone wants you to have experience before giving you a chance, and if you’ve already got some under your belt, you should find it easier to get a full-time job down the line.

Employers look favorably on students who have worked while studying. Not only can a job help you pay your way through college, but it shows employers that you can manage your time well. You will already be used to:

  • structuring your time outside of school
  • working with different people
  • coping with different responsibilities

These suggest that you can cope with college, which comes with far more freedom than school. And if you have made money in something related to your college degree or field of interest, you look super dedicated and serious about your goals.

Employers will love that and are more likely to offer you an interview or a place on your chosen course.

It Helps With Confidence

Having a job and earning your own money can also help to boost your confidence. In most jobs, you are likely to learn new skills and meet new people. Both of these will help boost your confidence.

You will be less likely to shy away from a task, as you know now that you can learn new things and excel in them!

You will also feel more comfortable talking to new people and building relationships with them. If you hadn’t worked before and only bothered with the same few people in your school, you might struggle to make new friends and interact with people at college or work.

Now that we have covered some of the benefits of earning money as a teen, let’s take a look at how you can make money as a teenager. We have included a wide variety of ways you can make money, so there is sure to be something for everyone!

Keep reading to find your new way to make money now!

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How To Make Money As A Teen

Let’s dive straight in and look at how you can make some money as a teen. For each option we have we will talk about what it is, how it works, how you can apply, and anything that you need to be mindful of when using that method to make money.

So without further ado, let’s get into this list and find a way for you to make money today!

1. Get A Part-Time Job

First up, we have the most obvious way to make money as a teenager: to get a part-time job.
Now, this can be a little tricky, and it does depend on the jobs available in your local area, but a job on evenings, weekends, or even seasonal work throughout Christmas or the Summer break can help you earn money.

You can find jobs in your local area online through job listings, social media, or popping into stores and asking about vacancies. In these cases, you will need to complete an online application or hand in a resume to apply for the job.

Depending on your area, there are a couple of different jobs you could opt for. Retail is a popular choice, where you could work as a cashier, stock assistant, or move stock in the warehouse.

Hospitality is another sector that teenagers often work in. Whether as a server at a restaurant or working in a fast-food drive-thru, there are plenty of opportunities for you to earn money.

These types of jobs are considered ‘traditional’ part-time roles, and most pay minimum wage. But they aren’t for everyone. If there aren’t any retail or hospitality jobs in your area, you might be wondering what else you can do. Well, keep reading, as we have lots more ideas coming up!

earn money babysitting

2. Offer Babysitting Services

Babysitting is another one of those traditional jobs that teenagers usually have. You can babysit in your local area and set hours that suit you!

Ask neighbors or family friends with children if they need a babysitter in the evenings or weekends and recommend yourself. Often, you will be alone with younger kids while their parents are working, at a function, or enjoying an evening to themselves.

The responsibilities of a babysitter will vary depending on each situation. Still, you can expect to entertain small children with games, TV, or activities the parents have asked you to complete.
You might also need to feed them, get them ready for bed, or help with homework.

Babysitting is a fantastic way to earn extra money when needed. You might work for the same family regularly, like every other Saturday, or work for a few different families over a few evenings every week.

3. Pet Sitting Services

Just like babysitting, pet sitting is a good way to earn some extra money without needing to leave your local area. If any family friends need someone to feed their pets or keep an eye on them for a few days, you can make some money!

You might need to visit their house a few times to feed a cat and let it outside, or you might stay overnight to ensure that their dog has company and is walked daily. The responsibilities will vary depending on the situation, so ask plenty of questions to know what is expected of you!

The amount of money you can earn will vary too depending on if you need to stay overnight, and often you will have access to whatever treats are in the cupboard too! Pet sitting is a lot of responsibility, but it can be a fun way to earn money!

You can find people who need pet sitters through family friends, or social media, or you can use the Rover app. Just remember to check what they want you to do and agree on a fee beforehand.

4. Make Money House Sitting

Not everyone likes to leave their homes empty when they take a trip out of town. You can house sit for family or friends and make some extra money when needed.

House sitting usually involves staying at the house and performing some simple maintenance and tasks. You might need to:

  • water plants
  • care for their pets
  • bring in their mail
  • adjust their sprinkler system.

It provides the homeowner with peace of mind that someone is in their house while they are away, reducing the chance of a break-in as it looks as though someone is home.

