How to Make Money On Fiverr Without Skills

Wondering how to make money on Fiverr without skills?

Well then this blog post is for you.

Remote work has become the new norm of the digital age. With the pandemic, people have had to search for online gigs to make some extra cash.

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When you go online, there are many ways you can get money from the various opportunities that exist.

The only problem with work is the authenticity of the platforms on which you get the work.

In order to avoid scammers, you have to make adequate research about platforms that offer value for the work done.

At the moment, the best site you can find work on is Fiverr.

This site is a marketplace of sorts where freelancers can sell their services to the highest bidders.

With freelancing, you will find a lot of jobs that might require you to have a certain skill for you to be eligible for the job.

However, at Fiverr there are very many opportunities that you can access without any discernible skill. In this article, you will get an insight on the kind of gigs that you can do without skills.


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform where freelancers can advertise their services to potential buyers. The platform started operating in 2010 and it is headquartered in Tel Aviv-Yafo in Israel.


Fiverr is available in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and German.

The platform offers freelancing jobs to its users globally. It is available in more than 160 countries with over 3 million buyers using Fiverr each year.


How does Fiverr work?


Fiverr is set up like a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to trade skills and services for money.

There are two categories of people that you will find on the platform.

  1. There are the customers on the platform. Buyers usually come to the site in search for services offered by freelancers online. They come looking for services they need to complete the tasks they have at hand. They also paint a picture of how much they expect to pay to the users.
  2. Sellers are the ones that put up their skills and services to sell to the world.

The people above make up the market place that is Fiverr.

As a freelancer, I focused on the aspect of the service providers who in this case are the sellers.

As a seller, you have a process you have to follow in order to start work on this site.

I have listed the steps you have to follow to get started as a freelancer on Fiverr.

1. Create a new Fiverr account.

You have to first become a member in order to provide services as a freelancer. You have to include all the basic information they will ask for including your email.


2. Set up a seller account.

After setting up your account, you have to set up this account. You should include your experience, skills and resume so you can attract potential buyers.


3. Create a gig.

With an account, you can now create a gig to sell on the platform.

The name signifies the gig you intend to offer to your clients.

It should be well detailed to make it easy for buyers to find you.

You can check out some of the easy gigs with less competition that you set up here.


4. Market your gig.

You can market your gigs on your social media accounts.

Some sellers advertise their gigs on websites.

You have to make sure you are seen because that is the only way buyers will come to you.

You should design a good Fiverr profile description to increase your chances of getting customers.

You should include;

  • Short introduction
  • Encourage buyers to contact you
  • Your profile photo
  • Past experience if you have any
  • Education relevant to your gig if any


How are gigs on Fiverr priced?

All Fiverr gigs follow the same pattern of pricing. The plans include basic, premium and standard pricing plans.

You do not have to use all the plans. You just have to choose the one that works for you.


Does Fiverr take a cut?

Yes. Fiverr has a 20% cut off all your earnings per gig. Keep in mind this is the only fee you are charged on the platform. The rest of the money you make is yours to keep.


Pros of Fiverr

1. Additional cash.

Working as a freelancer on this site gets you extra cash in your pockets.

This money can be an addition to what you make on your day job or it can replace your day job entirely.

The earnings on the site are pretty high making it the best paying freelancing platform you can find online.


2. Plenty of work opportunities.

The beauty about Fiverr is the number of services you can sell.

Unlike other freelancing sites, it is virtually impossible for you not to find a job because of the numerous opportunities available.

Anything that the buyers of the services want, you will find on Fiverr including the jobs that require skills and no skills.


3. Low fees.

With Fiverr, you only incur one fee. This fee represents 20% of all the money you will make per job on the site.

For example, if you complete a job and you are paid $100 dollars, Fiverr will take 20% which represents $20.

This is favorable because some platforms make you pay a fee before you start working with them.


4. User friendly.

The website is very easy to use. When you log on to the site, you can easily get access to the section of sellers and select what service you want.

It is very easy to navigate and buyers can use the search box to find what they want on the site.


5. No experience needed.

The platform is set up in a way that you do not need to have a skill set for you to start working as a freelancer.

Fiverr has many jobs that require no skills such as proofreading, editing, software testing and many others.

This has attracted a lot of sellers to the platform.


6. Secure communication platform.

The platform has an interactive communication system that is used to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers on Fiverr.

This system helps the buyers to communicate their expectations to freelancers on the site which enables satisfaction of both parties.


7. Large customer base.

There are few freelancing websites in the world that can match the audience that Fiverr has.

Because of its long stay in the freelancing world, it has a lot of customers that come to buy services from them.

This justifies the claims of having almost 3 million buyers coming to the platform each year to buy services.

With this large number of customers, the potential for service providers on Fiverr to make money is high.


8. Fixed prices (no bidding).

Most freelancing sites let the buyers and sellers participate in a bidding war where the winner takes all.

When you go to Fiverr, all services have a certain price that they are sold depending on the service provider.

This helps to reduce on the time wasted in bidding. The buyer just has to look at your services and decide whether they will get them from you or from another freelancer depending on the star rank on your profile.

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Cons of Fiverr

1.14-day payment period.

You might have to wait for some payments for the gigs you complete for 14 days.


2. Seller competition.

If you have visited the site, you know that there are many sellers for each specific service you can find.

There can be as many as 10,000 services listed on specific jobs.

This makes it a highly competitive site.

20% Fiverr fee. Fiverr set a standard fee of 20% on all the money you make from the projects you take on.

This is a pretty high fee and it is charged on every job you have completed


What to sell on Fiverr if you have no skills?

When I had just joined the platform, I saw a lot of gigs that seemed easy but required formal training.

With time, I got to realize that a lot of the gigs you find on this platform do not require skills.

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The ones I talk about below are some of the gigs you will find on Fiverr that do not require a certain skill set.


1. Proofread text

This is the easiest gig you will come across on Fiverr.

With proofreading, all you have to do is go through written texts say essays and make corrections.

Since the platform is accessible in many languages, proofreading can be done in your language of proficiency.


2. Online surveys

This is another easy gig you will find on Fiverr. You must have participated in a survey at least once in your life.

At the moment, online surveys can be a source of income to you. You can participate in a survey for a price.

All you have to know is how to answer questions and provide honest feedback regarding the products or services of interest.

Survey Junkie is one of the best online survey sites that you can join start getting paid for sharing your opinions.

You can check out our indepth review of Survey Junkie here.


3. Software testing

Software testing involves testing out programs in their development stages.

Whenever an app is developed, it is distributed to a few select individuals to test it out and see how it works for them.

In this case, all you need is a mobile device to which you can download the application and see how it works.

With this gig, you only need to provide feedback regarding the program then you can earn your cash.


2. Writing blog comments

When you go online, you will find a lot of blog sites.

Bloggers upload articles on their sites and they need comments for a higher ranking on Google.

Freelancers use this opportunity to comment on these posts so they can earn money. just like the gigs above, you do not need to have specific skills to do this.

You just have to know how to write comments.


3. Language translation

There are many languages that you will find on Fiverr.

If you are using a mobile device, the assumption is that you are fluent in a common language.

You can leverage your language skills to make some money.


4. Editing

With editing, you are tasked to remove and add information to content that has already been created.

Most editing gigs on the site will require you to make adjustments or corrections where necessary.

All you have to do is to know the language the document is written and you are good to go.


5. Social media management

In the digital age, social media has become very common amongst people in the entire world.

Social media accounts for the largest portion of internet users on the planet.

Businesses and individuals alike use social media to reach out to their followers.

You can manage their social media accounts for them. You do not have to post all the time.

All you need is a good internet connection and this gig will be favorable for you.


6. Social media services

This gig is different from the one I talked about above.

Here, you use your social media accounts to advertise and promote products and services on behalf of the client.