You might need to house sit for a weekend or a few evenings in the week, depending on how long they are away. You can agree to this beforehand, along with the cost of your services.

People tend to look for reliable and responsible people to house sit for them, so reassure them there won’t be any parties while you are there!

If you do a good job, you are likely to be recommended to friends and family, giving you plenty more houses to sit in when you are free.

House sitting is more of a sporadic job than a regular one. You might want to incorporate this with other odd jobs on the list to make some more regular money.

woman making money dog walking

5. Dog Walking Pays Good Money

Dog walking is another fantastic job opportunity for those that love animals. Many teenagers across the country work as dog walkers, walking dogs from their neighborhood in the evenings or on weekends.

Usually, this work takes place once you have finished school and involves:

  • Collecting the dog from the owner.
  • Walking it.
  • Cleaning up any mess.
  • Safely returning it home.

You might be asked to take the dog to a local dog park or take it around the block a few times.

The extent of walking the dog needs will vary depending on its age and fitness level, so you could be out for 15 minutes or over an hour!

You can also walk a few dogs simultaneously to earn extra money! Be sure that all the dogs will listen to your commands when doing this.

Walking someone’s pet is a lot of responsibility, be sure that you only walk the number of dogs you can control! Don’t make the job any harder for you than it needs to be.

6. In-Person & Online Tutoring

Tutoring is a fantastic way to make money online and study too! If you excel in one or a few subjects, you can tutor other students who need extra support.

Tutoring pays great money, too, you can make roughly $20 an hour, and you can increase that with the more experience you get.

There are plenty of websites you can use to promote yourself and tutor, but be mindful that they take a percentage of your wage. You can also advertise yourself through social media and flyers at your school and community areas.

You can set your hours with tutoring, working at a time that suits you. You can tutor in public spaces like libraries, at your home, or in your students' homes. You will help them with homework, any tricky coursework, or prepare for exams and tests.

Often, you will discuss with the student or the parent beforehand what area of the subject they need tutoring in or if you are working towards improving their grade.

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7. Sell Stuff To Make Money

There are a few different ways for teens to make money selling. One option is to sell stuff that you no longer need or use. This could be done by having a garage sale, posting items for sale on online marketplaces, or even selling items to a local thrift store.

If you have any old clothes, electronics, furniture, or other items around your house that you no longer need, selling them is a great way to make some extra money. You can also sell handmade crafts or goods if you have a talent for making things.

Another option for selling stuff is to have a bake sale or other type of food sale. If you are good at baking, this is a great option for making money. You can also sell other types of items like dog treats, fruits, and vegetables.

8. Wash Cars

Another option for making money as a teen is to start a business detailing cars. Washing cars is a great option if you are good with your hands and like working on vehicles. You can start your own business or work for an existing car detailing company.

To get started, you will need to invest in some supplies like rags, polishes, and waxes. You will also need to have a place to work, such as a driveway or garage. Once you have everything you need, you can start advertising your services.

You can promote your business by word-of-mouth, online ads, or flyers. You could even make a Facebook or Instagram page for your customers to follow and support. You can ask them to share it with their friends to help you promote your business and get more cars to clean.

Once you get some clients, you will be well on your way to making money as a teen!

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9. Make Money With Online Survey Sites

This can seem too good to be true at first, but you can make money just by watching videos or filling in online surveys! You can use sites like Survey Junkie which send you suitable surveys based on your profile.

Each survey you complete will generate rewards that can be redeemed with PayPal or e-gift cards that you can spend with a range of retailers or transfer directly into your bank account.

Now, the amount you can earn varies from survey to survey. Some only pay out a few cents, whereas others will pay a few dollars.

All of this does add up, especially if you dedicate 30 minutes a day to fill out these surveys. It’s not the most lucrative, but if you don’t have the time to spend hours out of the house working, then this is a great option.

You can complete the surveys on your phone, without needing to leave the sofa or your bed. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us!

10. Do Odd Jobs For People In Your Neighborhood

There are plenty of ways for teenagers to earn money doing odd jobs. One option is to offer yard work services, such as:

  • mowing lawns
  • trimming hedges
  • or raking leaves.

Another option is to provide painting services, either interior or exterior. Teenagers can also do household chores like laundry, grocery shopping, or vacuuming for families in their neighborhood.

Additionally, many businesses need workers for tasks like restocking shelves, manning the register, or cleaning up. So whether it’s painting fences or watering plants, there are plenty of opportunities to make money as a teen.

You can promote your business by going door to door or posting on social media.

11. Playing Video Games

You may be surprised to learn that you can actually make money by playing video games.

There are many ways to do this, such as streams where people can watch you play, creating YouTube videos about gaming, or becoming a professional gamer.

If you love playing video games, this could be a great way to make some extra money. You can start by streaming your gameplay on platforms like Twitch or YouTube.

You can also create videos about gaming tips, tricks, and strategies. And if you are good enough, you could even become a professional gamer and compete in tournaments for cash prizes.

12. Managing Social Media Platforms

There are several ways for teens to make money managing social media.

Perhaps the most obvious way is to offer their services to businesses and organizations looking for someone to help them with their social media presence.

Teens can also create and manage their own social media accounts devoted to a particular topic or interest and generate income through advertising or affiliate links.

Finally, teens with an entrepreneurial spirit can launch their own social media marketing businesses, offering services to small businesses and individuals.

With a little creativity and hard work, there are endless opportunities for teens to make money in the social media realm.

13. Video Editing

If you're a teen interested in video editing, there are plenty of ways to make money from your skills. Whether you're creating content for platforms like YouTube or working as a freelance editor for businesses and organizations, your talents can be put to good use—and earn some extra cash. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

One option is to create videos for social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram. If you have a knack for filming and editing, you can create engaging content that brings in views and followers. You can also monetize your channel through sponsorships or advertisements.

Another possibility is to offer freelance editing services to businesses and individuals. With the rise of online video content, there's a growing demand for skilled editors who can help create compelling videos. If you have an eye for detail and a passion for editing, this could be a great way to earn some extra income.

There are also opportunities to work as a staff editor for businesses or organizations. Large companies often have in-house video teams that produce various content, from commercials and product videos to corporate training materials.

14. Make Money With Freelance Writing

You can always find website owners looking for someone to write for their websites. Whether that is a blog post, some descriptions of images, or to create a personal profile, you can find some freelance writing to get paid for.

It is a good way to make money, but if you would like to write in the future, then it is a fantastic job to add to your resume!

You could sign up through an agency and be matched to sites, work solely freelance, and apply for online writing jobs. If you are serious about this job, it’s a good idea to create your blog, upload some of your writing and add it to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

This way, others can see your work and see if you would be a good fit for their website or not.
It also allows them to contact you easily and negotiate the price, word count, and tone.

You might also want to take some courses to learn more about writing and SEO to help you stand out against other young writers.

girl make money blogging

15. Create Your Own Blog

There are a few different ways to make money as a teen through blogging, such as:

  • setting up advertisements
  • writing sponsored posts
  • or selling products and services.

Teens can also use their blogs to build their portfolios and attract potential clients. To get started, you should first choose a niche or topic you are passionate about.

You should then create high-quality content that will appeal to your target audience. Once your blog is up and running, you can promote it through social media and other channels.

And if you learn how to blog and put in the hard work, you can start to make money from your blog in about a year or year and a half.

16. Referee Or Umpire

If you are passionate about sports, make money by becoming a referee or an umpire. You could referee at local soccer matches, little league tournaments, or tennis.

If you are already part of a local sports team, see if you can earn some extra cash refereeing some of the younger groups’ matches or coaching them. You probably won’t need any additional training at a junior level, and this can be a fantastic way to make some extra money and keep fit too!

If you enjoy it, you can do extra training to referee other matches at higher levels.
The cost of training varies, and you might be able to get the course paid for via school or other leagues. It’s worth looking into if you want a career in this or are passionate about the sport.

You might need to give up some early mornings and weekends, but sharing your passion with children and inspiring the next generation of athletes is incredibly rewarding.

You can speak to the local coach to learn more about this or look for job opportunities online.

lifeguard by the pool
How To Make Money As A Teen: 30+ Great Ways 13

17. Become A Lifeguard

If you want a job throughout the summer, then lifeguarding is the perfect job! You will need to be able to swim and hold a lifeguard certificate.

The training is fairly easy to get, and most pools offer this. Speak to a staff member at your local pool to determine the cost and how long it takes to complete the training.