This means that for a small portion of time you spend on social media, you can get paid for tweeting and posting.

You should keep in mind that this gig works best for those that have a large social media following and interaction metric.


7. Web research

You probably spend a lot of time on social media making research about things that do not really benefit you.

With this gig, you get to conduct research and compile your findings on behalf of your client.

When this is done, you forward the information to the client and you get paid.


8. Design stuff using Canva

Canva is a platform that you can use for designing anything with graphics online.

With this platform, you can design anything from certificates to banners.

The good thing about it is that you can find templates that have already been made for you.

Plus, it is free to use.

You can sign up for a free Canva account here.


9. Content creation

Here, you are required to write articles and blog posts.

You can also create videos that communicate certain messages on behalf of your client.

For more ways to make money writing, you can check out paid online writing jobs here.


10. Travel planning

This gig requires that you plan trips for your clients.

You have to select the best places to see, the best accommodation available and the prices that will be paid for these services.

All you need is a map and some internet to help you find good places for your clients.


11. Video testimonials

Some bloggers need to get good reviews on to their sites to attract customers.

Therefore, they log on to the site and look for people that can give testimonial for their sites.

You are required to make a video talking about how good a product has been for you.


12. Short video ads

Ads are the most popular form of advertising on the internet at the moment.

Designing short videos has been made easy with the numerous software tools on the internet.

These ads can be about 1-minute long. Since the content is determined by the client, you do not have to come up with content.


13. Design eBook covers

This is another gig that can be done using Canva software.

Just like certificates, there are templates that are already done for you.

All you have to do is get on the Canva platform and design the cover basing on what has been given to you by the client.

Other useful Fiverr gigs include;

  • Subtitling videos and transcribing audio
  • Virtual assistants
  • Phone calls and distribution services
  • White board animations
  • Branding services
  • Digital presentation design
  • Transcription
  • Promoting Fiverr gigs as an affiliate

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Top 5 Fiverr gigs that require no skills.

In this section, I will introduce you to the best Fiverr gigs out there that do not require any skills. Keep in mind that they are highly competitive because the buyers are plentiful.

I choose these gigs because they are the easiest to complete.

1. Proofreading.

This gig requires you to read through content that has already been created so that you can make corrections. This is very common for eBooks and blog posts.

This gig is priced starting at $10 and it can rise to $200 depending on how much work you are given.


2. Social media services.

This is the most convenient gig you will ever find. All you have to do is promote a few services for your client.

This gig can earn you around $10 – $1000 depending on the work you are given and the size of the social media account.


3. Web research.

Conducting research is something you have probably done before.

Clients will give you certain topics for you to collect information about.

Think of it as being paid for completing your homework or coursework.

The prices for this gig range between $5-$100.


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4. Online surveys.

Completing surveys has never been this productive.

You will find other survey websites looking for participants on Fiverr.

This is a great opportunity for you to earn money by answering a few questions.

A quick search on the Fiverr website will show you that services start at around $5-$40.


5. Software testing.

You can earn money by downloading a new software on to your phone, using it and giving a review on how well it works and the adjustments that may be helpful.

This is very convenient for you since you probably spend a lot of time playing games and testing apps on your phone.

The price for this service ranges between $10-$1000.

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Conclusion: How to Make Money On Fiverr WithOut Skills

Fiverr is just a place of opportunities. If you have the time to logon to the site, I encourage you to do so.

It is so encouraging to know that you do not have to leverage some skills to make money on the site.

There are various jobs that you can take on without any specific skill set for example editing, online surveys, proofreading and many others.

With Fiverr, freelance remote work has never been easier.

The best thing about it is its availability in over 160 countries. This means that you can travel to other countries and access this site easily.

I implore you to get some training if you do not want to be in a market place with too much competition.

However, if you need a side gig, these gigs are the best out there.

So now I would like to hear from you.

What Fiverr gig will you be trying out first to make your first dollar on Fiverr?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Also share this blog post on how to make money on Fiverr without skills with your friends and family.