Usually, you just need to give up a few evenings for a few weeks to complete the course. Once you have the certificate, you can apply for jobs at your local pool, recreation center, or the beach!

The hours will vary depending on the pool, but you can expect to have lots of fun and spend some time in the water.

Lifeguarding is a skill that you can take anywhere with you too, so you can even keep the job when you go to college!

18. Teach An Instrument

If you play a musical instrument, you can teach others how to play it and make money!

Usually, you need to be a few levels or grades above them, but this isn’t wholly necessary for beginners. As long as you have the basics mastered, you can teach others and share your passion for music.

Teaching is another way to make money that you can fit into your schedule. You can teach in the evening after school, during the holidays or on weekends.

You can also advertise your classes around your school, flyers in your neighborhood or online to drum up some business.

19. Office Work

If local businesses are looking for some receptionist jobs part-time or during the holidays, you can rack up the hours and earn some money!

Usually, businesses like insurance companies, offices, or law firms will look for someone to answer calls, emails, schedule meetings, or file documents. During the summer months, students and teenagers can fill these positions.

These jobs tend to pay fairly well and usually only require you on weekdays, so you can still have your weekends for yourself.

It's a good way to gain some administrative skills too, which always look fantastic on a resume. Plus, you never know what connections you might make there!

20. Teach Children To Swim

If you can swim or hold a lifeguarding certificate, then you can also teach children to swim. You can check out jobs at your local swimming pool to find out more information about the hours and rate of pay.

It’s a good job to have during the summer where the hours will allow you to work and still have fun.

This can be a fun job, but you will be responsible for a pool full of children! Consider if you will be okay with this responsibility before applying. You will get full training, so don’t worry about that!

starting youtube channel

21. Make Money Creating Youtube Videos

This one can take some hard work, but if you like creating videos and editing, then why not start a YouTube channel?

You don’t need any fancy equipment to start, you can film and upload videos on your phone. Share your channel on social media to attract viewers and get your subscriber numbers up.

You can start a channel about anything that interests you, whether that is beauty, games, or fitness.

After a while you can monetize your Youtube channel, meaning you will make money from every view and ad that runs before and after your video. You can make anything from a few bucks to hundreds from every video.

Who knows, it could take off and you could be the next PewDiPie?

These videos can be sit-down videos where you discuss topics that interest you or your favorite products or vlogs where viewers can watch you go about your day, attend functions, or simply see how you cook dinner.

Make videos that you enjoy watching and your passion is sure to pour out!

22. Deliver Food

If you are looking for a flexible way to make money as a teen, consider becoming a delivery driver. Many restaurants and food delivery services need people to deliver food to customers in their local area.

As a delivery driver, you will be responsible for picking up orders from the restaurant, driving them to the customer's location, and then delivering the food.

You will need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license to get started. You will also need to have a reliable vehicle to accommodate delivery orders. Once you have everything you need, you can start applying for delivery jobs in your area.

23. Design & Sell T-Shirts

If you are creative and enjoy designing, you can make money by selling your designs on t-shirts. There are several platforms where you can create and sell your designs, such as TeeSpring and Zazzle.

All you need to do is create a design, upload it to the platform, and then set a price for your shirt. When someone buys your design, the platform will print the shirt and send it to the customer. You will then receive a commission for every sale.

To get started, you will need to develop some design ideas and create a portfolio of your work. You will also need to set up an account on the t-shirt selling platform of your choice, so you can start uploading and selling your designs.

With a little creativity and marketing savvy, you can generate good money from your t-shirt business.

24. Camp Counselor

If you enjoy working with children and have a passion for outdoor activities, you may consider becoming a camp counselor. Camp counselors typically work during the summer months, overseeing a group of campers and leading them in various activities.

To become a camp counselor, you probably need to be at least 18 years old and have experience working with children. You will also need to have strong leadership and communication skills and a passion for outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and camping.

Camp counselors are typically paid an hourly wage, or they may receive a salary plus benefits depending on the type of camp and employer. To get started in this role, you can begin by applying for jobs at summer camps in your area.

25. Collect Golf Balls

Do you enjoy spending time on the golf course? If so, then you can make money by collecting golf balls. Golfers often hit their balls into the woods or water, never to be seen again.

But with a little effort, you can retrieve these lost balls and get paid by the golf course.

make money as a teen selling photos
How To Make Money As A Teen: 30+ Great Ways 14

26. Sell Pictures Online

If you enjoy photography, you can make money by selling your pictures online. There are several websites where you can upload and sell your photos, such as Shutterstock and iStock Photo.

These sites take every type of photo, from scenic shots to product photographs, so you will need to have a wide variety of images available for purchase.

You will need to set up an account on one of these sites and start uploading your best photos. You will also need to do some marketing and promotion to attract buyers to your photos.

With a little time and effort, you can make money by selling your pictures online to interested buyers worldwide.

27. Make & Sell Dog Treats

There are many different ways for teens to make money by making and selling dog treats. One effective strategy is to start an Etsy shop, where you can set up a simple storefront to showcase your homemade dog treats.

Another option is to contact local pet stores directly and offer to sell your treats there.

Additionally, you could offer to create special orders for customers or host product demonstrations at local pet events or fundraisers.

By putting in the time and effort to perfect your recipe, market your products effectively, and build strong relationships with potential customers, you can make money as a teen by selling your dog treats.

Whether you want to earn money for college tuition or simply have some extra spending money, there are plenty of opportunities to turn your doggy creations into cash. So go ahead and unleash your creativity – your four-legged friends will thank you!

Need help getting started? This course to start a dog treat business includes information on how to set up an online shop for maximum profit.

28. Seasonal Delivery For UPS Or FedEx

As a teenager looking to earn money, one option that is often overlooked is seasonal delivery work with FedEx or UPS.

These companies offer flexible scheduling options and good pay, making them ideal for teenagers who are looking to make money while still attending school and taking part in other activities.

To get started, simply fill out an online application and attend a company orientation session. You will then be ready to start delivering packages around your neighborhood, earning money as you go.

Some things to keep in mind when working for FedEx or UPS are to pay attention to your route map and follow all of the company's safety protocols.

Additionally, if you have any questions or problems along the way, do not hesitate to speak up and ask for help. With some effort and commitment, you can use seasonal delivery work with FedEx or UPS as an easy way to make money as a teenager.

29. Clean Houses

If you enjoy cleaning, then you can make money by offering your services to busy families in your area. As a house cleaner, you can work part-time or full-time depending on your availability and clients' needs.

You will also need to have strong organizational skills, as well as the ability to clean a variety of different spaces quickly and effectively.

To get started as a house cleaner, you will need to create a profile and advertise your services online or in local classifieds. You may also want to offer your clients discounts for referring new customers, or you can offer deep discounts for regular cleaning jobs.

With steady work and great customer service, you can build a profitable business as a house cleaner in your local community.

30. Start A Dropshipping Business

If you are interested in starting your own business, then you may want to consider dropshipping. Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce business where you sell products online without having to carry any inventory.

When a customer orders a product from your store, the order is forwarded to the supplier, who then ships the product directly to the customer on your behalf.

To get started with dropshipping, you will first need to find a supplier and set up an online store or website that is designed for selling products. You may also want to consider using social media marketing strategies or email marketing to attract customers and generate sales.

With dedication and hard work, you can start a profitable dropshipping business that can grow and scale over time.

List Of Ways For Teens To Make Money Online

  • Do Freelance Gigs on Fiverr
  • Complete Surveys Online
  • Sell Your Clothes Online
  • Sell Products on Etsy
  • Be a Virtual Assistant
  • Teach English Online
  • Sell Photos Online
  • Start A Dropshipping Business
  • Sell Handcrafted Jewelry Or Artwork
  • Start A Business
  • Start A Blog
  • Be A Social Media Manager
  • Start A YouTube Channel
  • Start A Tic Tok Channel
  • Become An Instagram Influencer
  • Freelance Writing
  • Sell On Facebook Marketplace
  • Sell Books On

Other Ways To Make Money As A Teenager

  • Babysit
  • Be A DJ
  • Become A Camp Counselor
  • Become A Coach
  • Deliver Food with Postmates
  • Dog Walking
  • Drive For Uber Or Lyft
  • Get A Part-Time Job
  • Give Music Lessons
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Have A Yard Sale
  • House Sit
  • House Cleaning
  • Lifeguard
  • Make and Sell Dog Treats
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Offer Personal Training Sessions
  • Pet Sitter
  • Photographer
  • Put Up Christmas Trees & Lights
  • Receptionist For Local Business
  • Referee Or Umpire Games
  • Retrieve Golf Balls
  • Scan Receipts With Fetch Rewards
  • Seasonal Delivery For Fed-Ex or UPS
  • Snow Shoveling
  • Wash & Detail Cars
  • Yard Work

How Would A 15-Year-Old Make Money?

There are many ways for teens of every age to make money, regardless of how young or old they may be. At the youngest end of the spectrum, even 14-year-olds can work in a variety of capacities.

For example, they can take on babysitting and pet sitting gigs to earn extra income, or they can earn money by tutoring their classmates in lower-level subjects.

Similarly, older teens can turn to online jobs, like freelancing as a writer or photographer or working as an assistant for e-commerce companies.

Moreover, there are also numerous traditional jobs that welcome teen workers; these include everything from waiting tables or working retail to working as lifeguards or camp counselors.

Ultimately, with the right attitude and approach, it is possible for teens of all ages to make money and build valuable skills and experiences along the way.

girl put more money in piggy bank
How To Make Money As A Teen: 30+ Great Ways 15

What Can I Do With The Money I Earn?

As a teenager, you may be wondering what you can do with the money you earn.

While spending your money on clothes or entertainment may be tempting, other options can help you make the most of your money.

For example, you could save up for a car or college tuition. You could also invest in a mutual fund or open a savings account.

Whatever you decide to do with your money, make sure to think carefully about how it can best serve your needs. With a little planning, you can ensure that your money will help you reach your long-term goals and future financial success.

Create An Emergency Fund

As a teenager, money often feels like a constant struggle. You may feel the pressure to buy all the latest fashion trends or keep up with your friends in terms of social activities.

Between school, extracurricular activities, and part-time jobs, money can seem like it's always tight. However, creating an emergency fund is one great way to help manage money as a teenager.

Having money saved will give you a financial cushion if any unexpected expenses crop up, such as fixing your car or paying an expensive bill.

There are a few things that you can do to start saving:

  • First, you can look for ways to make money on your own. There are plenty of opportunities to find odd jobs and side hustles that can help you earn some extra cash quickly and easily.
  • Additionally, if you want to save money in the long term, start looking at ways to cut back on expenses and spending now. This might mean putting off that shopping spree until next month or canceling that gym membership you rarely use.

No matter what strategy you choose, having a little money set aside will give you peace of mind so that money worries don't consume your thoughts.

Saving money as a teenager can be difficult, but it's important to start developing healthy financial habits now. With a little effort, you can make sure that your money is working for you and not the other way around.

Save For College

We know that it sounds boring, but not everyone gets a paid scholarship or has the bank of Mom and Dad to rely on. And in these cases, saving for college can be a very good idea!

Using part of your wage to save for college will mean you need to take out fewer loans, leaving you with less debt when you graduate.

This money you save might go towards:

  • tuition fees
  • living costs
  • or money for you to spend and enjoy your time.

Whatever you want to use it for, having it there when you go to college will save you some money down the line.

It might also mean that you can work fewer hours throughout your studies, giving you more time for studying.

Save For Something Nice

Another good use of your earnings is to save for a treat. This could be:

  • a new computer
  • your first car
  • or a pair of shoes you have wanted for months.

Whatever this treat might be, saving up and purchasing it will feel incredibly satisfying. Save a portion of your wage every month until you can afford the item.

Sure, it might mean saying no to a few plans, but when you sit in your first car or get the shoes you want, it will all feel worth it!

Reminding yourself of what you are saving for is also an excellent way to motivate yourself. When you are struggling to keep going, think of the result, and it will make the time at work worth it!

By starting to save now and getting used to sending a portion of your wage into your savings, you are learning a valuable skill.

Becoming a good saver at a young age means you are more likely to save as an adult, decreasing your chances of ending up in debt. And while that can seem like years away now, you will be grateful that you can save and save yourself from debt!

Final Thoughts On Making Money As A Teenager

So there you have it, over 30 great ways for how to make money as a teen. Some of these may require a bit more effort than others, but they are all achievable goals.

Start by choosing a few that interest you and give them a try. Once you get the hang of things, add more methods to your repertoire until you are making money doing what you love.

How will you start making extra cash today?